Wednesday, July 26, 2017

catch up day - made progress.

Trip to Buzz (wish they needed more cards) and commission drawing complete

Remi still doing well.  She could stay like this for awhile (says dr. dave)

Happy to be moving on to other things.

(note: ML art in LC email.  ha, bummer)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

HM work became all consuming.  after weeks and weeks of work, I finally finished today.  Was fretting so much about the deadline (this friday), so combined with that relief, I'm feeling much lighter now. 

But in the midst of it all that, remi declined (then stabilized).  last week it felt worse, not she is more alert and normal, just cant walk anymore.  Hex and I make new accommodations for each downgrade in her health.  Now we carry her into the studio, cart her to and from the car, and let her pee on towels.  Sometimes it feels crazy, but of course there is no other option.  She is still healthy enough, and not suffering. 

It's only Tuesday, but I wish it was Friday.  A good day to end the week, but there is a lot to do.  ugh, just remembered I forgot to order postcards.  all I want to do it let go, but there is always 1000 tasks to keep me tethered.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Drawing HM dog and balloons today.  Now how exactly should it be??  On the balloons?  The balloons on the dog??  I'm still trying to work that out (many drawings later)

Hot and sunny.  July feels like it's going to FLY by!  Already the 11th tomorrow.  Crazy.  I want to savor.

remi drove me NUTS this morning.  After we took her out early, she couldn't settle down.  I kept trying to get her to stay, but over time she would get up again.  A classic case for Ceaser.

Home for pesto!

Friday, July 7, 2017

more of the same same same-

week went by quickly after the break (spent doing nothing much) tuesday.  Wednesday then felt like monday again!

Remi the same.  good days and bad days.  Today she peed right outside the studio door downstairs, so it was a big giant cleanup.  Oh well.  At least she is mobile! ! !

Working on HM and anxious for feedback.  Slow going.  I go card by card.
Finished up little prints for TROHV, and started CP order shirts.  Realized my deadline was later then I thought, so that gave me much more room to breathe.

Remi ANXIOUS to leave right now - I better run.  Loving the closer better gym.  Pizza tonight with Bill as usual!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Weird monday starting weird week after weird weekend at the end of a weird month in a weird year!

Everything went south Nov 8 2016.

Anyway, tomorrow (tuesday) is Fourth of July, so today is that strange in between day where you don't feel like its a workday, but it is, and tomorrow will be off, but now I'm in the groove to work, and the weekend and week before was just a buildup to all this, and soon we will be back to a regular schedule!

Hex being away over the weekend just made everything stranger.  I watched lots of Twin peaks and started The Affair.

I am still sequestered working on HM designs.  Going ok, but maybe too similar to each other.

Skipping gym and heading home, after I get Remi from point A (studio) to point B (car) and beyond!  She is doing amazingly well though, considering!