Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I can be so timid when it comes to spending money (and planning).

BIG giant super card printing sale, and I took advantage, but not enough(?)  I feel like the obvious thing to do is order A LOT, but instead I order some.  I get so nervous.  Like all of a sudden I won't need them / can't use them / will get stuck with them / will want to do other designs.  It's the fearful pessimist on my shoulder talking.

Great idea to work on tee shirts each day this week, so by Friday I would have a lot finished (painlessly?)  It's tuesday , and that's not happening.  Spent most of the day working on new card ideas, so I could get in on the sale.  3 solid new designs!  Happy about that, but not the rest.  It's 7pm, and I need to go home to take care of Remi.

Tomorrow > Printing.  Then round 2 with Adam shoot.  Hope that works out.

Ok - Remi must be dancing around by now- poor girl.


Monday, July 30, 2012


classic - creative juices start flowing RIGHT when I need to leave.

Very productive saturday.  Finished two big prints that where real "sticky wickets".  Hah!  Croquet reference!  Dropping them at BUZZ tonight.

Anyway - good to have them accomplished.  Busy day buying things and spending $$.   And more needs to be spent.  SHIRTS< CARDS< WOODS< ENVELOPES<TRANSFERS.  ALL $ $ $ $ $.

OK - I better get out of here before the sands of time bury me in nothingness - meaning no gym, and late whitlows.

more later.

Friday, July 27, 2012

dear dave,

George Michael's AS always puts me in a good mood.  Friday afternoon music is an art.  You have to pick just the right groove to take you out of the week and into the weekend.  Happy with my choice today.

A pretty good week.  Feel like a few great big things have been taken off my plate successfully.  I can move forward confidently.

Packed and shipped the giant Jake Waters Seeds today.  A big, multi pronged accomplishment.

Had 3 models scheduled for the week, but only shot one.  That kind of sucks - it's been a rough summer in that respect.  A lot of cancels.

Tomorrow is all about finishing two commissions.  Another huge accomplishment?   I sure hope so.
Elliot, yesterday

Thursday, July 26, 2012

newer, better, thank god

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1000 x better today.  took printing at corcoran super slow, and it worked out well.  Dog duo print coming along nicely.

no shoot this afternoon (sucks), so Im off for the night.

back home to remi and hexy

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

by Jeremy Kost

dear dave,

pretty good day.  Back on track a little.

Tomorrow is day 2 of printing the long-stalled dog commission.  I really have lagged in every step of this print.  C R A Z Y.

Saturday was a misery.  I thought I had everything together, and a good solid printing plan.  Plus the studio was pretty quiet.

Then it all crumbled.  My screens were horribly clogged (haze) from all the printing I've been doing (and all the very light and fast cleaning that's resulted).  Cut corners long enough and you will feel the pain - at the worst time.  After fixing that, and struggling with a suddenly jammed studio, my print order just crashed on me.  What could have worked failed miserably, and I just had to throw in the towel.

Luckily I had some back-up work, so the day was not lost.  But it was a crushing blow to my super tight printing schedule.  And it just meant another delay on this print, which follows many many many others.  Some projects have their own timetable.

I repainted the wood, made new positives, and just hope it works out tomorrow.  FINGERS CROSSED!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Messed up color / printing.  Clearly a do-over

Dear Dave,

It's been a weird time.  I don't know why, but things have just felt off.  Maybe the heat - the time of year.  I don't know.  July has been odd.

Time goes by really fast.  I'm isolated.  Frustrated with print studio.  Behind on drawing.  Way behind on commissions.

Everything is (will be) fine, I just feel off.  Even struggling with this post!

I need to find my center.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

dear dave,

better mood today.

Wonderful 2 hour long lunch with Richelle in the Pentagon City mall food court.  We just talked and talked.  IT was really terrific.  The whole world was just blocked out.  I love that - and haven't had that in so long.  I'm so distracted and bored and rushed and multi tasking and scattered. It was so great to just talk, and be rapt with our conversation.  I loved it (and her).

Another super hot day.  Sort of productive -- I guess :(

Monday, July 16, 2012

dear dave,

the main story this month has been HEAT.  We had a reprieve last week, but this week will be super hot again.  It makes everything suck - difficult and lagging.  Just got back from a trek to the post office, and I feel like I walked through a 20 mile desert.  It's miserable.

It also means blinds are drawn, doors are closed, and I can't get enough water in me.  Blah!  Sweaty and cranky.

Still feel hung over from my mood last week.  Sluggish and defensive.  Little things turn into ordeals and frustrations.  Just now a simple online order through Staples felt like a war - leaving me frustrated and angry.

Things are summer stalled, including me.  Got TONS done on Saturday at the Corcoran.  It was a super long days full of really tedious work, but I got through it.  3 solid monster prints completed, and screens prepared for Wednesday prints.  That's cool.

The whole print studio still makes me really crabby.  I hate dealing with all the perfectly nice and well meaning students just trying to learn and print and enjoy themselves.  I'm turning into this angry monster who scowls at everybody and generally acts annoyed about everything.  I don't like my persona.

I feel pressure to stay in a work mode.  I have a lot to do, and am so worried about slacking.  I just don't want to deal with anybody.  Not a great headspace to be in.

