Saturday, February 27, 2010

new print!

pretty good day of branddave. productive at the corcoran. Much to do at the studio still, but hopefully I will ahve a little time tomorrow to wrap things up. Most especially, so new t's for Dave K.

Friday, February 26, 2010

dear dave,

so I got off at 4 today, and have squandered all the extra time I have. I feel washed out, and not so into doing anything. typical.

Trying to refresh the homepage, and I find I have no content. Blah.

Planning on shooting some new pictures of Dave Monday. Hopefully I have something interesting to shoot.

ok - its all bad, so maybe I should just go home. But I need to be be prepared for the next few days. GRRRRRRRRRR.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

dear dave,

settling in to my new schedule, and excited tomorrow is Friday, We get off at 4 on Friday, so Im psyched to get back to the studio and plan for Saturday, and shooting again with Dave early next week,

Good news, sold Winterberry print at Distinctive Lifestyle. Another positive step.

What else is going on?

Chicken dinner catch-up with the girls last night was fun! Happy to be with old friends.

What else? not much, so i'll sign off.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

dear dave,

tired, worn out, washed out, run down.

Another long day of on the job learning. Just when I think I have the routine down, things change and new complicated tasks are added to the mix.

Today I resisted the phones (still) My phone phobia definitely extends into the workplace. I just don't want to screw anything up, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon.

Schedules change, people's circumstances change. Its important to stay flexible and nimble at all times. Good life-lessons.

Not much energy for the studio, so on my way I stopped at VIDA and vegged in the sauna and steam room. A nice treat. I attempted to continue on my way to the studio after, but quickly changed course for home. Remi and the couch were too tempting.

Fun last night playing with Siu's new lab/chow puppy. Brings back terrific memories of my first day with Remi. Its so fun to see them learn and explore. I love puppies!

Not much more to report. My world is small(er). BRANDDAVE on hold(ish)

Monday, February 22, 2010

dear dave,

My time at the studio is limited, and savored. After a long day temping at the dr. office, its so nice to be at my desk here.

I'm getting much more into a routine, and enjoying Chrissy (my coworker). One of the most satisfying things today was telling people there is a little hook on the back of the exam room's doors to hang coats on. A little moment where I could be helpful and cheerful. I know that going to the doctor can be so unpleasant for all these people. Some have serious chronic disease. Its nice to feel like I'm being helpful.

Things are running smoothly, and I'm gaining more confidence. Next large task will be conquering the phones. Up until now the most Ive said is: PRICE MEDICAL, PLEASE HOLD. THANKS!


Yesterday I took Rem to Rock Creek (pics above). What a terrific dog! Sometimes I just LOVE spending time with her. She really is my baby. I say it over and over, but there is such a bond that I have with her. Raising her up from a puppy, I feel like she is part of me.

Anyway, we had a good time walking the snowy trails and getting muddy together. I expected much more mud, but was happy to find much more snow. It was magical.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

came into the studio this morning at 9:30 to sell LOST DOG, and dont want to leave. What is it about saturday mornings? My juices flow (but never for printing!) Always for website.

Anyway, tore myself away from working on my website (the shirts pages vex me), and set up a new print to print. Im off to the Corcoran to "work" with Megan. My eyes are heavy. I would love to go home and sleep.

My body is adjusting.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Blast from the past: my favorite things, laid out just before my move to the Hudson, 3+ years ago!
dear dave,

its a strange new world, this world I am suddenly thrust into! Today I felt like I suddenly traveled to a new city, and back in time. IT sort of felt like my library days at Wheaton.

Im not sure why, but its so weird to be working in this office, with all these people and expectations. A whole new set of things to worry about and care about (out of the blue). Is TQ's 10:20 here? Did I give patient X his RX card back? How do I schedule appts.? How do I use a WINDOW computer? Am I allowed to have coffee at my desk? Am I late? When do we leave Fridays?

After YEARS of being casual and in charge, Im suddenly not. It feels really disarming and strange. Familiar in a really weird way, but so far back.

After work ended (4 on Fridays) I came to studio BRANDDAVE, and checked in on my old life. Need to set up for printing tomorrow.

