Friday, May 30, 2014

Suddenly the internet is my enemy! most especially facebook, which throttles all my BD posts, and loads my feed with the same crappy crap day after day.  I have 900 fans, but my posts go out to lss then 50, unless I pay.  hate you Facebook.

F R I D A Y.  I did some early chores, decided to put off Buzz run, and now am directionless.  I NEED TO RE-DIRECT.  There is still so much time left in the day.

Really really happy with my Monti cards, and wedding invites turned out great.


mysterious case of the reappearing (scratched!) bird prints at TROHV.  I'm mystified and bothered.

I can't settle on the photo section of my website.  It's such a wasteland of nothingness, yet I obsess over the layout and curation.  I know why:  I want it to be perfect.

shirts are such a thorn.  I wish I could just find the perfect shirt, in the perfect colors, for the perfect price, and be able to PRINT them on demand for an awesome price that will allow me to make money on them when I sell them.  Instead, it's not that way.  They mock me.

I'm realizing I need to step up my custom card business.  They are just really great and unique.  MORE CARDS (less shirts)




Thursday, May 29, 2014

another good day.

better at the corcoran, (but stil f*ucked up).

rainy and cold as predicted, so I'm glad Kevin and I rescheduled.

invite coming along.  need to make as much progress on others!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

dear dave,

I jumped to the other side.  found my creative way, and it feels great.

shitty morning at the corcoran, but totally expected.  I should know by now, first class days are
U-N-P-R-O-D-U-C-T-I-V-E.  no way around it.

My summer schedule is now set: wednesdays and thursdays 10-2 I'll be printing.  Which is good.

Hot sticky day, but tomorrow will be cooler.  The airconditioner is on deck.  Soon I'll just have to install.

Move to 2nd studio was put off for a couple weeks.  fine by me.  Lots to accomplish.

Shoot with kevin put off too.  ran and cold predicted tomorrow, so I pulled the plug.  after reworking just now, I'm itching to shoot again.  But probably for the best.

Made some shirts for Keegan.  a long overdue project, but finally finding a path.  He's a cool guy.  trying to keep expectations low, and go with the flow.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

feelin fine

summer here officially.  I put off a drawing too long, so needed to come in yesterday to finish it up (then felt all crabby about working on a H O L I D A Y).  But it all worked out.

Today I'm sitting here struggling again.  Drawing is painful.  Or coming up with an idea.  The spigot is just OFF.  Hopefully it will turn back on soon!

Such a cycle of despair.  I wish I could solve this problem (creativity on)  I wish I knew the secret.

Binging on Dan Savage, after springing for a subscription.  Kind of fun.

delayed moving into extra studio space, which is good.

thinking about dark green floors and white walls

need to start assembling supplies.

corcoran (summer) starts tomorrow.  so quick!  Need to make the most of it.  Hoping for lots of open studio time.

shooting with kevin Thursday.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

weekend is here, and I'm happy about it.

Feeling cheerful for next chapters:  summer class, warm days, photography with kevin, t-shirts, top down, bbq, and moving into my new print studio.

excited for the future.

- - - - - -
crazy poisen ivy is NOT going away, and is super ugly / itchy.

Bill + Lee picked up GULL today.  fun.

Went to buzz (slaters) and rehung MONSTERS, REDBUD, and CHEWS YOU.  Funny.  I need to stay positive, and realize the great opportunity it is.

cards selling well.  Always a good feeling.

red shorts

Thursday, May 22, 2014

poisen ivy

great weather

memeorial day




blow off

ice tea

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

good solid day back, after a nice break.

out to rockville monday and tuesday.  Parcheesi and planting, mulching, and fretting.

sucky sore throat - finally came through.  I did my best to prevent it.  Missed dinner with Barb and cheryl, but for the best I guess.

Nice to be away from the studio completely.  Think I'll take it easy for the rest of the week too.

Went out to H st. today.  Nice to be selling prints (again).  Maybe my dry patch is over (??)

Monday, May 19, 2014

It was a good (marathon) weekend.  I'm here back at my desk, thinking I should leave the moment I push PUBLISH on this.  I make the mistake of fake working (sitting at my desk, surfing the web, watching my inbox, but actually doing nothing).  It's such a waste of time, and a diffuser of all my mojo, creativity, drive.  Like adding 5 gallons of water to a great cup of coffee.

Anyway - the lead up to the weekend was smooth.  I concentrated on making shirts, and didn't over think the prints.  These open studios are turning out to be much more of a walk through then a selling opportunity.  Cards and shirts engage people much more then the prints on the wall.

Now that the weekend is over, and I have a few weeks off from printing, I need to consider where to shuffle all the prints here and there.  Where is the best place for everything??  Always something to stress about.

