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Saturday, June 21, 2008

four twix is gross.

dear dave

productive day in class. Worked on my second Saturday monoprint (positive is below) and worked on finishing my bird print (above). Still have a few more colors to print on that one. nice to be productive, and happy with my work. The monoprints are fun. I actually looked forward to class this week. I'm enjoying the limits I have set for myself. I guess the challenge will be to make them look different.

Not sure about the bird series. I have a few more prints in the run, and the first has taken me weeks (with breaks). Oh well, I will figure it out. Nothing to fret about.

Glad to hear from Megan that my posters were all gone at Artomatic. Good news. 600 posters - somewhere. Fun to think about. Still need to dismantle the wall. Much of it will go up in the apartment - for now. Disappointed I never heard back from so and so. Wonder what happened.

Want to get back into video and music. Maybe this next week.

Filled car - $45. Thats just crazy.

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recipe for happiness

dear dave,
after getting to class, and feeling blah about my bird print, I decided to do one-offs this summer. Spontaneous, loose mono-prints with super small runs.

That felt good and right. Nice to have the limits set, and feel free to do whatever. A good summer plan.

This is the first. More to come...

parade today, fathers day tomorrow. A busy summer weekend.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

blog lag

it's not just me - almost every blog I regularly read has been quiet the past few weeks. I guess nobody has much to say, or they are just tired of saying it over and over.

get up, eat breakfast, take shower, shave, let the dog out, go to work, get coffee, get lunch, come home, check in with freinds and family, eat dinner, watch TV, let dog out, go to bed. Most every day has its core elements. Its the extra stuff thats fun to write about, and dissect. But sometimes, there isn't much extra stuff. OR-- we just get sick of dissecting it. That seems most likely.

Its just wierd that everybody seems to feel that way at the same time.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

short story

news you can't use

dear dave,

I havnt had much time for the blog lately. Not really sure why. Fun things have been happening.

Was lazy yesterday in class. The summer lazys. Went upstairs to work on filming instead of printing. Still really into imovie, and especially garage band. Love setting my weird poems to music. ITs a real kick. Anyway, worked on "things come and go". Think I will post it here today. Wrote the "peom" just as I was leaving Urban Outfitters, at the cashier counter, on the back of a catalog. And discovered new voices I didnt know my computer had. So much fun!

BBQ yesterday. Hot Hot Hot--today also. The heat saps my energy, and I turn into a pile of indecisive unmotivation. But I will rally. Maybe I will take Remi out for a walk in the woods. A great reason to have a dog -- they get you out.

Artomatic comes to a close next week. I will help with the deinstall. Feel blah about it overall. The black box will forever haunt me. Oh well. Wonder how many posters are still there. I feel so neglectful!

Looked at a studio in Logan this week, but decided the next day it was too small. So I will keep looking.

facebook is fun. Who knew?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

G3 iphone obsession

TBA on Monday.

I am obsessed