Thursday, March 30, 2017

dear dave

day 2 of detox actually great (creatively).  Its working, its really working.  Without all that bullshit I can actually focus on work and being creative.  thanks to 21 pilots on Spotify.  What great music!  All available to learn and discover and love.  Music fills a vacuum perfectly.

Working on new prints and (trying) to tackle long overdue drawings.

Time going by without all the angst, or less.  Feel encouraged.

odds and ends

weather sucks!  back to being cold again

Snow predicted during our travels this weekend

remi with me.  Slow, but ok

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 1 of my TR**P/RUSSIA/NEWS/OUTRAGE sobriety.

Really feels good to take control of my brain and time and thoughts and focus.  I have let it get waaaaaaaaaay out of control.

Next few days are going to be hard.  It really is like an addiction, and I'm sure I will feel some sort of withdrawal and setbacks.  Determined (now) to stick with the program and stay away from all - that - shit.  It's invasive and poisonous and pointless.

Drawing frustration today led to a white flag.  Made a concession, and am waiting for the reply.  We'll see.  Sometimes it's best to just throw in the towel, for the sake of moving on.  This was then.

Felt cleared up afterward.  I want to move on.  I want to focus on work I enjoy.  I am getting off course.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017




more of the same

- - - - - - - -
warmer weather

remi ok

getting better

now I realize my signs were removed, not stolen

ugh, drawing s l o w s l o w s l o w

Monday, March 27, 2017

New sign went up Friday, and was gone by Monday.  Stolen?  removed?  will never know : (

not the greatest past couple of days - fighting a bad cold and feeling generally crappy.

Came into the studio today for part time, drawing and painting boards, and trying hard to get Remi to pee (outside)!  It's rough going with her - she needs to go out often, and it's getting harder and harder to move her around.  Requires tons of patience and discipline.

Missed Artomatic opening Friday, mostly because I didn't feel well, and not up for all the logistics of getting there.  I stopped in Saturday and went through a couple of floors.  It gets overwhelming quickly, there is so much to look at.  Hope it goes well.

This week is all about finally getting caught up on drawing, and moving on.  Traveling over the weekend, so it's like a little deadline.  Fingers crossed I can make progress. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

dear dave,

feeling crappy after a few busy days wrapping up artomatic printing and framing and hanging, and then going back to work at the studio. 

Everything went well.  Planned out my last few prints Thursday night after going though old drawings, and think I found a good rhythm.  But those last few ones gave me trouble, and things went into Sunday before I finally finished.  It all became a huge project to finish, just like the last artomatic in Rockville.  Happy with how it all turned out.  Hanging with hex went smoothly, and my vision for it all came together.

Got an extra day Tuesday for touch ups, so i brought over some mobiles to hang, and a sign for the door.  Really happy for the extra time, and think they were a great addition.

Artomatic opens this Friday.  High hopes it goes well.

Then on to all the other things.  Drawing or commissions, signs for 14th St.  Cards to buzz.  Website updates.  Plans for StoryDistict.  lots to do as always.

Not exactly gangbusters this week.  A slow trickle.  And now not feeling so well.  And obsessed with the news.  All the bad & crazy & scary news.  It's draining.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

headachey after another long day of printing.  Remi with me today after at least a week of staying home.  Nice to have her back.

Studio a mess, bathroom dirty.  Rags filthy.  Screens cloudy, table stained, hands dry.  Eyes tired.

Typical printing on a deadline.  Will be excited to get over the hump.  And back to warm weather!  This cold really sucks.

Prints coming out well - happy so far.  Just a long slog, as usual.

Monday, March 13, 2017


bust my ass to finish a deadline, only to have it blow up.  #nothingisasitseems

Snow predicted, so the day was organized around that, only to fall apart.  Planned to print swap at Buzz, but then got a good idea for improving "Low expectations" caption, so that took more time.  Really happy with my new idea (thanks to MJ's snappy texting).

Now it's looking like we will get a lot less snow, so hopefully thats how it goes.

S L O W progress on artomatic, but I expect to pick up next few days.  Ha - it has too!  Same tension as always, new vs tried and true.  Classic dave.

anything else ?

I didn't think so.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

1 step forward

1 step backward

progress drawing friday after lots of frustration, then not such good news about another drawing I had worked on.

Went to much smaller Muslim ban protest this morning at the White House with Hex.  A dramatic decrease in the crowd.  maybe 1 / 85th of the amount in January.  We stood together and yelled our chants and it still felt good to be among kindred (horrified) spirits.  Fucking T****

Back to the studio today to print, and ran into problems with my printer.  A bazaar glitch that took an hour to sort out - but I don't know what I did to fix it.  Sucks.

Stayed late to finish the print, not really thinking that tomorrow is Sunday, and I can just as easily come in tomorrow to do the last lingering bits.  Oh well.

So it goes.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

dear dave,

everything is the same.

days are blending together and I feel boring.  Today I started "BALLS" print for artomatic and didnt get much work done on drawing.  Frustrated with my lack of progress (and motivation).

Weather is amazing.  I go to the post office and enjoy the sun and feel happy and warm, then go back to the studio and feel the same sense of stuck.

artomatic coming together well.  Found a plan late yesterday and feel more positive about it today.

Just need to get these drawings finished.  Then I will be so happy.

Actually thought today about cutting commissions off for a few months.  They really become such huge roadblocks mentally.  I put so much energy into stressing about them.  What if I just didnt do them anymore?  I think I would be much happier.

Kind of an exciting thought.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

weather awesome today!

More solid plan for artomatic - feels good to be on track.

postcards driving me nuts.  My computer is breaking down slowly -- so even FireFox will not work (I'm guessing).  hope it last through summer.

Nothing seems to be working well on it anymore.  I keep getting hung up in every program.

Done for the day -- they go by fast.  Tomorrow  > > D R A W I N G F I R S T ! ! ! !  then printing.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

weather getting better!
working on more prints and drawing today.  slow but steady.  Wishing I bought more screens, maybe I will tomorrow, so I can print more at a time.

Sad to see the magnolia trees all die.

Street cleaning back - and I had to park a mile away (practically)

Ha - not much more to report!

Monday, March 6, 2017

working on drawings and artomatic.

good time saturday at site selection, happy with my pick - i think.  Building was a big maze, so I decided on an "outer" room with a window.  Wish I had left a note for my potential roommate (each room has 2 artists).  always the unknown.  (still angry about that last minute sculpture right in front of my work in '08.

Anyway -- going to work on the prints.  There is a short window to get them finished (as usual).  I didn't want to start until I knew the space I would be working with.

Crazy news over the weekend keeps me distracted.  Managed to get to Rock creek saturday, and rockville sunday.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

still trying to draw

week has flown by

remi stayed home today

dad doing better

time is ticking

Wednesday, March 1, 2017





- - - -

Still in this cycle of trying to get through commissions, and feeling stuck.  Need to find some creative juice.

Remi back at the studio today after a few days off.  Car fixed with a new radiator.  Street cleaning back on - boo!

Weather is great, but feels strange and unseasonal.  All the trees are starting to bloom.

Obsessed with news and anticipation of some huge story that will take trump down.  Maybe that is never going to happen.  Want to fast forward 12 months and see where we are.  I just want this whole nightmare to be over.  I need to once and for all accept it.