Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Great night at the high heel race.  Flo and Judy were a hit.  Perfect weather and big crowd.

Rainy day today.  Worked on KONA and got my haircut.

5 pm and it's dark.  boo

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy to see these shirts finally out in the wild!!

so so day.  more getting started then getting finished.

running the high heel race tonight, as long as it doesn't rain.  We went the safe and cheap route, redoing old costumes.

VERY FALL.  The light is so weak, and the air is colder.  Starting to use my heat in the studio.  Realize though that I'm in a much better place than last year, at the cold and smelly and leaking 14th street.  Nice to be here in this space.  Cozy and warm and contained.

Monday, October 26, 2015

really happy to have made it through the Artomatic wicket saturday.

Made first trip on Friday and got everything up very easily.  I guess the 1000 times I laid it out in my studio paid off.  Everything was well settled in my head.  And the space worked perfectly.

Saturday I went back to take care of the shirts and odds and ends.  Nice and easy to have parking, but I'm afraid the building is too much in the middle of nowhere for anybody to go.  We'll see I guess.

Now I'm really happy to move onnnnnnnnn to other things.  Pressing things!  holiday things!

lots to accomplish the next few days in prep for CHRISTMAS 2015.  Just hope I can keep up the momentum.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Not so good at multitasking.

I have artomatic on the brain, while other things get procrastinated.

feel really focused on SATURDAY deadlines, week after week.

need more balance.

Monday, October 19, 2015

deadline  - - - - >

DEADLINE - - - - - - - >

to DeAdLiNe.

I'm always going up to the next deadline.

Busy days feeling like I shouldn't waste any time.  Fall is usually like this.  Things really speed up.

Anxious to get through artomatic, and into all the other things on my plate.  Fingers crossed things go as well as they did today.

Usual weekend.  Colder but fun.  Worked saturday after brunch with Bill & Anne.  Rockville on Sunday.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Busy week working on prints and drawings.

Can't believe we are already mid-October.  Next few weeks will be really tight and busy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Great weekend working.  Saturday in Del ray was a smashing success, but really exhausting.  This year we arrived early, so that tacked an extra hour onto the day.  Sales were slow at first, but picked up.  Weather was perfect.  Not too hot, not too cold. As soon as 6 came, Hex and I were ready to leave.  The advantage of an easy setup.

So great to see Barb and Siu mid-day.  Oxygen for us.  It can be really draining standing all day and being "On".  selling is not my forte, that's for sure.  But really nice to see all the smiles and hear all the laughs.  I feel really lucky that so many people enjoy my work.

Sunday we trekked out to ARTOMATIC, which is a hike.  Will be really interesting to see how the location and time of year impacts the show.

Stressful worrying about were to pick, but sending Hex up while I sat through orientation worked well.  He had some good spots picked out, and I decided on one pretty fast.  Surprised to see so many already picked.  Saturday must have been super busy.

Sitting in orientation I had this realization -- that I shouldn't be stressing about it soooooooo much.  that the people around me were not competition, but co-patriots.  I have such a bad attitude about everybody associated with artomatic.  Anyway, hopefully my new outlook will stick.  The other is toxic.

Sunday we were in Rockville (GREAT hamburgers), and yesterday I took OFF.  But there are 100,000 things to do on all fronts, so this week and next will be super busy!

Now > home to Remi.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Print set up

Rando print - inspired from drawings of the past (discovered)

finally finished!

Bday yesterday.  nice, but always a reminder of how fast time goes by.  dinner with hexy at Ted's.  The case of the missing REUBEN

Preparing for Del Ray saturday.  Bit the bullet at pushed Artomatic to Sunday.   Hopefully a win win.  Felt like the most impossible choice ever.

Trip to Trohv today was nice.  I've let way too much time go by since I was last there, and enjoyed talking with Ben.  Need to up my game!

Hoping the warm weather continues.  Shorts are so much better than pants.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

so so day.  Hard to know where to put my effort, even though my list could be 100 items long.  Typical paralysis.

I settled on working on a "like I don't exist" print.  Coming out well, but it's a lot of steps!!  That "bird grey" was so hard to arrive at!!

Much sunnier weather, which is a nice boost.
Really excited to see this card at CVS last night.  Hoping for more jobs from them in the future!!

Monday, October 5, 2015


rained out weekend as expected, so DEL RAY is pushed off to next saturday.

Still stuck on artomatic schedule

Great dinner with Kim saturday, and show with MER.  Really nice to be out with them.

Parcheesi blowout saturday afternoon.  Sue won all the games!

Nice bbq sunday night to celebrate big 47 and Ronnie's 45th.  2 cakes and pie and pork and pizza and salad.

Back to work on prints today.  BIG month ahead!!!  Sold "OWN ME" which is a good start.

Replaced FORSYTHIA at Dolcezza friday, and now am filled with regret.  Maybe sticks out from the other prints.  I don't know.  I'm never content.

More pre bsur artwork "discovered" in Rockville.  Bringing me way back to that time, and it's obvious I've come full circle.  Meeting Adam and having him interested in all my crazy artwork was such a boost.  An immediate way to channel all that creative energy.  After 7 years on my own now, I'm in this stalled pattern again.  Interesting to consider and ponder and acknowledge.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Artomatic registration call came through last night, and I pulled over and registered on my phone in the car.  Anxious to get a good spot in the site selection line.  But then this afternoon I got word that Arts on the Avenue will be postponed - to the same day (saturday the 10th).

Now I feel stuck on where to put my effort.  Leaning towards pushing off my artomatic selection, but so unhappy about that idea.  We'll see.

Lots of rain past few days, and lots more coming.  But looks like the hurricane will not be a direct hit.  All still up in the air (ha).

Working on my larger FORSYTHIA print to swap out with winterberry.  CANT BELIEVE I actually took this on, because I really don't like printing it.

Next big project is to pull together prints for artomatic.  If things go as they have been, the install will somehow be pushed off like everything else this fall.  Nothing has been easy :(