Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

dear dave

I love late summer magazines

I will not forget driving to congressional crown books, probably in the station wagon, and finding the new fall (adirondack) Polo ads in the july vanity fair. the smell of new magazines. The future. The possibilty.

Always chasing that first high. It's impossible to catch.

Monday, August 18, 2008

pesto bill

dear dave

A whole year has gone by since ronnie made me blonde, but I guess that was too long, so he did it again. Not really liking the orange hue he settled on, I got it redyed again Friday. It was sort of back to normal, but now it's somehow finding its way back to the orange again after a few days or normal washing.

Saturday was spent in the yard, selling odds and ends. We had a successful sale, dubbed the "make-an-offer" yard sale. Turns out people don't like to be the first ones to make the offer. I guess they get shy - they dont want to seem cheap. So we quickly learned to start the initial haggling. It was fun, and we made $200+, which is saying a lot when you are selling things for 2 bucks.

Fun saturday turned into sickly Sunday, so most of the day was spent lounging around.

Waiting for:
a bid on SHUFLY. Go ebay!
the hills
my hair to grow out
erasure erasure (where are you?)
courtney to update my homepage

Thursday, August 14, 2008


dear dave
Im in an enya crush. heard 'only time' yesterday on the radio, and went home and itunesed Watermark. Brings back so many memories of working at Capitol Presentations with Sybil, and my private peanut butter and jelly lunches (with tin foil wrapped soda can) in the graveyard, taking pictures of the tombstones with Bills camera. Funny memeories. i was such a bud, just starting out. First job. Crazy job. Strange bosses. Botched brown slides. Paycheck rumors. Wolf.

Anyway, I remember listening to Enya on my Honda cassette player. My little escape. Who knew 17 years later, I would be doing the same thing?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

dear dave
it's another Sunday. they come so quickly. finished another week of the summer. the fall is marching forward fast. excited about all the major change that is just around the corner. new.

class ended with sort of a fizzle. my beloved Megan has been away for a few weeks, so I felt untethered. got a pretty good reaction to my summer prints. looking at them all together, they are a bit of a mess. not really sure how I feel about them. would like to get them framed--I think that will enhance them a lot.

unsure about taking the class again. maybe it's time for a change. plus my weeks will be different. maybe it's better not to have Saturday morning busy. I need to decide on the sooner side.

I still feel sort of blah. weeks of blah. I get flashes of inspiration- but overall blah.

excited to be working with jordy. feels like potential.

Monday, August 4, 2008