All I really want to do is go home and watch TV. its been a rough 2 days.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Dave,

long story short: I'm temping full time for 3 weeks (started today)

it's hard working 8-5, not that I've ever really done it before. But compared to what I've been doing the past year plus-it's crazy.

A chance to take a quick break from branddave, make some much needed $, and help out a friend. Should be fine once I get the hang of it.
I hope to keep blogging, and drawing, and printing on weekends. Plan to meet with Dave k nights--maybe. So hopefully nothing will grind to a halt. But a huge change. Hopefully I don't regret it. For some reason, I'm thinking it was meant to be.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

no time to post today, so this is it.

Hi to erin & golriz and Alison!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

dear dave,

drawing today, and hopefully going to the Corcoran.

Not much more to report. These are the dog days! Im ready to shine.

Monday, February 15, 2010

dear dave,

Another day, like before! This winter has been seriously crazy.

Today is Monday, but it's also a Holiday (President's Day), and it's also snowing (again).

One day some sort of schedule and routine will be established. For now, it's day by day.

I'm here at the studio late, after spending the morning doing errands with Hex. A fun weekend spent at MidCity and Cafe Asia. Maybe a bit too much Metro, but that's ok. Soon enough all this snow will be a memory. For now we must endure.

Distinctive Art opening coming up this Thursday. And prints are still up in Baltimore. Not much action though. To be expected.

Plan to shoot with Dave Friday, but who knows? It gets snow delayed week after week. Looking forward to shooting again!

Today Im working more on my PRINTS section. Really happy with my progress. Steps towards an improved and more uniform site. A good thing!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

dear dave,

Corcoran was probably open today, but the bus wasn't running, so I ended up coming to the studio instead.

A super productive day! Saturdays always are, because for some reason I am never distracted.

Worked HARD on tightening up my "prints" section on the website. Really happy with all my work. Much better, clear, and consistent. Nice to get back into a groove for a change!

ok - over and out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

dear dave,

not much to report. Another quiet day. Late to the studio, worked on things a bit, and am leaving early to go let Remi out, then off to dr. price's.

Hopefully things will work out well at the Corcoran tomorrow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blahh - not feeling so great this morning.

Either it's all the junk I ate yesterday while waiting out the snowstorm, or the sleeping pill I took just before bed because my body was so tense from lack of activity. Probably a combination of both.

I feel sooo sleepy, but I think coffee would upset my stomach too much. Best to tough it out.

Another crazy day yesterday, but this storm was more unmanageable. It was way too cold and windy to enjoy a walk around with Remi. Hex and I stayed in, made brownies, and watched tv, which is all fine and good, but enough already. I'm ready to move on with things. Luckily I can get to the studio easily, so that is what I did this morning.

Working on odds and ends. Still contemplating what to do with my desk. Have a lot of good options, so its just a matter of weighing them all.

Think I'll put my head down on my desk for awhile, and clench my jaw. Im afraid Im going to hurl.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dear dave,

making plans for my new work table, which I'm anxious to get installed. I don't want to fall into a lazy trap, and let time go by making due with what I have set up here. The time to strike is NOW! while the iron is hot!

I put an ad up on craigslist for help getting all the wood here, cut, and assembled, but Im realizing it's probably best just to try to do it myself (with Hex). It would just be so nice to hire it out, since I know it's going to be a big project.

Anyway, that plan is afoot, so we'll see how it shakes out.

Stuck with what to do with my cabinets. They just don't fit in my master plan, but parting with them will be so sad. Thinking about putting them up on craigslist, and seeing what the market is... Maybe they could finance the rolling stool chair I'm thinking about. I just don't know - I love them so much.

More snow is on the way, and it's all such a big distraction. Puts limits on things, and I'm not being so good a working around them. In my head I have all these projects to start. But I'm feeling zero creativity, so it's like eating when I'm not hungry.

Could be another reason why I'm focused on the desk. Something positive to accomplish, and something that will help me feel more settled.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Some people are just mean. I don't get it - but I do. It's hard not to respond, but that can only lead to a downward spiral. Emailing back and forth will solve nothing. I will probably just get more angry.

Deleting the stupid thing is the best course, so that is what I did.
Im in love!

