Thursday, April 30, 2009

dear dave,

there are so many little things to do today. I need to make a list (I SHOULD be doing that everyday). I'm always just letting the wind take me.


Remi is visiting the studio today, because she is feeling a little sick. I'm happy to have her.

Chicken tonight with the girls. Always fun

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

dear dave,

watershed moment: I just ordered some blank shirts (and messenger bags). Exciting and daunting. But cool.

friday approaches.

dear dave,

yikes, the nails and screws I thought would be easy to remove form the boards I salvaged are tough! Yanking and pulling doesnt always do the trick. Im sweaty.

I guess they will require more TLC.

Rainy day. back to basics. Drawing.

Friday is coming quickly. I am sort of anxious. Yesterday I spent way to long on postcards. Today I don't feel as much mojo.

pick shirts for Thursday
Hadria T
Paula T
Ascher T
plan kevin H
call VISTA
text Bill



Tuesday, April 28, 2009


tadpole back - each is unique

wood wood

sometimes I just feel juvenile.
dear dave,

I'm stuck at home, waiting for the work in the kitchen to be finished. When you HAVE to be home, its a drag. I want to be out right now, working. Drawing.

Feel really busy with all the stuff coming up. I'm glad to feel this way, Invited a bunch of people to the screening next week, so I hope I can come up with a movie I'm proud to show! I almost waited to invite people until after the weekend, but that seemed kind of stupid.

I am even less prepared then I was last year. This is crazy. I'm thinking puppets will play a key role. or drawings. I'm going to make it up as I go along. Classic.


Yesterday I was looking around the neighborhood for some free boards to print on, and found them just as I wasn't looking. I had all but given up, went to grocery store, parked way over where I never park, looked over, and saw a dumpster FULL of plywood. AHHHHHH. What a moment.

I got some choice pieces, and hauled them back to the studio. I don't have a plan for them yet, but I'm hoping it comes together quickly, since I only have a few days left to print. Time is NOT on my side.

Monday, April 27, 2009

dear dave,

wow - the day dissolved into all sorts of projects. many many projects. For which I will be paid? Somehow? I don't know the answer.


Anyway, they sure are fun.

48 hour film screening!

movie-making is this weekend!

screening is WED MAY 6 @ 7pm AFI SILVER SPRING

It's a competition! come support your favorite branddave!

site chosen

dear dave,

It was a busy sunny hot weekend (fun!), and on Sunday, hx and I trekked to ARTOMATIC 09 (1st of many journeys) to pick my wall. Found a a good spot on the 7th floors (ALL VIBES pointed to this being THE floor to be on). Chose something very different then last year, for obvious reasons. Hopefully this will be more visible, and won't suddenly be blocked by some monstrosity at the 11th hour. (so much angst about that still!)

(I wish I could link to a post that I wrote about all this last year, but I didn't actually write about it. I'm still bothered that my terrific space and art was ruined by a "3D" artist on the last day of set-up)

Anyway, only the 8ft option was available, but I think that suits me just fine. Now the pressure is on to print before deadline (and before the studio shuts for a few weeks) I feel the pressure.

Made some fun shirts for my nephews, and like the flow I'm in. Want to continue with that, and ride the wave.

Pissed that dan was a no show on Saturday for our photo shoot. Sucked. Other options seemed to have fizzeld also. I think I need to let that go for a bit. But I secretly dont want to at alllllllll.

I need to make a list. I have a lot of ideas, and little time. Feeling the heat. Last night I woke up in hte middle of the night, and panicked. What am I doing with this branddave business? How will I survive. I don't have answers, and that keeps me awake at night.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

dear dave,

nothing is working right! I'm freaking out. Im making shirts, and they don't look like I'm expecting them too. Maybe I should go out for a walk. Maybe I should be screenprinting instead. probably.

Fun yesterday taking pictures. Frustration today. Oh well. Happy with my gary t. Just stay focused.

BUSY weekend. photos tomorrow. party at night. pick artomatic space sunday am. party in the afternoon.

And the weather will be WARM. I just need to stay centered. EVERYTHING will be fine. Keep the faith!


I think I got wayyyy too ahead of myself. Time to pull back and reassemble.

will keep you posted.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

dear dave,

hmmm - what to write.

waiting for Ryan and David. Breezy and cold outside. low light. Probably not the best of conditions.

I have my pet shop boys, and my coffee. We'll see.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friend of the Week (7)

This week, Hadria makes the cut!

I have such great memories of working with Hadria at BSUR -- she made a really big impression on me. I LOVED her attitude. She is such a go-getter, and I really like that. There was no barrier that she wouldn't push thru. She would find a way. Always moving forward.

It really bothered me when she wasn't treated well, and seen as the nugget of gold she is.

Hadria darlin - you are terrific, and I appreciate all the support you give me, and the impact you have had on me!

you need more
you need more
you need more
you need more

you need lahhhve.


dear dave,

my love affair with Love, etc. continues, feed by a full new album of exciting songs to play over and over and over and over again. Its food, and I LOVE IT!

