Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 wrap up

dear dave,

saying goodbye to 2013.  A good year, but looking forward to a fresh start in 14!

Did a lot of repeating in 13 - shows at dolcezza (a huge success), and another at Axis (so so). Reprinted a lot of prints - park, consequences, bear owl, I chews you.  Some fun new commissions, but other ones I super struggled with.

That was the big story of the year though: commissions!  Lots of prints of dogs, and some wedding things, and nursury things.  For the most part good.  After I buckled down, I could find my way in the design or drawing.  Others were (are) much harder to figure out.

Towards the fall I started to feel burned out and bogged down, so I turned down a few jobs that were weighing me down (and didn't seem to have a great finacial reward).  That was a good feeling.

Buzz went well with cards and prints, but not like the first year.  Still going, but I could see it slowing.  Cards went well in spring, but I think my lack of new designs hurt later in the year.  Halloween was a little over ordered, and Christmas was way too late.  Nice to be in PULP!, and good sales of cards in Trohv (and Buzz really), but I can do better in '14.  PAPER SOURCE.

Speakeasy was fun, but I lagged it big time once 90% were done.  But all worked out.

Great business with Hallmark in the Fall, and can only hope that continues!  So out of my hands though.

Shirts went well, but can be soooooo much better.  Trohv and street fairs.  MCA fall was GREAT, MCA spring sucked.  Skipped Hyattsville, 17th st was good, and Dog Days was GREAT.  (alexandria show good too)

Late summer I finally made the jump to Alternative for american, and am still transitioning.  KEVIN was a huge instigator, but fit on him is still a little wacky.  Now that I've come around to liking thier old fabric, they switch to thicker new.  Still have this big desire to go brighter, but always reel myself back becasue of the transfers.  A constant constraint and limitation.

Happy to revamp my site, with new shirts and pics of Kevin and Allison.  Anxious to move forward with all that.  Keep the variety going, and the push towards new.  Way too reliant on OTTER and SQUIRREL.  Wish I could move on.

<more about prints>
Not so new and experimental.  More mini's and smaller things, and a lot of reprints.  Not a lot of room time-wise to make new things, so when I did, I was usually pretty conservative.  I look back of the days when I made JAKE, GAGGLE and branches, and can't believe I was so adventurous.  I want to get that spirit back.  I've become way too lazy, taking easy paths, and focused on the sale.

Thinking minis would be a big, and they kind of were, but not so much.  Feedback and sales are always so hard to interpret.  For the holidays they are perfect, so in '14 I just need to load up with them in the fall.

Creativity and inventiveness are such a function of sales, and movement.
make > sell > make
Withought the sell, the make gets stalled.  Blah Blah Blah (13 was kind of a stall)

Anyway, moving on:

Kevin - awesome inspriration for Branddave moving forward.  So happy to have found him!!!!
Buzz - big hopes for navy yard.  Anxious to switch everything out, and do better.  More More More.  Better quality prints, and consistant sales.

Trohv - smae as buzz, bith more tees.

Hallmark - fingers crossed

Corcoran - hope spring will be the end for me there, but I don't know.

ok - tired of writing.  Goddbye to 2013, and bring on 2014!!!!!!

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ps - how could I not write about the studio upstairs??  A big source of angst and upset all fall.  A great space, and full of potential and excitement.  But int he end, I was overwhelmed, and afraid of all the pitfalls.  The technical lease just sealed the deal.  Really regretful, but can't look back.  I don't get to enjoy all the benefit, but I'm also relieved of all the burdens (finacial and mental).  Anyway, had to include.  A big part of 2013, for better or worse.

Monday, December 30, 2013

lazy weekend.  saturday was fine, capped off by massage.  but sunday dragged a bit.  rainy and cold and too much couch.

nice to be back at my desk today.  little tweaks to branddave.com led to major redesign.  I know, I should be drawing!  but this is fun.  and feels like a good time to do it - I've been using the same basic template for a few years now.

ready for new content.  PHOTOGRAPHY (kevin inspires), and shirts and prints.

anyway - FUN few hours, reinventing branddave.

Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 in pictures

found a wonderful new model Alison!

Coffee @ Peregrine every morning with Hexy. 

all packed up for another install (axis early in year)
new cards for spring

boxes for Axis

 Spring planting: Flowers for Jimmy's beds.
Lovely Jocey came for a visit!
One of many commissions (love caption)
I painted the gate (controversial)
chicken party with the bsur girls
RIP hansel.  Such a beauty.

