Monday, October 31, 2016


last few days, getting everything printed and framed and ready to hang at Artomatic.  It became this mad focused frenzy on Friday & Saturday.  I had a vision, and was so determined to see it through.

happy with all, and relieved it's all finished.  All turned out very Branddave.  Which is great.

So I've finally gotten through my 4 big projects since August:  TAKOMA / DOLCEZZA / STORYDISTRICT / ARTOMATIC.  So happy to have made it to the other side!

Fun day in Rockville after we finished up.  Freaky warm weather, so we grilled out (in the rain).  Hex won parcheesi, which is always good.

READY FOR THE ELECTION TO BE OVER ! ! !  New email surprise on Friday brings all the crazy anxiety back.  One week to go.  FINGERS CROSSED that trump loses! ! !

Lightish day today.  Cleaned up the studio, added all the new prints to the site, and listed all I have to do.

Tomorrow is another day!

Artomatic Rockvile, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Terrific lunch with Jordy @Lorial Plaza has left me in a lull.

Hungry / not hungry and blah.  Finished my prints for the day, screens cleaned, inks put away, and I need to start the next chapter.  What I really want to do is call it a day!

But I won't . . .

High heel race tonight, but hexy and I are not running.  Fine to take a year off.

Got a good plan for Artomatic, and finished up a commission drawing, so things are chugging along.  Just need to keep in high gear, so things get finished on time.  Lagging sales at Dolcezza, Takoma.  Hope they pick up!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

So much fun this morning at Shaw Dog Park celebrating Howl-a-ween.  The dogs made me so happy--  I was smiling and laughing the whole time.  I need to be around more dogs more often!

had a fun costume party, and sold a few signs and cards.  lots of fun (but a pain in the neck logistically) THANKS to HEX again for all his help!!!!!

Made new big print and swapped it out at Dolcezza last night, and swapped prints out from Ave Jack and dropped them off for a WPA event in shaw.  (More logistics!)

Blustery cold day.  I'm here at the studio working on odds and ends, but I really want to go to the wood and hike.

Another busy day tomorrow stopping in Artomatic to paint, and Rockville to parcheesi.

Then, it's monday again.
New and improved landscaping in Rockville

New print for Dolcezza

Winner, large breed

All business at Shaw Dog Park

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Feeling good today after a terrific massage yesterday.

Busy with work, but with a better attitude.

Huge Home Depot run again this morning - getting lots of wood and paint for the next few weeks.

Draw Draw Draw - I need to keep drawing.

Ha - in no mood to write right now.  Maybe I'll just leave it here . . .

Friday, October 14, 2016

Eventful week (especially in politics)

The lows of the debate on Sunday just went lower.  Hex and I watch MSNBC all night every night, with a few entertaining shows thrown in here and there.  The way it's all shifted to gender politics is so interesting.  A major turning point in history.  There is so much ahead.  Anxious to get to the election and beyond.

Installation at Dolcezza went well, and I felt so relieved afterwards.  But as usual, it's taken me more time that it should to shift gears.  I'm getting there.

Finished the poodles, and almost done with StoryDistrict.  Full weeks ahead still though.

Artomatic in Rockville is a go.  Hope its a good one.

Ah, I'm tired.  The giant coffee didnt do the trick.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

fast days

upsetting debate

crazy tape

"good" opening

nice dinner

delicious cake

ready prints

distracted Dave

Thursday, October 6, 2016

so so day.

should have been better

these days happen

maybe saved at the end?

we'll see

actually, I think so

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

(((a low blood sugar post)))

Thinking about the show @ willow street, and what all the prints as a whole represent.

I could think of lots of themes I didn't realize, and how they fit together.  Conflict, choice, upset, fear.  And then the random ones added in like bushes around a house.

Hung it all up yesterday, and am generally happy with it all.

Fine day printing.  Winding down > which means I need to gear up for all that I've neglected.


Monday, October 3, 2016

my phone and computer are noticeably aging.  So am I probably!

Little actions get muddled and tied up.  No more snap - just laggggggggggg.  It's harder and harder to jump around.  ugh -- just writing this is laggy.  That cursed "beach ball".

I feel like it all has to do with the CONSTANT feedback loop going on behind the scenes nowadays.  Every action needs to be logged somewhere in some mainframe and quickly analyzed so I can get stupid ads for shoes when I go anywhere.  i'm going to break my keyboard I'm typing with such frustration!

A N Y W A Y -  it was a busy / convoluted weekend.  I am making it through, but still bogged down in printing and not doing enough of other things.

Sad to miss Del Ray, but it's water under the bridge.

yikes, just saw the time.  more later