Monday, March 31, 2008

2 for the money

dear dave,

friday was good, saturday was better, and sunday crashed.

came home and set up my mobile so I could film it. Felt manic, becasue I wanted the light to last, and the mobile is very fragile, and my camera battery kept fizzling, and I hadnt eaten enough.

Got some good shots, and went to work on music. Put together something I was really into, them rough cut the video. But nothing was working as well as I had expected. hard to find a beat, and the music was awkward. Not typical of my other video projects so far.

Print class went well. Slow progress, but progress. Very worried that I am going to ruin my print, because I am so happy with it so far. Every step feels fatal. But things went ok. And I felt great. Shot a lot of video also -- clips at the park, and in class. Added some to my mobile video, but again, not working. Worked on a blog post, but have second thoughts about posting it. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Also, signed up for ARTOMATIC. Now I know I am getting ahead of myself.

Blah - until much later in the day, when I went back to work on hte video. Found my groove - although I still feel unsettled with it. Hmmmm.

odds and ends
Worked out getting equipment for 48hour project. But wish I could practice with it. But that is an expensive option. We'll see. Glad to realize that I need a better camera, but is it more problems then its worth? I'm concerned about all the technical aspects of this.

Artomatic - must work on new prints. Go into heavy production. Set up is weekend after filming. Oh no.

ok - thats all for now.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

this and that

dear dave,
My glands are swollen. My stomach feels full and gassy. I wish I felt better. It's such a terrific time of year - I should be able to enjoy it.

Returning sunshine tonight. A rough few days of leash pulling, ripped up belts, early mornings, and general chaos. It will be nice to go back to normal.

Remi looked so funny / beautiful to me this morning. She is a tank, and caramel colored. She has such great lab proportions. Kim will laugh at this, but I was so pleased with myself. I studied for weeks about what to look for - and I succeeded. The otter-like tale, the friendly expression, and short stop. The large square head, and double coat. Oh, and short coupled. She fits the bill. She has come into her own. No longer looking so much like a puppy. More of a beautiful adult lab. I feel so proud!!

Skipped class saturday becasue it was spring break. Spent HOURS working on the favicon. So happy to have it finally accomplished. Downloaded FLASH - but think it will be too complext to learn before May 2 - but possibly. Need to work on more movies. next project - a fake commercial for branddave.

ok - back to work on the little white dog.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


dear readers,

branddave has joined youtube!!

to visit my channel, simply go to


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

magic pants don't make the man

dear steve,

All that you are was not meant to be. You just came that way. Yes, your house is peaceful, but what was that thing you hid in the bathroom? Your eyes could drown squid, your mouth rippled and ripe. But I digress --

Everything will turn out ok. You will see.

Christmas will come after all, and you, with the new one, will decorate the tree.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

erin is the very best

how could you not love her?

print progress

dear dave,
print is coming along S L O W. But I'm liking the progress. Now if I could just figure out how to print the shading well, I would feel golden. LOVE working with garage band and imovie. LOVE it. Felt hypnotized. Now if I could just teach myself animation. Wish I could find a simple program. We'll see.

Off to lp with the girls. Goodnight.


I’m going to the store
but I won’t be back.

On the shelf
near the box
is the answer
I find.

Making sense never seemed more possible

On my way
between the tears and folds

like popcorn
it comes out of the bowl.

But remi is always there
willing to scoop it up.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

may 2

dear dave,
after playing with imovie, i decided to make a movie(!) for the 48 hour film project. Production is may 2. im excited. first I need to make more crazy movies, and teach myself the software.
its sunny, and the weekend awaits. excited to return to my print, and all the sunshine I can soak in. more later.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

the slug!

dear dave
feel sluggish. I think its the weather. Waiting to drop Remi off. UNexcited about the long drive in the rain and traffic.
Its quiet. I feel tense. The refrigerator is buzzing. Remi is gagging on her chewy. I wish I felt different.

Weekend of anticipations. Fun in the sun or misery in the porno palace? We'll see. Hoping for the best!

whats going on here?

possible options:

Danny put on his new sweater and left for work, while Juan stayed home (BIG into topiary). But Danny found an envelope on the windshield of his car, so he is going back inside to open it up. (note danny's nano is BEHIND the envelope in his hand)

Danny is late, and Juan is pissed! Watch out Danny! Juan has got scissors!!

Juan is Danny's "unauthorized" gardener, doing Sylvia's job. Where is Sylvia?

Home after a rough day at work, Danny just wants to get on that couch and veg. Unfortunately, Juan has different plans...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

three birds and a "b"

miss peterson

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

easy does it

(continuation of a theme)

Marks mate ate
way too much

he felt down
so he took a pill

What he didn’t know
Was so obvious

Death was near.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jennifer sits in the park and waits.

Jennifer sits in the park
and waits.

She thinks about making the bed
and all that her life has to offer.

Only rain starts to fall
so half a sandwich will be left.

If only she had murdered him
then she could go home.

mill fly

dear dave
Ive tried and tried and tried and tried to load a print of a slug here, but it refuses to work. Not meant to be. oh well. And a picture of Erin won't work either. So text will have to do. Random text. Text thats random. Random text thats random. random. text.
(the slug would have made a better post)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

sunny side up

dear dave
good few days. August seeds are finally bearing fruit. Change is in the air.

Took Friday off. Hung out with h and got a message. And planted seeds. Tons and tons of seeds for the spring. So exciting. SO much potential.
Class Saturday. Had a good crit session, and started new print! Excited about following through with a series. Plan to make them all simple, and connected.
Returned Lucy - and had a nice visit with Jimmy. Seems to be doing well after a rough Friday. Makes me feel good.

That is all I feel like writing about. Much more going on, but I don't feel ready to write about. Hopefully / Maybe in hte future. For now, I am content to say that I am content, and the future looks bright.

Plans are