Random bits:

H st going well.  Need to come up with an exit plan though.

Nice to have Sally and Michael in the studio with me for Open Studios.  new energy.

I never know where to be, what to say, how much to engage.  My default is tho leave people alone to browse themselves, but I'm ALWAYS unsure about this "choice".  Maybe it's just easier, not better.

This week will mark the transition to summer, with memorial day weekend ahead.  Makes me anxious, but excited for the summer, and all that is entails.  Want to make the most of it.

Ok - good for now.  I'm taking the day off.  Regroup/refresh, and get away from the screen!

Friday, May 16, 2014


saturday and sunday

12 to 5

1716 14 st. NW

washington dc

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

post feast

lord monti

dear dave

summer is here early.  humid and hot few days in the studio.

feeling B E T T E R after a shitty week last week (all in my head).  I feel more together, and not so anxious about every-fucking-choice I make.

Wrapped up SPRING 2014 at the corcoran yesterday.  Saturday was good -- I decided to make a giant gull / no gulls for Open studios.  Something fun to work on, and will look good on the wall.  Even though I've made it (5?) times now, I still make little mistakes with colors and proportions.  After it's DONE, I'm looking at it and thinking the sign is crooked!  The grey should be darker!  The gull is too big compared to the sign!  But whats done is done.  Finished up poppa bear, then home to cook for mothers day sunday.

Sunday -- A fun and relaxing day at Bill and Annes.  Juicy chicken, cheesy potatoes, crunchy salad, and moist cake.  An afternoon of parcheesi on the deck in the sun and breeze topped it all off.  HEX 1 DAVE 0 JIMMY 1  SUE 0

Went back to the corcoran yesterday to do the dolphin, and it was a shit show.  Messy messy studio, shuffling people, clogged sings, roving SE, and fire alarms.  I got the minimal finished, cleaned up, and left kind of early.

Pollo rico with the girls for dinner.  Great to catch up over chicken.

Feeling excited for the weekend.  Lots to do between then and now, but it will all get accomplished.  wow - so optimistic.  A new leaf.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Reliable distractions and go-tos are losing thier punch.  Blogs never refresh, and FB is so stale.  I thought I found something new and exciting in IG, but thats kind of boring too.  Movies suck - rehash, drawn out, or just kind of boring.  I rented 12 YAS and Gravity.  I FF'd a lot of them.  They were fine, but not compelling.  (12 horrifying and violent, but NO story or plot or developement.  AWLFUL things happen, it gets resolved, it's over).  IAG and GFI are slow and jumpy, and recycled.  5 min turns into 40 just looking around.

Magazines used to be such a pleasure.  Now I'm totally uninterested.  I sat to read a few at the Dr. office, and all I could think was these are for somebody else.  Full of stuff I'm not interested in and can't afford.  Who are they for anymore?

I feel my brain changing.  My attention span is zip.  I'm constantly changing the channel - inside and out.  click click click, pause, click click click

I don't like any of it.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


early bday present from hex

english toffee OBSESSION

cinco de mayo bday (12!!!)

20 attempts later

waiting for the dishes to dry

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Struggling to get up and running today.  I don't know what my problem is!  The weather is great.  A lot of roadblocks have been passed and cleared.  I got a massage yesterday.  And still, somehow I still feel b l o c k e d.

Finished up prints Saturday, and ended up ging in Sunday to do some extra (and so I wouldn't have to go in Monday).  Corcoran days are counting down.

All set to hunker down and draw today, but I can't get my gears going.  Finishing up all the cutting and screwing and sanding for the dog prints. But not much else.

Dr. Office tonight.  Maybe that is what's got me distracted.  anyway --

Sunday, May 4, 2014

dear dave,

Hexy away in LA, and I'm trying to stay productive.  It's gorgeous outside, and I'm faced with a lifelong dilemma on days like this:  what to do?  How to best use the time.

Default is NOTHING, so it's always a struggle to make somehting of my time.

Good day yesterday at the corcoran.  for the most part it was just me printing.  Crazy.  Finished the boxers - which is an amazing accomplishment - almost a year (!!!) in the making.  They were such a tough commission.  I'm super happy with the outcome, and that is always the best result.  Not always everytime the case, but here, it is.

Business picking up a bit.  Last night I trecked over to H st for my "opening".  Nobody.  I sat for about in hour looking at my phone, hoping the time would pass quickly.  My low expectations were met.  Felt a little loserish, but not really.  I knew it was a tough sell, and I sold it like maybe .025555%

Home to watch Amour, which was a sad disappointment too.  I FF'd most of it.

So today is a fresh page.  Make it a great day.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

new postcard holder for H St.

labs in progress

great falls

Great falls dip

parcheesi on sunday

leggy seedlings illustrated

new flat file!!

leggy seedlings