Thursday, July 31, 2008

dear dave

Waiting for erin to pick me up, so we can go press check. Sucky night feeling sick. Its cloudy today, and supposed to rain. Had bad dreams about Sue. My headache is back. I need new shoes. What should I eat for lunch? Not fried chicken.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things come and go,
but I dont.

Make it shorter,
but not too short.

Angle it down,
it won't hurt.

All the time you are watching my steps.

Where did you expect me to go?

Wait, don't answer that...


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

dear dave

Sundays are about being lazy, and avoiding mondays.

Saturdays are about actually doing something. yesterday was like Sunday, and today is Saturday. Oh well.

Very unproductive at class. Couldn't even muster off a one-off. Just couldn't find the rhythm on the page, or in me. Im scared Ive hit a rut. Thats bad news - for everybody. Got there late - no Megan! and had to coffee on my own. Off to a bad start. No paper to work with, and lazy energy. I tried drawing, but it quickly turned into a mess. But not a mess I was at all happy with. So I started over, and this time made it super abstract. Got so far as burning the screen, but then realized it was all just a waste, and fizzled. Time was better spent catching up with Becky and Megan over ice coffee and old fashioned doughnuts. Maybe time is always better spent this way?

Had a great hike and catch up with jeanette, always a favorite person to talk to. SOme people just have that something special. She has it.

Mamma Mia later. Fun and silly. Loved the boyfriend. LOVED the location. A feel good movie. Perfect way to end the day.

Friday, July 18, 2008

i'm going to the market,
and buying a gun.

the bird is bothering me.

he drinks my orange juice,
and eats my banana,
and sits on my bottle.

it's time to kill.

if only I could catch him...

no pizza for you

dear dave

I think Im pyscic. The other day, as I was turning the corner from 14th to P, I thought about my friend Jeanette, and wondered how she was. Just a passing thought.

Yesterday, jeanette calls, me, she's in town, and wants to hang out. I havnt heard from her in months - maybe a year. It can't just be a coincidence.

Seeing Jeanette tomorrow. Planning a Great Falls excursion. Class in the morning. Need to buy more paper tonight. Maybe I will leave work a little early.

Its super hot outside. We are in the thick of summer. I need to buy some new t-shirts. Supply is getting thin.

Fun with Sarah this morning. "Mandingo" Love it.

heard from Ron - in MachuPichu. WTF? he has such a fun life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

iphone Labyrinth

dear dave,

I downloaded Labyrinth last night - and it is so much fun. New phone is a winner, with small caveats. worth the wait? Probably

I think I will be enjoying this game for awhile though.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

dear dave
Waiting in line again for the 3G iPhone. I will look back at this and laugh. It's ridiculous the amount of energy I have put into this thing. If only I put as much energy into other things--I could rule the world.
Thiis line is much shorter then Fridays, but I still have to wait hours. If it wasn't for hex, I would still be in bed.

Made it to class yesterday. Made another one-off print--that is 4 now. I'm having fun with them, I think I have hit on something. I enjoy the simplicity of it. and the sponteniaty. Thinking about taking a litho class in the fall. I think I should learn some other printing techniques. Also really want to learn flash.

I love it--any morsel of info the apple workers put out-everybody in line gobbles it up. We are all assured they have enough phones, but there is a lot of angst in line over having to get the white one, since its all they have in stock

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

fly eater

dear dave

Yesterday was the 6 year anniversary for Remi and I. I will always remember the thrill and anticipation of picking her up. I wanted everything to go perfectly, and for her to be instantly trained. I remember taking her to petsmart, and it was really really hot. She wilted a bit, and wouldnt stop getting into my lap as I was driving.

Last night I took her to Great Falls, so she could run around unfettered, and I could soak up the woodsy air. IT was really nice, and reminded me of old times, when she was a puppy. That was such a fun summer.

Its a short week, and we have no class Saturday. I like printing this summer, but I lag as always. Below is my third one-off print. Its crazier but more organized at the same time. We had a crit session last week, and a lot of comments were made about how my characters seem sort of melancholy. I thought that was very insightful. I like them to be wistful, reaching, tortured. This last print just pushed that up 5 notches.

worked a bit in Garage Band last night. LOVE IT. I really love making music "collages". Maybe its just masturbation, but its fun.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008