Nobody is here at the studio, so my music is at full tilt, and I am fully happy. Yesterday was great, but fell flat towards the end. I was really happy with my print (2nd time around), and then came back to shoot dave k., which went well. I wish I thought to do some other stuff, but oh well. I get so caught up in the moment, I forget to think almost. Im in the flow, and don't want to break that.

Oh well. The photos are mixed. I think I have some good ones, but wish I tried other shirts too. He has such a great body, long and muscular. So much fun to photograph.

Im here at the studio, with things to do, but I'm stalled a bit. I need to get in gear. I have shirts to make. And things to avoid!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Dave,

april showers do bring april flowers after all. Walked by these this morning, walked a half block more, then decided to go back and photograph them. The picture doesn't do them justice at all. They were so beautiful, a mini suburban meadow. Terrific.

Going BACK to the corcoran to REDO the gull print. Then back to the studio to shoot dK. Busy day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

dear dave.

printed, brought back to studio, sanded, hated, painted over. Will try again tomorrow (maybe)

dear dave,

Hanging out at the Corcoran, waiting for my screens to dry. Printing is a slow process, and I always get so nervous along the way. Thinking that I'm going to mess things up.

I remember EVERY time I would go do a press check for BSUR, I would be so nervous that I messed up the artwork that I sent over. That I didn't set it up right. Right down to the second it was shown to me, printed correctly, I would stress. Then a flood of relief would come over me. I didn't fuck it up.

I have so many memories about all that. Its strange to think it's all behind (now). Funny, because even when I iron on my new shirts, I'm feeling those same nerves.

Anyway, I'm about to print "gullfriend", and I'm hoping it comes out as I expect. As I envision.

Don't fuck it up.
dear dave,

blah blah blah. Not much to write about this morning. The usual stuff.

Made a cake last night, a sort of test run. Went ok, but I didn't beat (up) the frosting long enough, so it's not as fluffy as it's supposed to be.

I have such a problem (imposing) my likes on other people. I LOVE THIS CAKE, but I feel so shy about serving it to other people. The possibility they won't like it? Like playing a song you love, and watching the blah reaction of the friend who doesn't quit hear it like you do. I wish likes and dislikes translated better.

But I also have such a problem showing my work, and hearing compliments about it. Instead of engaging, I get all shy. I wish i could change that (now).

Sort of landed an amazing model from my current ad. We'll see how that progresses. Its almost too good to be true.

I should go to the Corcoran today. I think I will. And play.

And I think I will post some weird stuff, because I have been feeling sooooo uptight lately. Let loose!!! Be FREEEEEEEEE

Saturday, April 18, 2009

dear dave,

Beautiful day outside. work at corcoran was sort of a bust (again!). Where is my groove? i wish I knew.

Worked a bit, then came to the studio. but I think I'm going home. I can't decide. I guess that's my problem today - I can't decide (on anything).

Friday, April 17, 2009

dear dave,

dinner at sheons last night was fun. The sushi was amazing, and the company was hysterical. Overall - a blast.

Yesterdays shoot turned out well, but was unexpected. I am happy with the result though.

Planned to work on drawing today, but then discovered the studio was having a show this weekend afterall, so we are all hustling to make it the best possible.

Beautiful sunny breezy day. Feeling good!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

in the park

Buts it's typical

dear dave,

sunny day - what a difference.

CCK flaked on me this morning. Oh well - I was feeling ambivalent about it anyway. Maybe the world just reflects my energy.

Photo shoot right now. Excited / nervous. It's always nerve wracking to meet somebody new, and try to establish chemistry. quickly Sometimes the energy just isn't there, and that's what I stress out about.

Have all these feelers out, but no real bites. Or the bites fizzled. I hate when things fizzle. But its typical, and part of life.

Nice to see the sun, and feel the sun. sun, give me creative energy. please. thank you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

one of a kind FREEHAND t's available HERE

Friend of the Week (6)

remi is my friend of the week this week, because she came to work with me yesterday, and kept me company while I struggled thru my taxes. What a great pooch.
dear dave,

It's a new day. Hopefully, after a few days in the dumps, I can pull myself out, and be creative and productive, and feel accomplished.

The past few days have been such downers, with dark skies and lazy anxious feelings. All I have wanted to do is wait things out, and sit tight. Clenched. Introverted.

Its still very rainy out, but my taxes are done, it's wednesday, and I feel free (ish). Time to make a new break. Work. And reach out.

Meeting with CCK tomorrow morning, and feeling nervous. Anxious to hear back from C.S., but its not looking promising. Sucks. There was major potential there. Also have a photo shoot planned for later in the afternoon.

Feeling mixed about the website. How to improve. Poor FREEHAND has taken a backseat. I need to revise and revamp that. I'm not comfortable with how it's turned out. And I need to make more shirts. On better shirts. And work on my book. And prepare for Artomatic! Lots to do.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

dear dave,

CLOUDY / RAINY / DARK day today. Crazy. Planned to shoot with Dave K, but thought it best to put off. Have a few models lined up sort of. We'll see.

working on taxes. Took Remi to work so she could hang out with me. Just need to get past the next few hours, and move on. Excited to be done with all this tax stress!

