Wednesday, August 10, 2022

 Still in fog, and trying to work.  Combo of working all weekend, sad news and shifting gears has got me stuck.  Drawing is the TIPPY TOP priority, yet I keep putting it off.  Classic for sure.

Pixie (happily) wants some totes, so I shifted back to production mode which turned into a slog.  Monday I used the screens for paper prints, then cleaned them thinking I was done done done.  Then got new totes in, and wanted to give her a bunch of the good designs, so went back to making the same screens and printing printing printing.  Ugh, a little sick of printing these.  But they came out great, I got a bunch of designs, and love the branddave logo I print lower back.  So all good.

Weeks / August going fast.  Anxious to get thru weekend.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022


 Tuesday after Dog Days and a momentous event Sunday: dad died.  

After a crazy focused week of making tees and totes, I was so anxious to just get set up, and get these sold!  Everything went well and according to plan saturday.  Coffee at coffee bar in the morning, then we went to studio to get stuff, and then 14th to set up.  Just tees and totes, so all was easy.  Last minute decided to include the old women's tees and sold for $5 ea.

MER and Bill and Lee came by, and had a good day.  Again, vibe is very different from the past.  Lots of walk-bys, and just not the same neighborhood feel. But when people stopped to look, that seemed to attract others to look, and reactions were almost always good.  Totes were a big hit, which was great because we really had no way to display like other years on the fence.  In fact, we did no display, so of course a lot of people would walk by not knowing what we were about.

The $5 tees sold well, and others too, but I would say just ok.  Like people are not so into buying shirts, or because it's on the street, or something.  Just not as appealing.  Maybe because they are not expecting to shop for these things like they are when coming to a festival like Arts on the Ave.

My instinct to concentrate on Mediums worked well.  I don't remember anybody asking about XL. or not much L either.  I was sweating that out last minute.  I do think I got the colors wrong, I could have made them more appealing overall with more pastel colors like lavender and melon on lime.  Colors like that.  Instead I stuck to a more familiar masculine range.  The best part was that they all looked good together, but was really dark when you saw them overall.  I NEED TO SEE THIS AHEAD.

So good day, we wrapped at 4 then I took emma out to Dumbarton and had a GREAT time with her.

Sunday morning when we were at Columbe Bill called with news about Dad.  My initial reaction was to keep our plan for the day, but happily changed course and realized I needed to go see him and acknowledge his condition.  That I would regret not doing that, and it was the right thing to do for him.  So Hex and I drove out, and he was in a sad state, breathing hard and not conscious, or aware of us being there.  Just as we were leaving, John and Luke strolled in, so we went back up with them and left again, for a hot drive back to DC.  

Hex was pressed for time to meet a tenant in VA, so we set back up quickly and he left.  Another day of sales, but was typical Sunday with lighter sales and crowds.  Time went fast, and repeating all the stuff we did Saturday, breaking down.  Took Emma back to Dumbarton.

That night at 5:55pm, dad died.

Friday, August 5, 2022

 Oh dear Dave, what a time.

Way overdue on the blog.  Do I catch myself up?  

 June was a shitshow.  Hex back from LA, with covid, then I got it, and it just fucking lingered.  Lying around became the norm.  I was so lazy and unmotivated and just sick.  I worked thru some of it, but it was rough.  I would lay on my studio floor and nap.

July became a blur.  Felt much better and just trucked along on all fronts.  I guess mostly on cards and prints and finishing up what I didn't get to in june.  Sales at SM were a great in june, so that gave me peace in july.  and another hallmark extension.  And tees for pixie. 

Here we are in AUGUST, and I resolved to get so much done and prepped for holidays.  WELL, here we are already one week down, and practically all my time went to prep for Dog days this weekend, which I never know about.  

Rain?  Bad designs, wrong colors, wrong sizes?  Ugh, I get so scared that I made a 1000 wrong choices.  Here I am with it all finished, and I want to change everything.


Went into the week picking a new color pallet of shirts after bad choices.  Yellow was gross, and purple too.  But was that a bad choice???  I just don't know.  And made a ton of totes - white!  And pink!  I like them, but with people like them?  UGH

Lots of soul-searching today as I tried to finish up and take stock of everything.  Yesterday I went thru old drawings from first months of BSUR, and made me so nostalgic, and then freaked out about how 30!!!! Years have passed, but I'm back to the same headspace and energy.  Making these little jokey drawings and tees, and wondering / hoping if people will like them / buy them.

 At that time, Adam was rocket fuel.  Somebody who loved my work, saw its potential, and PAID ATTENTION.  Constant attention.  I realize now I CRAVE THAT ! ! !  I've had so little feedback for so long.  IG has dried up, and SM feels so removed.  Hallmark too, and storydistrict.  All these sources of feedback are gone.  I feel so isolated and sometimes very lost.


