Friday, January 30, 2015

scenes from the past:

there was this magical moment way back, when I first started working with Adam at BSUR.

It was mid to late summer, and he had decided to take at least a month off to bike cross-country with Jer and Chad.  That meant I was on my own in the house / office, packing orders, supervising printing, and (supposedly) drawing new designs.  This was right about the time I had just come out.

I vividly remmeber discovering my love for bjork.  I would go into Adam's room (this bazaar off-limits space that felt creepy and compelling at the same time) and put on the bjork CD.  Then I would dance and sing around the house in each room, kind of doing my work, answering the phone, and goofing off.

Creaky wood floors, sun filled afternoon rooms, and bjork screaming and singing.  It was magical.  I felt so incredibly F R E E (! ! !) and happy.  Adam was away for days and weeks, and I was on my own.  Sure i got things done, but in between I could have all the fun I wanted.  Personal fun.  Secret fun.

I realized recently that I am very much in the same "head space".  I'm here in the studio all day by myself, singing and dancing (and agonizing too).  But it's really fun and free.  I'm so lucky.  Years later I'm listening to BJORK still, and just loving it.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's so January.

Hex away

empty inbox

COLD and grey


Today we don't have any water at the studio.  Puts a big dent in my printing plans.

Everything is ready to go -- let the water flow!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

thoughts on cold:

It's super cold out today.  The wind is brutal.  I forgot gloves taking out remi, so I had to alternate hands in pockets.

- - -

The studio's heat has been spotty this winter (which is bad).  No amount of window replacement can keep out the cold form all the cracks in the door.  I baracaid myself in my small office with the space heater maxed out.

I have towels at the doors, which is especially effective for the bathroom.  This afternoon I left my office, and went though the various chambers, each getting progressivly colder.

Open door, close door.  Open door, close door.

The hallway was bad enough, but the bathroom was crazy cold!  The towel blocks it in and out.  Best to be fast, wash up (COLD WATER / POOR HANDS), and back through the chambers to the warm womb.

- - -

Getting in my car is really nice when it's park on the sunny side.  So warm and inviting.  At night it's like a cold basement.  Warms up just in time for me to pull into the garage.

- - -

Driving to Trohv, I saw random people walking outside wearing hardly nothing.  A woman in scrubs (!!!),  a guy in shorts and a tee.  WHAT and HOW?  It's just bizarre.

Monday, January 26, 2015

fine few days.  New schedule when Hexy is away.  lousy weather doesn''t help me much to get motivated.  Our new apt is such a sleeping cave.  I think I could sleep all day there.

Nice to see Becky and megan at our annual teaism breakfast.  I love that meal.

Nice time in Rockville yesterday.  We played tons of parchesi, with Sue and I alternating games as the Hex player.  Jimmy kept saying "that's not what Hex would do"  She was really missing him.

I'm over playing my COLD DOGS.  MAin print done, but then I decided to make mini's with the screens already made and the colors figured.  They are turning out well, but it's clearly time to move on.    Im super lagging on this one design.

Our "storm" never really materialized.  But a blizzard is expected in NYC.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

hexy - - - - - - - -  > LA

Becky + Megan + Dave @ teaism

back to studio to "finish" COLD DOGS.

bjork is enchanting me.

Friday, January 23, 2015

reading about BJORK, VB, metro, AHS, RHOBH, and on and on and on.  Feel like such an info sponge.

my pace has slowed, which is fine I guess.  Busy printing and packing yesterday, and swapping out BUZZ prints today.  It's already 5:30.

Hex leave for LA tomorrow.  I'm going to Teaism with the art girls.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Binge listening to bjork's new album released today.  Such heartbreaking songs.

Her music is so inspiring to me.  She just evokes this spirit of experimentation and joy in creation.  Now listening to all the new songs for the forth and fifth time, I'm "getting" all the sadness they convey.  But I still love them.  New work will (has) be the result.

