Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Taitanic not Taiphoon stupid.

dear dave,
Progress on my piles! Now off to TV. ahhhh - what to do with the piles. The piles. Stay away from the piles remi. The piles are here to stay. For awhile anyway. make peace with the piles dave. piles = progress. piles = progress. goodnight

Monday, January 29, 2007

mr. wedding ring gets all the attention

dear dave,
another monday. worked on my fitness with JP, and had chipotle for lunch. Dinner? probably chicken and rice. Appetite is growing, which is a good thing.
Plans for the week are starting to form. Should be fun and social. Must inventory prints TONIGHT, and get images to cord. For some reason this has been hard to complete. Probably because it involves dragging out a huge box from under my bed, and sorting. Sorting sucks, unless you have a definate place to put away all the new piles you have created. And I'm afraid to start, because I have no idea how to finish. I don't want a million piles all over my bare, empty, clean, picked up apartment. This is a common theme. The fear of making a mess. Destroying something so you can reconstitute it in a better way. I'm so much happier keeping things as they are.

well, i need to sort, and measure, and photograph - to get the website up and running. So that is what I'm gonna do.

ps - brooks has a wedding ring on (I think--left hand, middle finger, gold band), and everybody loves him. I kind of do to.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

michael calls it fudgy

dear dave,
Made progress in class today. Megan brought in an old edition of prints I had abandon last year. Completely forgot about them. She managed to save them for me, and so I decided to work on them today. Nice to get back into the swing of things. Coating screens, mixing inks, our 10:30 coffee break. I managed to get all my work done. Took my time, didn't settle for a couple of lousy choices. Happy with the results. A work in progress.

Friday, January 26, 2007

wish you were here

dear dave,
back at caribou. avoiding working on my print - again. Blog has become addictive. I think about it during the day--what am I gonna write about? Oh - this and this and this. THen I realize that is all stupid.

Megan back in saturday class!! that is great. It will be a challenge to work. But studio hours are extended - so I SHOULD be productive. We'll see. If history is any guide, I will fade out by 12 - after taking several breaks. But wan tthings to show and sell - so MUST be productive. Yet I am ALREADY avoiding working on the 1st positive, of the 1st print. pathetic. Wish my printer was better.

planning site is SO EXCITING. THe look of it. Do I want one picture on the home page- or multiples? When can I possibly expect ot have mobiles to sell. Wish those could be fast and easy - but they never are. And so fucking fragile. Don't know how that could work out.

So into photos and text. Scrawl on photos. Bleached photos. Photos of guys. Wonder what Ken is doing. I always seem to carry on obsessions, and everybody else changes and moves on.

big hopes for S - but awkward. What to talk about. I guess I will figure it out.

so funny this morning -- that exhiliration. Some guys just have it. Makes me freak out with excitement. I've been noticing him forever. SUCH A FUCKING JAKE RYAN MOMENT. He is NEVER going to talk to you if you ignore him. never learn. All this code is retarded.
goodnight. goodluck on print.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I love his eyes

dear dave
sitting at caribou, next to the creepy, smelly microwave. Considering moving. Ok - the food is done. Now maybe it won't be so stinky.

Not sure about this blog. After telling Kim absolutely everything about my previous night, and bugging erin all day, and sending out e-mails, and talking on the phone, and sending texts, what more could I possibly have to say and record? There simply is not enough to talk about. but I will try, because I want to. And I'm so excited about branddave, and having this new creative outlet.

I feel guity because I have left remi home alone, without a chewy. She waits ALL day for me to get home. I walk her for a minute, and then leave her. And she doesn't even get her chewy after eating, becasue I ran out. Im shitty that way.

Must inventory my prints, and see what I have to sell. Do I sell one-of-a kinds? Not sure. Will have a hard time letting go of some. But I want them out the door. See you later. Thanks for spending the past few years under my couch. my wonderful couch that I gave to Sue. Who needed it and loves it. but still...

I have resolved to start my first print tonight. How to begin? outlines or color blocks. Megan has taught me to add as I go. Not to plan it all out. That makes so much sense, because otherwise I am just setting myself up for disappointment. It will never look like it does when HP prints it. Why would I want it to?

excited about karaoke with kim. class saturday. maybe date sunday with hot chocolate? doubt it. we'll see.

he has beautiful eyes. doesn't he...

sad blog

dear dave
blog is sad. so many ideas, but nothing is working out. Im tired. Lots to think about and do. most important is to get started on print for saturday. good bye blog

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

good luck, dave

dear dave

so incredibly excited to be starting with cord. lots to do - and it's late, and Im tired. So I will do it all tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. goodnight - and good luck!