Thursday, January 31, 2013

ok day.  I'd give it a B

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

dear dave,

it's so warm out now.  Yesterday was sunny and exciting.  Today is damp and grey, but the the air is soft and embracing.  We are lucky to have a reminder that spring is coming.  It's still a little far off, but the cold grip of late January is relaxing.  It's all so good for the soul.

made my trips to Buzz yesterday, top down.  Got some new shoes, and shopped at the big wide-open staples.  The day felt expansive.  Like getting off school early, and the rest of the afternoon is free --, sunny and exciting.  such a nice mood to be in.

Hexy and I had afternoon tea, and I rushed to get cards out to Trohv(s).  I missed my deadline, but got them out this morning.

Feeling good about the week, but need to buckle down.  As should be perfectly obvious, yesterday was not exactly blockbuster (productivity wise).  Got off to a great start Monday.  Time to return to that mode.

Just after a longish lunch with Tom Goss at Chipotle.  I'm sure that won't make me lazy afterwards...


Monday, January 28, 2013

dear dave,

had a great last few days.  Wish I took the time to record more.  Now I'm just going to blur it all up and miss things.

Thursday night -- Axis Open house was great.  The salon looked so cool, all cleaned up and perfectly party lit.  Had a great time talking with people about my work, process, and their dogs.  Everybody has fun stories to tell about their dogs!

So far the whole Axis experience has exceeded all expectations.  I've had this draggy, super-reluctant attitude about each step and event, and then was completely happy and psyched with the outcome.  It's ridiculous.  The whole thing has been awesome.

Saturday I had a fun time shooting pictures.  First with Freddy, then Allison.  Freddy was great, but Allison was just terrific - as I had hoped.  Finally found a model for women's tees.  Really happy about that.  I was thinking we would have a hard time shooting in the blah studio, with blah light, tee shirts.  But she made it happen.  Looked great, was happy and fun, and really cool.  Just awesome.

Sunday was out annual bday dinner for Jimmy (78).  Lasagna and marshmallow cake.  All went really well.  Good vibes and yummy food.  And of course, Hex beat me in Chinese checkers!

It's another Monday, and I need to draw!  so I'm going to.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

dear dave,

still cold.

axis tonight.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

dear dave,

good day - stayed more on track.  Got cards over to flowers on 14th, made plans with Tom Goss, got my haircut, and started on shirts for tomorrow night's event at Axis.

Of course I'm getting anxious about it - turnout, sales(?), etc., but when I really think about it, I know it will all go well.  The positive energy will flow, and everything will be fine.  And it will probably go by quickly.  still, a little nervous.  If I just pretend I'm madonna, I'll be fine.  Planting that idea always seems to calm me down.

still FREEZING outside.  Ready for that to be over.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

dear dave,

long time no blog.  I guess I haven't felt like writing much.

SUPER SUPER cold today.  I haven't taken off my coat at the studio, and it's 2:30.

Making progress on projects here and there, but still in that same draggy mode.  I get things done in spurts.

Fun shoot last week with John, but light was a major challenge.   Nice to get back in the photo swing though.

Have plans for shoot this Saturday -- women's shirts.  It's been a long time.  Think it will go well, but wish we could be outside.  My studio shoots have been disappointing.  One note, or blah.  Hopefully I can make something work.

I've been really motivated to work on my website.  Adding archive content, and tweaking design.  SOmething I really enjoy.

Really need to hunker down and draw.  That is my number one task (I tell myself, just after checking in with Facebook).

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

dear dave,

another pretty good day.  I still feel resistant to REALLY working.  Like just focusing and working.  Really getting things done.  Instead I just kind of muddle through the day, and let myself get too distracted by internet and email.

Sure, things get ticked off my list - but there isn't that drive that I'm really craving.  Or that push.  It's all resistance and lag.

I hope I find it.

Anyway, got valentines in, and loaded them onto the site.  A few missteps color wise, but the printing was done well, and I felt so relieved after going through them all (plus postcards).  The mess-ups were my fault, and can be easily corrected in future runs.

Pushed off shoot with John for Friday.  Crappy weather and light.  Glad about that.

Think I found a great new (inspirational) female model.  VERY long-overdue.  Ha - by years.  Anyway, fingers crossed it works out.  I'm excited about her...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

dear dave,

petty good day - mostly spent at Carolyn's studio printing "riley".  Nice to be there, and happy to get this accomplished.

Not much more to report!  Another rainy day.

