Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ok day.

leaving for evening print session soon.  Felt good to be back to work, but a little weird.

The light is changing (darker).  The days are getting shorter.  It's generally cold.  The body is a little more clenched and on edge.  I don't like this time so much.  Less open, more closed.  Like we all need to get home, close the blinds, and protect.

Still, things are good.  Just keep progressing.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crazy day yesterday of nothingness. Lazy and bored, and driving hexy crazy. Stuck inside, and the weather never really got as bad as predicted. Heavy wind sure, but nothing epic. A good thing for sure.  Thought all would be back to normal today, but instead I just decided to skip work again. Felt right-like a Sunday. Best to just relax, enjoy a game day in the lobby, finish errands with hexy, and enjoy the time off.  Tomorrow is a fresh start for the week.  All systems go-back to work!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting on Sandy. Seems like days of anxiety and home bound-ness.  Worst of it should hit tonight and tomorrow.  Good Saturday at the corcoran. Nice and relaxed with Megan. A coffee break at 4 boosted my spirits significantly. Was happy to get so much done. Now it's Monday morning, and I'm just waiting-for the storm, and week, to progress.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

same patterns, different day.

Trying to decide what to print

late for corcoran



waiting for paint, on boards, to dry.

Release party with Tom last night was a lot of fun.  Scott Brooks is gold.

Next few days are all limboed-up, as we wait for the path of the storm (sandy) to resolve.

Looks like the race, and halloween will be cancelled.  and probably a few print sessions at the corcoran.

So I need to max out my day today (and that is the problem).

Thursday, October 25, 2012

dear dave,

crazy how 12 drawings can take no time in August, and 2 can take hours / days in October!  Trying to think of some funny concepts for 2 final speakeasy illustrations, and I'm stumped!  The gears are not going - I can't seem to think funny.

I'll find my way, I always do.  When I stop thinking (of course)

Good day at the studio - drawing.  Wish I was a little more productive, but it's typical.

Really looking forward to tonight's dinner with Barb and Cheryl (and sam).  Our annual Oktoberfest at Old Europe.  Will be a good time.

Hex and I are preparing for Tuesday's high heel race, but the forecast is looking grim.  Hurricane Rain??  Boo!  Do we continue on?  I'm thinking we have no choice.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

polished up website - check it out!

worked on:


poor ms. remi awaits!

Fall things

paper whites started

heels painted (race is tuesday!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Busy couple of days printing.

I get in around 10, rush around returning emails and following up on quick projects, then go to corcoran around 1, and print all afternoon.

Productive, but leaves little time for much extra.  Anyway-all going well.

Happy as a clam.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

dear dave,

manic day today at the corcoran, having a hard time getting back on the print bike.  Weird little problems plagued me all day - couldn't find my positives (in my nest of positives), screens washed out (because the light table was burned out) etc. etc.  In the end, I got a great print done.  So great that I don't want to give it away, I want to make another (more generic?) version.  We'll see what I do - kind of rough to think I might have to make it all over again.

Saturdays here are rough.  Class is in full swing, and the studio is crowded with people going different paces.

Yesterday I pushed to get christmas cards done and off to the printer, because they were having a big huge sale.  I was soooooo happy I waited a day (without knowing) before ordering.  Then when I saw the sale I realized I had to go in 5th gear to take advantage.

Pushed through 3 designs that I NOW have second thoughts about (because Hex was kind of cool to them).  He planted seeds of doubt, and I just watered them.  It's always hard sharing work!  I get way to happy with it, and see in it what I want to.  Opinions sometimes don't match.  Anyway, I ordered a bunch, but there is always plenty of time to change course.

It's hard to make decisions about these things (but I LOVE having the control to).  What will people like?  What will sell?  Its ALWAYS a guess.  I fool myself into thinking otherwise.

But sometimes...after all the choices are made, I have the best idea, and it throws everything into chaos.


So I'm finishing here (corcoran) early (3pm) to get home then off to Hex's sister's (for party).

Ok with leaving a little early.  I need a break.  All the weekend working (3 now!) catches up with me.  I'm a little spent.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

evening adventure with Remi

HELL-ish traffic

Upper path

Happy Remi

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

dear dave,

not much to report.  taking it kind of easy this week - getting things done, but not the giant push like last week.

Thinking about leaving early tonight and taking Remi out.  THink I will.

Halloween cards came out really well.  I was happy.

Trying to get some new christmas designs out, and I'm running dry.  Of course -right.  Of course.

Anyway - over and out.

Monday, October 15, 2012

dear dave,

drinking lots of water today - I have eaten so poorly lately.  pizza, brownies, chips, coffee.  It all feels like poison.  I just want to wash it all away!

Great weekend - Fall MCA Open Studios.  Not such a huge crowd, but I was in good spirits and happy to be here.  The space is awkward, I never know where to stand or how much to talk, but I think I struck a good balance.  Some super fans came, and I think I made some new ones.  Tom Goss and Mike came, and good ole' Megan.  Oh, and Erik Weber was another highlight, and Lilian from Shaw Dog Park.

