Friday, February 28, 2014

Was that what it was?

Think again, remember what we said
Promises, how we both forget
Even now I see it in your eyes
when and why and where was paradise

Something's been and gone
When all is said and done we were wrong
Was that what it was?
Was that what it was?

Think again, remember what you said
You'd never leave, if you did I wouldn't care
I never dared to ring you up and ask you why
Too proud to beg or hear you cry

Something's been and gone
When all is said and done we were wrong
Was that what it was?
Was that what it was?

I don't need any more in my life
Did you need something more in your life?
Was that what it was?
Was that what it was?

Something's been and gone
When all is said and done we were wrong
Was that what it was?
Was that what it was?


Thursday, February 27, 2014

good strong productive day (as thursdays usually are)

Big progress on drawing, with Hallmark and Speakeasy drafts sent in for notes.

hallmark kind of crazy, because they asked for options.  So instead of one design, I did 4.  Of course there is always some that are better then others.  I went a little down the lane of making it a collection, when really they are only going to pick one.  Anyway, hopeful.

funny speakeasy design.  Hope amy likes!

I cancelled on Kevin, which made me feel bad.  Kept stressing out about it (both ways).  Finally I just decided, and think it was for the best.  Need to prepare shirts, and hope for better weather.

Interest in photography got so stymied after - - - -

Tomorrow I'm planning to return to corcoran.  Of course I've left all the prep to do in the morning.  I guess I like it that way.  The closer the planning comes to the actual printing, the more likely I will be excited about what I'm printing.  Otherwise too much time can go by, and my brain gets all in the way.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014





buzz (hex)



oatmeal cookies

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

lazy blogger!

things going ok.  frustrated with lack of creative progress.  I need new content, but I can't think of much to do.

When I think about new cards, prints, tees, I go blank.  Or I don't like my ideas.

Productive saturday at the corcoran, but just ended up reprinting.  Still, got a lot finished.

Went Monday, and ran into troubles with colors.  of course I decided last minute to print 3 of the same design, so I had 3 prints that needed color correcting.  All became convoluted, but I figured out a good solution in the end.  But I made new mistakes getting there, so I'm hoping my solution can be applied to the new mistakes as well.  Haha - crazy mess.

Lots of upset and crazy at the corcoran (besides this).  It's always a clash of people and personalities, and rules and messes.  My anxiety level is soooo elevated while I'm there.  Worried about my own work, and so distracted by everybody around me, and the competition for space and equipment.

A little misunderstanding with my inks and locker storage.  Hoping it all fades, but fear it could become a bigger problem.  Tensions are running high with budgets and GU, and I have this bad feeling that I'm no longer under the radar like I was (or thought I was).

ok, tuesday is over.  Some success with ordering new cards, but so much more was on the list.


( ) gone

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

dear dave,

on the same path, but got a big break (which is probably bad).

yesterday was a mad dash to finish zzz.  Few hiccups, and a packed studio added time to the whole endeavor, but I got it done, framed, and delivered to BUZZ all in good time.  Worth it after seeing the really appreciative tweet this morning.  Next time I need to think things through better.  Just because something is possible doesn't mean it has to happen.

This morning a had a great coffee with Cheryl.  Nice to catch up and gab.  I do that so little lately.  Im either with hex & remi, or the TV or my computer.  It was nice to have an hour of yacking.

Today was a little bust.  i got early word that a show I was stressing out about will be pushed back.  Great, because I will have more time to prepare well, but bad becasue it takes the pressure off.  I need more pressure.

Actually it really is a good thing, because it made my schedule impossible.  Tasks were competing, and something was going to have to give.  Now I can make new work for Buzz and Trohv without trouble.

On metro this morning I looked back at old notes to myself, written on my phone.  All my fears about leaving bsur, working on my own, making money, and struggling with my laziness.  All the same stuff.  Most interesting was thinking back on that last year at bsur.  The lost and long days of waiting for 6, and then just praying I could get out the door without having to review anything.  Day after day after day.  Crazy.

Monday, February 17, 2014

same story:

productive saturday at the corcoran

lazy sunday with Hexy and Remi.

