Thursday, March 29, 2018

felt like first day of spring this afternoon, so I skipped the gym and went for an ice coffee.  Hopefully this will be a permanent change!

Mailed all my mini prints to Trohv yesterday, and got my new cards out.  Time to shift gears again and draw more.  And convert the website so I can start accepting online sales again.

Anxious to get my studio pulled back together.  Thought the outside space would be done by now, but they haven't even started.  So it's more weeks of being packed in here.

Today I had a client come in, and I'm always so self conscious of how the space looks.  I go into this little speech of explanations, and really people never care.  But then I do it again.  Obviously I care!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

coffee with Cher and almost Jeanette

Rockville redbud pickup - 4th time is the charm.  Came out great but I instantly noticed a "patch" job on the frame.  Touch up with stain at the studio worked perfect.

Working on mini prints and more drawing.  Things going better but still slow.

Emma loves to steal gloves.  Second time today. Blanco Diablo!!


Emma and her sticks

New mini prints

finished finally!!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

drawing slow going as expected.  Spending my days slogging through.  Some progress coming along.

back to winter weather, but the time has changed.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

day 2 of drawing push.  so so.  At least I am drawing.  Drawing will lead to drawing.  And more drawing.  At least it always has...

fun day in the park with Emma.  Dogs come in one by one, and soon there is a whole pack running around like a current.  Emma likes to hide under the picnic table to lose Jake, who just keeps humping her.  Bo too (her forbidden true love)


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

massage this afternoon which has left me dreamy!  Probably best to go right to bed after them.  My whole body feels calm and drugged.

Working on new drawings for cards and slow going!  I guess I just have to make myself draw everyday until I get somewhere.  It's painful starting.

Finished Barry's prints, and finally the framing project.  Pick up this week, and expect it will look awesome.

New big project is no projects.  Just DRAWING.  8 hours a day for as many days as I can.  yeah right...