Monday, January 14, 2013

dear dave,

gloomy day on the heals of a crappy sunday.  A bare bones account--


took remi for a misty walk in great falls


found Hex's level that I lost 2 days before

baked apple slices

frustrated over lost smart trip card/account



drove apple slices out to Rockville for Jimmy


worked on tid-bits at the studio.

January dog-days continue!  As the (busy) week progresses, I'm sure things will get better.  Printing tomorrow, shooting Wednesday, meeting Thursday.  Valentines arrive, Hex leaves, and I have coffee planned with Cheryl, Megan, and Becky.  A good solid list.

Friday, January 11, 2013

another one of those days that makes me feel crazy grateful and happy and lucky.  warm, fuzzy, and a little choked up.  Things come around full circle.

Hexy and i woke up really early to meet up with Joe at Axis and install prints in the windows and throughout the salon.  I knew the giant half circle would be tough, and it was.  Simple at first, but hard and awkward to get straight and secure.  Funny, because Joe really did most of the work.  Up and down the extra tall ladder, and all over the salon.  A reversal from all of our other installs.

Two hours later we were finished and all looked great!  Then I went back a little later and met up with Joy, the new owner.

Some people you meet, and there is just this spark.  This brightness and happiness and camaraderie.  It's like your smile reflects off of theirs, and it's all bright eyes, smiles, laughter, and rapport.  Joy is just so cool, and I just felt this calm and happiness.  We made plans for an opening party, and other things, and I left walking on air.

And I remember that is how Joe made me feel (times 10), all those years back, before I was out.  He was (is) such a bright star, and such a huge influence.

And my dear sweet Hexy.  How can I begin to talk about my love for him, and his impact, help, influence, etc. etc.  It's limitless.

Thinking about it all, I get overwhelmed.  I feel super blessed, and grateful.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

back at the studio this morning, with a new attitude.

Mornings are always good -- fresh and hopeful.  It's around 2 that things go downhill.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO distracted by the internet lately.  pinterest, Facebook, BRIEF, drudge, macrumors, radar, twitter, email.  It's become an epic avoidance of getting things accomplished, decided, thought about, attempted, planned, wrapped up.

I have to break this destructive early January, post-holiday habit.  today I start (again).

hopefully I will have a good report at 6.


6:14:  pretty good day -- really found my way this afternoon, but am a little frustrated with the outcome.  Great new cards, but the valentines as a collection are still incomplete.  Seems all a little too un-valentiney -- still a work in progress.

But overall, I would give myself a solid B.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ok day.

weird moods.  would love for things to be working out, but they are just kind of blah.  Or the drawings are not flowing.  Or I don't know.

great meeting with Joe about new show at Axis.  Basically just wrapping up all that we just picked up at Mutt & Joes, and hanging it all at Axis.  Cool though.

I don't know - wish I had a better report.  Wednesday > be more productive! (pls)


Craig Green Fall/Winter 2013/14 show as part of MAN at London Collections

Monday, January 7, 2013

rush rush rush -

end of day is always rushed.  This energy surge always comes over me.  All the creativity floods in against the time deadline.  So ridiculous, but happens like clockwork.

Wish I felt this way at 2!!

Anyway - quick post:

Friday late day - made progress (!) on drawing
saturday - picked up prints at Mutt & Joe
sunday - lazed
today - mondaze.  I found my way though.  Friday afternoon taught me to chill, and let the ideas flow.  Not to worry.

Anyway, souped up my website again.  Getting feedback that people are looking over print pages a lot, so I keep trying to revise and make them better, more complete, and easy to navigate.  added a bigger archive, so there is more of a record of my past work.

Of course I'm not finished, but I HAVE to go to gym, or all will be lost.

So, goodnight.

Friday, January 4, 2013

dear dave,

i remember when trade shows came up at bsur, after the holidays, and catalog, and mad preparing, I would sit in the office alone, waiting for the horrid phone to ring, and do nothing.  I would try to draw, or pack the random order, or think about working, but for the most part the days would go by, and I would just put in my time.

January is such a no-man's land.  Such a monday.  There is no force behind it.  It's a boring empty slate.  The excitement is behind.

I worry about my lack of motivation, and stupidly forget the pattern.



Thursday, January 3, 2013

doing this and that.  things pretty quiet at branddave, which was expected.

glad to be back in the swing of the week.  Drawing valentines, and just trying to start up my 2013 creative juices.

massage tonight - which hopefully will help loosen me up.

plans to pick up prints at Mutt & Joes saturday.  Kind of a bummer, but will be glad to move forward with it all.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013