Things still lagging printing-wise, but I'm getting stuff done.  Don't know why I'm stuck in 2nd gear.  Corcoran closed today for President's Day, so I stayed here and worked on speakeasy.

Still cold, but warmer weather on the way this week.  Few more weeks left in winter.  Days getting longer.

Anxious to get new cards in.

( ) !
Kevin's awesome snow angel

Friday, February 14, 2014

snow came, more then we expected, and took the day off.  Hex didn't work, so I took off too.

Wet snow melted fast, then refroze again this morning, and melted again in today's sun.

Now I'm a little worried about getting to the corcoran tomorrow.  Kind of a pain in the ass.  My plans to go today fizzled.  Too much trouble.

Valentines Day today.  Played cards well -- sold out basically, except for the misprints.  Anxious to see my new cards coming in next week.

Weird blah time.  I keep complaining about feeling this way.  My creative mojo is just not there.  Everyday is spent doing little things, avoiding big things.  And my motivation to print gets all tied up with a bad schedule and frustrating limitations.

The weather HAS to break.  Really anxious for warmth again.
"Solstice" (BJORK)

When your eyes pause on the ball
That hangs on the third branch from the star,
You remember why it is dark
And why it gets light again.

The Earth, like the heart, slopes in it's seat
And, like that, it travels along an elliptical path
Drawn into the darkness.

An unpolished pearl
In sky-black
Palm of hand
Flickering sun-flame.

And then you remember
That you, yourself, you are a light-bearer, a light-bearer
Receiving radiance from others

Flickering sun-flame.

Unpolished Earth in palm of hand.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

not a great week (so far)

all momentum lost after deciding not to print Monday.  Couldn't really becasue I didn't have the wood, but turned into a domino effect of nothing.

Yesterday my big outing to BUZZ lead to lateness at Corcoran, and I threw in the towel on printing again.

I'm being dramatic.

New cards ordered!

sold some prints

made some progress on a good commission

etc etc

Tomorrow > snow.  hope it's more, not less.  if it's going to be cold and miserable, at least it could be snowy and exciting.

Monday, February 10, 2014

productive printing saturday.  Some slow points, but finished projects.  Making my way through.

Luzy sunday:
Don Jon
great Falls
Pho 14

Ok day today.  Wanted to print, but realized it had to be a planning and prep day.  Went to home Depot and got the wood I've needed.  Funny driving home with the top down (very cold), parka hood up.

Friday's card excitement became Monday's long slog (finishing them all up)  Tomorrow is my deadline, so that's good.

( )

it's bad looking at other people's work.  so jealous I could die:

Friday, February 7, 2014

good productive creative afternoon.  Not the best timing, but I can't complain!  Just happy it came at all!

New cards for 2014.  Long overdue.

Big printing day tomorrow.  Not the best schedule, but I guess I need to roll with it.  The end of themonth (deadline) is fast approaching, but I just need to keep myhead up.

Ok - REMI needs me.  Tomorrow, and the next day, and next week, and next month (is another day(I tell myself))

yay pixelization

Thursday, February 6, 2014

ok day - rallied in the end.

crazy how fast things can get resolved, after days and weeks of no proress.

Anyway, happy to have gotten s o m e t h i n g accomplished.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

blah blah blah

so so day

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dear dave,

creative slump unabated, but not really sweating it.

corcoran went well, all fears were unfounded.  Good day saturday, and then yesterday, printing.  Making a dent on my backlog, which is terrific.  Nice to be moving forward again--felt so clogged up.

Painting boards, making screens, mixing ink, cutting wood, cutting positives, etc.  All working parts that feel nice to be working again.

Looks like the studio will be workable for the spring, with a lot of open studio time to get all my projects done.  Good news!   A big relief, becasue I'm hoping to be busy.

Sunday party for Jimmy (79) was a big success.  Londonbroil, aspargus, baked potatoes, citrus salad, cauliflower, cheesecake.  All worked well.  3 games of parcheesi rounded out the night.

Remainder of the week > DRAW.  cards / commissions / shirts

( )