Sitting at starbucks this morning, sharing our tall blond roast, Hex realized the date, and it's significance.  8 YEARS together.  I really can't believe it's been that long.  i still sometimes think of it as a new thing.  Like moving into the Hudson, quitting BSUR, and starting branddave all are part of my recent past.  Ha - they are moving further and further away in the rear view.

An amazing time together.  We have intertwined or lives together so completely like two creeping jennys in a sidewalk landscape.   xoxo to my beloved Hex.  He has brought me so much happiness.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015










We found Hex's long lost (xtra) iPhone yesterday at the studio in the tennis racket bag in the closet.

YAY!!!!  That has been the cause of so much grief.  I am incredibly insanely happy it was finally found.  I never thought we would.

good day today I guess.  Happy to have new valentines designed, ordered and on the way.  After my productive saturday and monday, today I was a little off focus.  Always hard to figure out what to print next.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Melancholy few days.

Nice to get back in the swing of work, even though it's already Friday.  Will try to be productive tomorrow for big VP sale Monday.

Printing going fine.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Got my haircut today.

I like Kirby and his (bad) attitude.  I also kind of like his smokey hands.  Ordinarily I would hate that, but somehow I don't mind it with him.  Reminds me of Dr. Tunis (orthodontist) who used to torture me by replacing the wires in my braces to tighten them.  I remember his reeky hands and heavy inhales.  I was always ecstatic when I left that office.  It was an amazing high after every appointment, riding the elevator down to freedom.

Paperwhites in the studio smell terrific.  Something to enjoy.

Tonight Hex and I de-install the long running Dolcezza show.  A success - but felt a little off.  Maybe time of year, I don't know.  Anyway, always bittersweet taking down a show.  But I'm glad it's happening, felt a little like I was overstaying my welcome.

Next few days will be kind of sad.  Looking forward to Friday - the other side.

Monday, January 12, 2015



january comes and the lazy's settle in.  Cold weather, dark days, open schedules, empty studio, world w  i  d  e  web.  All a recipe for disaster.

It just happens.  I fight it here and there, but (not enough).

I bought lots of wood.  I have paint.  My schedule is pretty clear.  VP is having a big sale.

TIME TO _ _ _ _ _ _

I will!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sad day for Hex & Family.

super insanely cold out - but remi doesn't mind a bit.

Weird lopsided week.  VERY January.  I made it out to Home Depot this morning, then brought my car back to it's cozy garage at home.  Not really excited about walking home - yesterday I thought I would freeze before I made it to the gym.

RIPPED a screen while printing today.  Was just thinking about how 3 screens were working out well. Now I have 2 :(  Funny to think about ALL the screens I "occupied" at the Corcoran.  Such a hog.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Miserably cold in the studio today.

Yesterday we had snow - more than expected.  Was nice to go out and be with Remi in the snow, but then I got word the power was out at the studio, so Hex and I slummed at home most of the day.  Took the tree down and watched Law and Order.

Power came on later in the night, but we still are without heat (going on weeks now).  The perils of renting in an old bldg with a largely absent landlord.  I guess we are just happy to get what we get.

i managed just fine with the space heater, but anytime I need to use water (for printing), my hands hurt.

Few more days of bitter temps ahead.  It's been a weird week.  I'm ready to find a groove.  Printing going fine, but I could be more productive.  Tomorrow I'll finally get to Home Depot, and get the wood and paint I've been needing.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Thinking about Hexy en route to Woodbridge on the train.

- - - - - - -
good weekend.  Got Rockville holiday wrapped up Saturday, and played parchisee.  Back to DC then out to woodbridge to be with HEx's family.

Sunday was lazy - which was just fine.

Nice productive day back today.  Lots of good projects to work on, and sooooooo nice to have the ability to print without waiting for the corcoran to reopen between semesters.

Thinking about Valentines, and the massive overhaul I want to accomplish.  Trouble is I need content.  NEW.  I just can't keep recycling drawings.

So, will be a lonely night without Hexy, but Remi and I will manage.