Sunday, September 30, 2007

it's alright

dear dave,
much progress printing saturdays. Feel in a groove. maybe because becky is not around? I think its because there are fewer people - so I can concentrate better. Fun day saturday. added more drawings into my print, and like how it is progressing. Planning to have it for sale, we'll see.

Would love to do the portfolio again, but I think time is too much of an issue. I will drop it.

Very inspired by the weather, my mood, colors, good wood, my iphone, photography, urban outfitters 80's groove, teal and magenta checkers and stripes, plants, birds, newsprint, pet shop boys, and the feeling of freedom I now have. THe world is mine, and I feel it.

I feel like I did in the early 90's, post graduation. In my white bedroom, making mobiles and videos on my little macintosh. Or living on Q st. with cord, thinking about Joe...the past is present, and the present is past. All is ahead and behind, right now. I really truely feel alive.

Nice time out with rem - at rock creek. Crunchy leaves.

Terrific time with Cheryl and sam, then Barb. So nice to get back in touch, and have no time pass. A foundation friendship. I feel loved, and cared for, and understood. It feels terrific.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

reno gets muddy

$10 dollar bill sits on the counter

dear dave,
alot of progress on prints. worked for a long time with megan on Saturday. Having fun. Worried about making a big mess. Know when to say when.
Loved working on Birds late Friday. Have interesting plans for them. Need to set out goals, and stick to them. portfolio? I think I should. Enjoying art. Need to stay disciplined and focused. So Many distractions. Big plans fizzle. Don't let that happen.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

on steps

this is hard, but it will work out. you and i both know what needs to be said and done. and that will be that. the rooster will crow, michael will get his new bike, elise will learn a language, and i will be free. just dont fuck it up, because the birds are in no mood to party. no mood indeed.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

here I am in bed, in chile

afraid of the next day, and what to eat, and rafting. all ahead. all so exciting. I have to look at this year as the same. Exciting and new. The future is a huge question mark, but IT WILL WORK OUT. It always does. i am blessed. I am blessed.