Exciting and fun.

Sold a few prints, lots of tee shirts, and cards continue to be a big hit.

Happy now to move forward.  Events are over now for awhile, so I can push on regular projects.

A catch up monday.  Guilt free!
Last minute print Thursday night -- gobble gobble

Little box of little pieces of wood

Brownies, half powdered.

Friday, October 12, 2012

dear dave,

Late night last night at the corcoran, trying to get way too much done in way too little time.  3 prints on the agenda, and finished 2.  15 minutes to 10 (my deadline) I learned I could stay another hour, so I tried to get the third in (Meet the cast on unpainted wood).  all was going great until I printed the first screen.  Of course I didn't look at the surface of the wood carefully enough.  It was not smooth - and almost impossible to print.  So I stopped.

Tired this morning, because I got home late, and we didn't go to sleep until 1:30.  Have a lot planned for today.  Will be interesting to see if I get half of it done.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

so so day productivity wise.  Good printing day yesterday, but then when I got to the studio today I allowed myself to get bogged down and stuck again.   What to do?  How best to use my time?  After getting through the obvious stuff early in the day, I chocked.  Just sent in a quick Halloween card, but the chances of it printing well are iffy.  My fingers are crossed.

The week is dwindling.  Kept thinking I would go to the Corcoran tonight, but it didn't happen.  now it's 7, and I'm not so happy with my choice.  Ha - blah dave.

it's good to reflect

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

dear dave,

I get in these busy bubbles, and everything extra gets pushed aside -- blogging, depositing checks, ordering cards.  Friday comes and I am tied up until Wednesday again.  crazy.

Let's see - quick rundown:

Friday was good.  Prepared for Del Ray festival and switched out prints at BUZZ Ballston.  Left my hammer - which sucks.  happy with my new work there though.  Think it's a better collection.

Saturday was terrific.  We got there late - thinking people would start showing up to buy around 11.  of course we were off by about 2 hours!  We hit the ground running.  hex was able to lift the tent by the time I came back after parking the zipcar ($100).

It was a fun fun (cold, windy) day.  So much infectious enthusiasm for branddave.  A lot of people recognized me from Artomatic and Buzz, which was so cool.  Lots of fun stories and associations.  Dog stories, and bossy squirrel stories.  This was really my market.

We did well, and had a lot of fun.  Great fuel to keep this machine going!

Saturday night we had Pho with Rodsa.  Just terrific and yummy and soothing and perfect.

Sunday was my birthday! It was dark and cold and rainy, but so nice to just be lazy with a tired Hex.  We skipped Teaism for eggs and bacon at home, and ventured out to the farmers market and studio.  Sunday night we grilled out in Rockville with Mom & Dad.  3 awesome steaks, parsley potatoes, cheesy cauliflower, and chocolate marshmallow cake.  Perfection.  All very warm and cozy and memorable.

Yesterday I was back to work.  Printed most of the day at the corcoran -- today too.  Gearing up for MCA open studios this weekend.  Busy Busy - orders coming in, and prints selling.  Lucky Dave.

Things are going well.  It's a good time.  Big events have been weathered well, and I feel like I can look more ahead now.  And I'm excited for the next few weeks and months.  Cheerful and ready.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

good day

Hexy got his iPhone today!  cha-cha-changes.

went through my list, and finished some things today. Much to accomplish tomorrow!


(stamping MCA's when I get home...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

7pm - again!

another fast day - mostly taken up with helping Jimmy reassemble her windows after cleaning.

so wednesday is over - off to Buzz tonight for a grand re-install.  Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

dear dave,

another day at the corcoran.  Not so long, but productive.

printed bear, owl, otter.  Of course my positives were gone (after an exhaustive search) and inks were not saved, so it took a long while to pull everything together before I could print.

Came out well, which is always what matters.  Happy with it.

Got a break with the rain - which meant I didn't have to trek out to Rockville mid-day to help Jimmy put all her windows back together after getting them cleaned.  Also no iPhone 4's in at ATT store, so I didn't need to help Hex mid-day with that either.

So tonight is cheesecake factory with everybody for birthday celebrations.  First - home to clean up and love on Remi.

Monday, October 1, 2012

no time

Mondays go by so fast.  I feel like I start the day behind.  Then have to go to the corcaran to print at one.  Suddenly it's 6, and I should really head home.  If I want to go to the gym.  Which I have been skipping religiously.

Time marches on, and I slog ahead.  So so day at the corcoran.  Little things bug me about my prints today.  probably all fine.

Feeling a little frustrated.  Nice saturday away, but sunday was a little rough.  I'm in the mood to feel happier.  Easy breezy.  So bogged down lately.  Blah!

Tuesday, take me away.