-my white shirt "the blog"
-my dark floor
-snowy fields
-white t-shirts, soft just out of the dryer.
-crows cawing in the trees
-die another day REMIX
-the promise of spring
-budding branches


The very snowy weekend was spent with Hexy, shuttling between coffee shops, studios, Drs. offices, and friends houses. It was fun and social. Another storm is on it's way, but we have a few days to settle. The wind in blowing, but it's sunny.

We made some progress on the new studio Friday, painting the bathroom. Glad to see it coming together a bit more.

I actually tried to make it in to the Corcoran, but that was kind of dumb. THe building was open, but the studio was locked shut. Oh well. I think I just needed to try.

I'm sort of at a midpoint in things. I'm looking forward to charting some new paths. Time to draw.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I love the jacket and crest and sweats. not so into the lion t-shirt.

The SNOW has seized all our minds. Walking to work just now, I didn't think it could even be cold enough to snow. But a blizzard is predicted to start any hour now, and all of Washington is bracing, and going out of it's mind.

Hoping to get to the Corcoran early, to finish my project. We'll see. I'm thinking the Corcoran will fall like the rest of the area, and shut down before any snow has fallen.

Distinctive Lifestyle show is up, and our opening is planned for the 18th. Interested to see how that all turns out.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rock Creek Park, February 4, 2010
dear dave,

getting into new routine, but its slow going. Each day feels new, and has different demands. Trying to get back to the gym, which should be really easy now that I'm working so close to home. But its still a challenge to get there. Or it requires determination.

This morning I lifted a bit, and its like my body just craves it. Funny, and nice. I really miss my mornings with Jenn and JP and Sarah, and Ryan (personal training 3 days a week for 3+ years). Yummy Ryan. Those were the steak years.

I remember so vividly walking down Corcoran st. with Remi, and thinking about the trade offs I was willing to make if I were to leave bsur. I had years of no $ worries, and those were great years. I never thought about spending anything, there was always more in the pipeline. But I REALLY was determined to leave, and change. And I was (am still am) so willing to sacrifice that comfort. I'm living it now.


Had a pretty good day at the corcoran yesterday. Lori's print is coming along and taking shape. Its been kind of hard and slow going though - but I'm making progress. Think it will be great. Made two, and it's funny, because one is consistently coming out better (with each screen and color) Knock on wood! Hey - that would make a great t-shirt!

Today is a day of odds and ends. Then off to file at Dr. Price's tonight. Ahhh thursday. I love your comfortable cozy feel!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

must get to Corcoran. Open studio starts at 3, and its 3:04. This crazyish schedule feels a little hard. I'm just getting into my day groove here at the studio, and I need to leave again. And its already Wednesday. And more snow is in the forcast for the weekend. Which means we probably wont have class Saturday.

Otherwise feel pretty good about things. Moving along.

More later.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

remi helping me scale "gaggle" for Barb's large commission piece.
new ck ad. love it!

dear dave,

going to the corcoran today. hope to be productive! Thats all I really have to say.

There has been quite the creative glut the past few weeks. Turning that big giant ship around!

Monday, February 1, 2010

new studio at dusk

my pencil sharpener works!!

dear dave,

Today was my first day at 1716, and it went pretty well.

It was really nice to start unpacking and reconfiguring the room to my specifications. One of my very favorite things is organizing my space. So far so good, but MAJOR adjustments are planned. i love the idea of a big long tall work table going along the whole side wall. Right now I have a desk and a table as stand ins-a good temporary solution.

I'm loving the closet space. I was lucky to get a deep, tall closet in the hallway which has this terrific, sturdy shelf running along the whole length and both sides. This closet is perfect for storage, and will get all the large pieces out of my way. Its really really great. I get a good feeling every time I open the door.

Still not sure what to do with my beloved cabinets, but they will find a place. I'm thinking about axing them, but stocked them up anyway. They are like family, and when I put my stuff back inside them, everything in its place, I feel comfort. We'll see how they fit in as time goes by. I really like the idea of keeping one side of the room CLEAR of clutter.

Sitting here at my desk, I'm feeling pretty good. Not loving my computer placement, because its in full view to anybody that enters, but I guess Ill get used to that.

Oh, and I finally got serious about trying to fix my pencil sharpener, a birthday present I have loved since 5th grade. I was heartbroken when it wasn't working, and couldn't bring myself to toss it. Luckily I didn't because now its working just fine!