So I don't know.  Weird down cycle.  Hopefully it will all wash away soon, with the heat.

Just now, walking back, there was a half (most?) dead bird struggling in the hot sun, between the curb and the road.  I scooped it up on my flat bag, and laid it in the shade under the bushes.  It's body was dead limp, with the occasional spasm.  Poor little brown bird.

Friday, July 13, 2012

dar dave,

nice day -- a good follow up to yesterday.  Getting things done.

Not much more to say.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

today I'm writing fuck a lot.

dear dave,

rough few days!  Bad mojo in the air I guess.  Everything got out of synch, delayed, cancelled (just plain fucked up)

Still really angry about last night - and being stiffed by Alicia.  What the fuck?  Green light, green light, green light - UTURN STOP.

A valuable lesson: people have no problem screwing me over, for no fucking reason.  I will have to change my policies because of it. (I AM NO _ _ _ _ THOUGH.  He is just an asshole)

Behind all anger is hurt, and that is at the root of it all.  Very much so in the whole Fed Ex/American Apparel, lost-stolen-package fuck-up.  So upsetting to think somebody just stole my package at my mailbox.  Just took it.  That is just hard to swallow.

Hard day back at the corcoran print studio.  Later open-studio hours (thanks for not letting us know) and PACKED studio full of inexperienced, loud, messy new students.  It was a major test for me, but I managed to triumph and get a lot done.

Really hating this whole print studio situation lately.  As my business grows, things are busting in terms of open studio hours, space while there, and people I have to contend with while I'm working.  It's all a shit-show, and I never know what I'm going to find when I walk through the door.

I'm afraid I'm reaching my limit - and things will have to change.

Monday, July 9, 2012


bad day(ish)

something is in the air.  The moon has entered a new phase.  Tides are turning.  I don't know, but I don't like it.

Want to escape, into tomorrow.  Hopefully all this bad mojo will stay in the past.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ok, back at my studio, feeling a little fresher.

Tommy cut my hair shoooort. but that's ok.

Such a weird week.  My motivation comes and goes.  Work, stall, work.  A few things are at the tip tip top of my list, but I can't face them.  I NEED to.

How can I complain?  Sales keep going well.  Things keep chugging along.  This week, with the holiday right in the middle, just messed up all schedules.  I guess I'm just anxious to get through it.

Need to buckle down on printing, because I realize I'm not going to have much of August.  Corcoran will close, and I'll be screwed.  Potential commissions (with deadlines) keep coming in.  Makes me sweat thinking about it!

May need to suck it up and print at carolines a bit...  yikes, that scares me.

ok - enough blogging.  Time is ticking as usual, and I want to finish the day strong (actually less weak).
Waiting for tommy.

Disturbed by Scientology.

Weird week.

Sticky phone screen. I can't seem to get it clean, no matter how much I rub it.

Feeling anxious--time of year?

Frustrated with iPhoto 11. If only I didn't upgrade. I paid for this shit. Hate it.

Everybody has phones that they are submerged in. Also disturbing.

So fucking hot for so fucking long. It's really rough.

 Tommy is always so busy. I don't want to go outside.

Waiting for payments.

Need to go to buzz.

Waiting for shirts.

Waiting for cards.

Waiting a lot.

 Liking true blood season 4.

Need to get disks back.

Broken DVD player last night almost broke the evening. Why is troubleshooting electronics with somebody else so stressful? We both almost screamed. Ended up using the portable I bought years ago. Shocked it work. Kept barking that it skipped. I can be so difficult.

Tommy will never be ready fore.

Waiting room empty, but I'm still fucking waiting.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

super grumpy > about all my apple upgrades.  Hate all the new versions.  Take me back!  Mail is hard to read and find.  The search is USELESS.  Scroll bars jump and skip all around.  Photo laggggggggs so fucking much.  Photostream selects random photos.  Safari hangs.  USELESS.  Frustrated.

Curses on you Apple.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

dear dave,

working SUnday because Hex is.  Not really working, but fiddling at the studio.

Big story is the insane heat, and bad wind storm Friday night (which knocked out power everywhere but here).

It's sooooooooooooo hot.  Just walking a few blocks drains every bit of motivation.  Hex and i went to the farmers market and had to rest twice inside on our way back.  That is just crazy,

Had a solid day at the corcoran yesterday.  Finished 3 (ordered and paid for) prints and set myself up nicely for next session.

Was soooooo happy to find all the positives and cut-outs for "You don't scare me" monster print I made over a year ago.  There they were, buried in my bloated, messy, unorganized drawer.  Every time I go through it I get so overwhelmed.  Did well yesterday, threw a lot away.  But towards the end I just had to stuff it all back in again.  It can be so overwhelming and unwieldy.  All the little pieces of past prints.  Not my forte!! (staying well organized).

ANYWAY, just got a commission to remake that print, so I was super happy to save all that time and have all that work finished already.  Inks will take a lot of time too, but I'll just have to suck it up.

Magic Mike last night - channing tatum great, movie bad.  Such a lame story.

Cleaned my keyboard today - what a fucking mess!

ok - clearly time to sign off.  Not feeling much like writing anymore.

messy drawer of positives at the corcoran