Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Car still in shop, after sucky two days without it.

No communication from Chris is frustrating.

Cards came in fast, but wrong.  A L W A Y S

Thanksgiving turkey a little dry.

Charity feast was the day before Thanksgiving, not Thanksgiving Day.

November is going out poorly - election night nightmare will stick forever.

Everything fine, but frustrating too.

Working on drawings - that says it all.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

thankful that Remi is doing better

thankful for hexy

thankful I'm healthy

thankful for business

thankful for my family

thankful that good will always prevail over evil

Monday, November 21, 2016

Printed saturday and went to RC for a walk in the windy woods.  Crazy -- the wind whipped up and it started blizzarding leaves.  missed Remi : (

Tysons and Rockville on Sunday without Hexy.  Fun to shop - such a change of pace.  Spent hours trying on pants and looking for shoes.  Like what I got.

Back to work with Remi today.  Super cold and windy.  My body is so "grooved" to bsur patterns.  Coffee afternoon, walks in the cold, and excitement / dread over work.  Bummed that the girls cancelled chicken tonight.  I was looking forward to seeing them.

Deinstall Dolcezza tonight.  Bummed that it was so short this year, but what are you gonna do?  Hope for residual business.  Prints will be going to Metropoliz and Buzz and Ave Jack.

Orders coming in slower.  Thinking about my Black Friday Sale.  Hesitant to send out email so quickly again.  What to do?

NOTE:  first customer EVER (Suz Podrasky) showing at Artomatic, and I reached out when I saw her name.  Last night I found her original envelope for the 12 Lovers of Life t order, from 24 fucking years ago!  Amazing and exciting.

Friday, November 18, 2016


worked on orders, need to draw!  Always need to draw.

Fast day.  Artomatic last night was so stupid.  Stuck in traffic getting out of DC, and was 30 min late.  Then just sat around.  Doesnt make me want to go back.  Really a complete waste of time.

Everything pretty good - just need to stay on track.  Tomorrow is another working Saturday.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

post election postcard

remi at my feet (late afternoon)


new display

Thursday over already,  now heading to Artomatic in Rockville for my first of 3 shifts.  ugh.  such a terrible 5 hours.  I cant believe it's already been a year since I metro'd to artomatic '15 at the end of the line.  so incredibly late.  That was crazy.  I really can't believe it.  time goes by so fast.

election angst still sinking in.  We have no choice but to accept it.

Remi doing a little better -- now back on steroids.  Getting into a groove here at the studio.  By late afternoon she is sooooo anxious, and paces around.  Most of the rest of the day she sleeps, and I carry her out to pee. 

Life at home is another story.  She has disrupted our sleep and patterns so much.  Which leads to bad things.  Need to focus on getting good sleep.  Everything flows out of that.

Weather is still kind of warm.  Went to buzz today - happy with my new horizontal card display.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ugh -

the election angst ebbs and flows.  Today it flows...

working on print foursome, and they are coming out well.  Except I make tiny mistakes that screw everything up.

Remi stayed home yesterday, but is back with me today.  She is determined to smell what she want s to smell, and eat what she wants to eat.  Good signs.  She still has a strong life force, but has gotten more wobbly over the weekend.  Hopefully the steroid will bring her back (again).

I stay away form the news, then storm back.  But I really think it's probably best to avoid as much as possible.  It's so depressing and impossible to understand and accept.

My fingers HURT from the dry air and cracked corners.  Sucks.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Feeling better hourly / daily.  The shock is dissipating, which I'm thankful for.  But -- what does the future hold??????  And HOW????????? could people actually fucking vote for him?????????  i still can't wrap my head around it.

Sometimes I get this idea that I've been conditioned by relentless bad press, maybe manipulated into thinking he is such a monster.  Then I realize NO, HE REALLY IS A MONSTER.  But the brain has a way of coping, and we are sooooooooooooooo able to change our attention in 2016.  It's like a self-healing mechanism.   What was so unthinkable Tuesday is now reality, and we have to face it and deal with it.

Remi doing better.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE having her at the studio with me.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Feel sick and shocked by what has happened.  As the night went on I wanted to crawl out of my skin.  It's just an amazing uturn into the future of the unknown.  And very scary.

A horrible horrible night we will never forget.

This morning Remi was out of sorts.  A trip to the vet makes us feel a little better, but it's so scary to comtemplate the next few months.  Happy to have her here at the studio with me while she recovers.

All we can do is hope for the best, and try to stay positive.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

6:35 election night, and ANXIOUS to know the results!!!!  Spent a few hours this morning waiting in line to vote.  Long lines are good - made me happy.  Saw Monti and Mer afterwards, which was terrific.

heading to gym to watch the news.  Hopefully cowbelling at the White House later tonight.


Election Eve with Remi

Monday, November 7, 2016

Another weekend wicket passed through!
MCA this past weekend.  long day Saturday, but really fun having people in and sharing my studio.  AS usual the attention went to cards and (minimal) shirts.  Prints and signs not so much (or at all).  Seems to be the case with OPEN STUDIOS.

Brownies, Tom Drymond, Sally & Greg, fun neighbor from next door, a little goofy dog, and fun dog park couple, and a really wacky guy with a VOTE TRUMP sticker.  he had lots of thoughts about DC, and kept heading for the exit, only to turn back with a new story or thought he wanted to share.

Sunday was a little lighter, so i had a long chance to work on my email list, and get that going.  Started at 1 instead of 12, which was so much better.  Hexy and I drove to Rockville afterward, which was fun.

Artomatic quiet.  Dolcezza quiet, website quiet. email quiet.  ANXIOUS FOR THE ELECTION TO PASS.  Hoping things will loosen up, and normalcy will return.  October and early Nov have been way too slow.

This morning it wasn't so hard to come back in, but work was just not what I wanted to do.  Made it through my list, and leaving a little early.  Daylight savings finally kicked in, so everything feels off.  5:33 now, and D A R K

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Strange vibe in the air.  EVERYTHING feels on H O L D until after Tuesday, and the constant stream of new news about the election seems to be on hold too.

Not many emails coming in.  Social media sort of stale.  all in this numbing holding pattern.

Trips to Buzz today, and started new commission prints.  Sort of stalled, but going fine.  And warm outside, which is so unseasonal and strange.  Kind of nice (and easy) but strange.  We should be well into sweatshirts by now.

Social day tomorrow: coffee in the morning with Cheryl, and Dinner with Cord.  Looking forward to catching up and laughing with both.  MCA weekend, which I'll prepare for tomorrow.  After the past few weeks, it's stayed on the back burner.  Hope it goes ok.

Much happier with website edits today.  good-to-go!  Just AFTER the election.

Please, please.  HRC.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Weird long death spiral into working on my website today.  One project begot another until I was looping back to revise the original project, only to get frustrated with the entire enterprise.

I'm all over the place with creative frustration. It's gotta do this and say this but I like it this way, but that doesn't make sense.

I want it to be simple, and look great, and be easy to use.  (and consistent)

I just need to let it all go!  Editing can become so addicting!  (ha, even as I type I'm thinking of ways to change it more.  I. have.a.problem.)

anyway -- added holiday cards, created SALE prints page, and added online commission ordering.

Now I just need 10,000 people to visit!

tomorrow I need to go back to the real world of drawing and printing.

PS - scored MAJOR great plywood from hardware store today.  I'm going back for more.  SUPER CHEAP ! ! !