Another yard sale in august!  Hot hot hot
Ruff-est commission of the year (to print)!

best sellers of the year. (xo)

commission concept

laying out prints for Dolcezza show
Best new developement of the year: KEVIN!!

sold out at Dolcezza!!
new product: hats!  sold ok
the studio upstairs - not meant to be :(
Another commission!
Another BUZZ to branddave!  navy Yard

Joren moves out, Tom moves in. ch ch ch changes

Thursday, December 26, 2013

finally got around to uploading shoot with Kevin last week.  really fun collection
christmas 2013 was great.

sour cream coffee cake
pecan pie
parcheesi. (congrats to Hex and Sue for WINNING)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

lazy day spent shopping and eating.

hex and I bought a ham to cook.

Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 23, 2013

just before my shower friday morning, I stretched my tight shoulderblade, and wrenched it.

Knew I was screwed, the day was lost, so I took meds that I got a few years ago when the same thing happened.

Meds conked me out.  Friday lost, and most of saturday.  So no sidewalk sale on the crazy warm weekend before the holidays.  I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Back got much better, thankfully.  Good quick day today, wrapping up loose ends before Christmas.

Sucks, but I'm kind of anxious to move beyond the new year (work wise, not personal wise).  Ready to turn the page, and start over.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

good day.

things winding down (slowly)

super fun shoot with Kevin this morning, and a quick drawing + delivery this afternoon.

party at Hank's tonight.

fun chicken with bsur girls last night.

I'm all about the quick run-down.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

print packed

Bonsai to rescue


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

finished prints > buzz navy yard > buzz ballston > studio > blah.  pretty much sums it up.

Monday, December 16, 2013

crazy and busy last few days (same old same old)

finishing up at the corcoran.

dealing with crazy fabric printers, lack of space, lack of supplies, and dwindling time.  Really happy it's now OVER.

Fun celebrating Christmas at john and brendas last night.  ham and cheesy potatoes, and way too much cookies.  All ours are gone (until we bake the rest)

Everything going fine.  Sales are coming in, and all that.  Anxious for the holiday, time to relax, and just enjoy the season.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

honestly - kind of grumpy

it's cold!!!!  Things worked out fine today, but I feel kind of blah.  Momentum lost, or burned out, or can't find my mojo.  I don't know -

anway - lot's of baking last night - which went well.  Christmas at John and Brendas this saturday.  last printing day is Saturday, but I'm planning to go tomorrow.  Bad weather predated Sat.

No pizza tonight with Lee.  Gym open.  Kind of on time.

Leaving for the night, and hoping I'm more excited tomorrow.  Anxious to gain some steam, and start selling again.  Slow week.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

same story, different day!

time goes by fast.  I do a lot, waste a lot, then it's time to go home, let remi out, rush to gym, meet hex, eat dinner, watch tv, and go to bed.


productive saturday at corcoran.  This week is the final, so I'm trying to go out strong.  Went back Monday and got a few mini prints done.

sunday was speant in Rockville hanging their tree and playing parcheesi

it's been a weird month.  I keep looking at it like it's already over.  Lately my mind is moving beyond it.  A new year, and fresh start.  I need to do some new things, and old things differently.  I'm kind of excited to try again.

Friday, December 6, 2013

rainy gloomy draggy, but getting work done.

prints selling here and there, and drawings are progressing.

fun time with kevin yesterday.  Lucked out on warm weather, so after a failed attempt at relocating, we drove back to tennis courts and had a great time.  Supe nice and fun and cute.  I love finding these inspirations.

Ended on a sucky note, because we realized just before he was leaving that he didn't have his glasses (probably left on car).  I retraced our steps, drove back and scoured the park, but they were gone.  so sad about that.

Havent loaded shots yet, becasue I know its a black hole of fun and non productivity.  All I will want to do for hours is edit and play.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

things are getting done, slowly.

out to ballstaon to install (bunnies)!  Looked great.  poor print has had such a poor showing.  hex won't let me hang it ever!  He is wrong - it's great.

Hexy turned 49 today!  We are celebrating with chicken at Sheons tonight.

early shoot with kevin tomorrow.  So late on holiday stuff.  I feel like I'm sitting this year out.  It feels over before it's started.  Or i'm not in the mood to push push push.  More artist less salesman lately.  I just want to work on my own little pet stuff.

more hallmark assignments.  Terrific!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


turkey breast, chinese checkers (Hex 1 / Dave 1), fun w/Sue, fudge, lost wallet on coffee table, last minute apple pie.


fun with Cord in Great Falls with Remi (last minute choice!)


Platypus drawing


Fun in Rockville - parcheesi w Sue & Jimmy (sue 1 / Dave 1)