Monday, November 27, 2017

Big U TURN today. 

After thanksgiving, and a fun working weekend, the plan for today and this week was to buckle down on work, get lots done and move forward with christmas stuff.  But just before bed last night I sprung up and remembered I had Jury Duty today, so everything was changed.

From 200+ to 24 to 8, and I was one that was selected.  Such an interesting experience and feels so serious.  A little important bubble I'm suddenly engaged in.  So next few days work gets put on hold, and I enter a strange different world at the courthouse.

Thanksgiving was great.  enjoyed the hike,a nd not too disappointed in my semi dry turkey.  Missed Hexy of course, and Emma too.

Lots of Dumbarton with Emma over weekend.  Fun to be with Hex there too.  She had a blast.

rented Big Little Lies, and really enjoyed it.  The whole world it created.  Something to remember about the holiday weekend.

This week I have little sessions of work after court.  a lot to keep up.  Now I just want o go home and chill.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

such a wind-down for the holiday.  The spirit in the air has moved on to relaxing, and setting all things stressful and upsetting aside.

brilliant idea to send out a thank you (mass) email instead.  The right sentiment I wanted, and something not so desperate.  I like it.

late in the afternoon, and I'm thinking it's time for coffee + bagel.  Cut a bunch of small wood today, and need to continue on with my work for the day.  took emma to tennis courts earlier.  A great go-to place for her to run around off leash, and for me to not have to worry about her getting into trouble.  win win.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Monday

2 weeks behind on all things holiday.  Today I got cards pulled together after concluding that I won't have time to make any more new ones, so I souped up some old ones and sent them off to printer. 

Anxious to get my email out before thursday.  Shooting for tomorrow.  but that leads to 1,ooo problems of pulling everything together and making presentable and usable.

T-shirt angst and print angst (and card angst)  Same-old-story of not having enough NEW to show.  And not giving myself enough time to make them and pull it all together.  So I have to go with what I have and make it work.

Staring BEE reprint, and finishing long over-due paper order.  Framing will be interesting!

Friday, November 17, 2017

DETERMINED to return to blogger.

I don't know what the problem is - busy?  Computer a pain in the ass?  Not in the mood to recount my days?  Thinking that nobody cares anyway?  I think all of hte above.  It's such a pain getting photos from phone to computer with old phone and older computer.  Everything is such an ordeal with these things now!

anyway, we are already well into November, and I haven't written a word.

The time goes by super fast.  Weeks melt away.  This year I am 95% less busy then I was last year (no Dolcezza, no Artomatic), yet I'm still feeling overwhelmed by stuff I need to do.  I don't know why really, if you compare.  anyway, a run down:

working on cards for JDI and commissions.  And printing.  Ugh - that's it!  Oh and mugs.

Where does my time go?????
 Emma takes some.  Spending time taking her out and going to Dumbarton often, but still....

Ha, this post is just a big question mark -


Gearing up for holidays, but always feel behind.  But really, I'm not.  Getting email ready, cards, envelopes, and mini prints.  All become big projects with all the details.  And the website.  So over CCNOW, but stuck with it at least through the holidays.  Really can't believe I kept it all year.  But the alternatives are overwhelming.

Ok, what a rambling mess.  Oh well, I guess that sums it up really.