Monday, April 13, 2009

dear dave,

saturday was great - sunday sucked. Feeling anxious this morning, mostly about taxes, but sort of about other stuff as well. Monday mornings usually get me down.

Need to make a start, and see where it takes me. hopefully to relief, and freedom from this torture (of procrastination).

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

dear dave,

today I resolved to work on TAXES. So far I have gotten as far as putting my W2 and forms in the filing cabinet at work. Baby steps.

Haircuts and t-shirts are more important.


I just went on MAJORS blog, and found photographs that I myself intended to take last night. Unsettling and frustrating. These are the exact kind of pictures I envision myself taking. I wish it had worked out, but maybe it still will. I WANT TO DO THIS. This is what I want to do. I'm laying down a marker. RRRRR. I'm frustrated. How am I different? I guess there is no answer. I just want to work on this. (I've really worked myself up)


Jesse goes back on Sunday. I will have to take more video of her. She has become my muse!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

believe it or not, the photo above and the drawing below are separated by several weeks.


dear dave,

I am in a stall moment. There are things to get done (taxes/bills) and more important things to get done (photo shoot prep), but I am not getting in gear. RRRRRR

Last night I left work on such a high. I got some things done, and felt good about them. I set up my day today, and a few days beyond that. I was feeling really accomplished, and satisfied.

That feeling seems to have seeped away this morning. I'm nervous and edgy. Waiting. And sort of avoiding. And rethinking. Over-thinking.

Just move.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

jesse update

dear dave,

poor jesse was sick on the way home from work as well. Poor little jesse. I gave her a bath last night, and wanted to hold her little wet body wrapped up in the towel forever. She is just too cute.

I can't get a second dog (norfolk terrier) like I have always dreamed of, because poor remi would be instantly cast as the second fiddle. This is just for a week.

This morning I took a small rest stop on the way in, so she could calm her stomach. Seemed to have worked, no vomiting! I'm really happy about that.

More work on my website. NO drawing yesterday, like I promised myself. I just get sucked into the site. Its so much fun to work on. So today I resolve to draw, and maybe go back to the corcoran. we'll see where the day takes me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


dear dave,

I have a special studio guest this week - jesse!! She didnt seem to be able to hold her bladder at home, so I decided to take her to work. BUT - on the way in, she vomited in the car. I think it was a combination of car sickness and nervousness. I assured her I wouldn't ask her to do any modeling, but she insisted once we got here.

We decided to postpone our spring studio show, which frees up some time to work on other things. I want to make some more t-shirts, and work on my book project. I need to draw, which I have been putting off lately. AndTAXES. Just writing that makes me sweaty. I hate them.

Ok - Jesse and I are off to draw. Be back later.

Monday, April 6, 2009

dear dave,

Saturday was great - enjoyed the fantastic weather and Washington scene with good friends. We all braved the crowds, and had a picnic near the cherry blossoms. Getting in was fine. Getting out was really tough. So we walked home, and I was exhausted.

Worked at the corcoran yesterday, and feel like I was productive. But maybe I'm just not stretching myself enough. I do enjoy working on wood though.

I'm going to go back today and finish things up.

Feel sort of fizzled. Things seemed to peak Thursday, and now I'm back in the waiting room. I feel like I want to push forward, but I'm holding myself back. I wish I could get this evened out.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos by Samual Zukato.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Love, etc

dear dave,

I'm sucking down brownies that Hex and I made last night.

I have to share this tidbit - because I LOVE it. We took them out of the oven, and hex suggesting adding morsels to them (which I thought meant sprinkling chocolate chips on the top) I wanted none of it, they are rich enough, so we decided he could do half.

When I came back to have one, I realized what he had meant. The brownies were cut into pieces, and each piece had a single chip carefully place on top. Sooooo cute. I wish I took a picture. I love you hexy!


Yesterday, talking to MJM, he mentioned a new Pet Shop Boys song. Just like before, I am the last to know. So I quickly downloaded it, with all the remixes, and JAMMMMMMMMMED out. I can't even relate what new PSB's songs do to me. The remixes get in my blood. I LOVE how they pull little pieces of the melody and lyrics and reinvent them into multiple other songs. But they all relate, they all have the same blood and bones. And have to be heard together.

Needless to say, I LOVE this concept, and I love how they do it. I always loved how Polo and Bruce Weber did this in advertising too. I love doing it in my own work. The art of the remix. perfection!

After finishing this post, and reading it back, I'm noticing how much I use the word Love. Hmmm, PSB's song is called Love, etc. Could not be coincidence.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I feel like I'm on a creative tear right now. But it's the end of the day, and I have to tend to Remi, and hexy, and VIDA.

Anyway, fun working on the website. Everyone, please check it out, and give me all the feedback you can. I'm finding that so helpful!

Friendz of the Week (5)

This week, I have bent the rules, and chosen 3 friends to feature. The art girls of be as you are. Erin (top) Golriz (middle left) and Allison. It was fun to see them today, and laugh about stuff. I miss them, and appreciate th(ie)r support. Thanks girls!