Anyway, lots of angst, but probably misplaced.  If history is a guide, tomorrow will be great.  Some misses, but lots of hits.  And hopefully good sales.  



Monday, June 6, 2022

 Fraught monday spent worrying about lost packages and spending $$ on supplies that all have become more expensive.  Took Emma to vet with hexy and got SCAMMED out of money for tests she didnt need.  That set the day in motion.

Fighting with ALPHA to find lost shirts that I need for SM, and also frustrated with USPS for lost packages I shipped.  One showed up, which gave em great hope, so maybe all is not lost.

Working on drawing that is due, and made headway, but not as much as I would have liked.

Thursday, June 2, 2022


 ha - it's such a chore to blog, but I know I'll regret it if I don't.

Worked on printing branches today for Lee, and turned out good.  Made an extra for SM.  SM still confounding me - the latest chapter is Gtown, where they moved again, and I lost my primo selling space (again).  Now emails are not being returned, and I just feel more frustrated.  Ugh,

Happy about the large order from Pixies, and got all to her in a timely way.  Of course!  Amazing how actually being paid for merch rather than the consignment model motivates.  Obviously, so much better.

Thinking a lot about the various clubs I want to do, but I AM SO BOGGED DOWN in how to market things.  IG is such a dead-end with the algorithm.  And I've hit such a wall with the postcard subs.  But I really want to do stickers, and paper prints.  We'll see.

And color totes?  I just need a place to "put" these, and I'll fly.  I just don't know how to successfully market and find customers (who buy).  The eternal problem.

Hot days with AC - always makes me feel a certain kind of way ; )

Saturday, May 28, 2022


 saturday of memorial day weekend.  Always a weird bubble of nothingness.  No plans, just same old.

Nice weather - coffee in morning with hexy.  Got a lot done yesterday, so felt accomplished going into the weekend.  Friday i got upset with SM and sent an email, but its all pending.  So an upset hangover.

Got Father's Day cards in and happy with them.  And ordered next month's postcards, but am stuck at adding subscribers.

WISH I COULD FIND THE KEY FOR MARKETING ALL!!  Would love to be selling more online.

Ok, back home with emma, after not doing much here at the studio.

Thursday, May 19, 2022


 Business dramatically slowed this month - feels bad.  Not sure why - SM was ok.

Allergies are killing me - itchy eyes and very blurry vision.  Time to up my prescription.  But of course I stall.

Slow days at the studio, plodding along on lingering projects and trying to start new ones.  All the dark clouds that crept in around February are still there.  Every day is a new chance to make a change.

Poor poor hexy still coughing after week and a half.  Pretty sure its not Covid, but just as miserable

Friday, May 13, 2022

K I L L E D by covid booster taken Wednesday.  Yikes, it really took me out all day and night yesterday.  Feeling better now - THANK GOD.

Finished stuff for Wharf and brought it over.  That was pretty much it for today.

Grateful for

The ability to heal



Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 Ok day - printed TEAMWORK reprint and worked on drawing.  Commission done which is great.  2 more to go.

Walking to work to get some exercise and save gas.

Ha, not much more to say!



 Grateful for:

Fun tv that I enjoy

Fun podcasts about the fun tv

Britney Spears songs that make me dance

Monday, May 9, 2022


 Forcing myself to blog - it's harder these days feeling like I do.

Tough few days, weeks, trying to stay positive.  Things really are not bad as I perceive, it's just the perception that is screwy.  But it's still there, looming over me most of the time.  A lack of confidence and well being.

Monday today, so getting back in the groove. FINALLY, finished a longstanding commission, which is always a plus.  One more to go, but I expect it to be much easier.

Plodding along on other things.  Dragging them out, but getting them done at the same time.  My M.O.

Distressed by the news.

Grateful for: 

my freedom

my creativity

my luck

Thursday, April 28, 2022


No wonder I get a pit in my stomach every time I go to SM - I never know what I'm going to find.  Stressed out all week about getting prints there, and low and behold, another shop delivered prints there already.  


1. I didn't need to stress about the time, and bumping this ahead of probably more pressing things was a mistake that I cannot undo.

2. Great - the other shop doesn't want them anymore, so another shop in the system that is cutting off inventory.

Ugh - feeling sorry for myself the whole way home.  I keep telling myself I need to change outlook, or look for other baskets to put my eggs.  I know I am putting way too much energy into something that has diminishing returns.  I feel so defeated.

Anyway - I like the way my prints came out, which is fundamental to everything.  Sent in postcard designs for May and once again VP is only offering shipping dates way out - 9 days.  Ugh




My health

Emma's health

Hexy's health

Wednesday, April 27, 2022