Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring has been so spotty, just like my attempts to keep up with the blog. 

Its cold, then nice then cloudy, then windy, then warm, then cold again.  Today we were back to being slightly cold (wore shorts) but coldish and breezy.

Another monday at Branddave!  Brought the peregrine cards over, and planned for Pixies.  Happy with the card designs overall, but always want to do better.  Wish I had more new ideas.  Hoping the go well at Peregrine.

Tomorrow back to printing (charlie).  Will be a challenge getting all the blacks and greys right.

Emma in HEAT, which is such an epic drag.  Can't take her out to the park everyday (like we have done for months and months) so she is more ansty, and so am I.  Miss it, and feel bad for keeping her confined.  the bleeding is terrible.  I semi remember it with Remi, but it's a blur.  Something to endure!

Saturday, April 21, 2018