Thursday, May 30, 2013

dear dave,

quick week!  It's thursday already, and I feel the time slipping away.

wednesday - solid day working on my website, updating prints, cards, and adding City Dogs Rescue page.  Great response to that already, which is good.  Happy to be helping.  Think it all turned out well - Lee and and shirt look good.

Decided on a massage late afternoon, so I finished all my immediate work, and left around 5.  GREAT massage.  Really great.  I felt like jelly afterwards.

Today I've been planning all my distribution to Buzz / Trohv, catching up on emails, and hopefully drawing a bit.  Can't believe CORCORAN summer starts already this Saturday.  Probably a good thing, because things are (possibly) picking up.  Commission requests coming in, which is really nice.

Feeling like I'm in a good place.  Excited for the promise of summer.  Taking pictures, setting up Dolcessa, new designs, shirts, prints.

Slight hangover over Jimmy's surgery next week, but I just have to deal.  Ha-I think this is the massage talking!  My outlook always changes afterwards.  More positive, laid back, and zen.  Such a good thing.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

lazy holiday weekend.

sat > great falls
sun > bbq in rockville + star trek blah
mon > finished GIRLS and true blood 5

monday was kind of a wash out.  Lazy start watching Girls episodes led to a lazy afternoon watching the time fade by.  One of those days where I WANT to do nothing, but then feel really guilty about it.  I went out the the studio for 30 minutes to do some quick work.  Somehow that (kind of) redeemed me.

Sunday was stressful, but manageable.  Jimmy very stressed about knee surgery, and pretty much everything is a big deal.  I'm anxious to see her through it, and start dealing with the outcome rather then the all the worry.  Worry can be so debilitating.

Really nice walk with Remi on Saturday.  After a shitty Friday at the studio, I had resolved to work after all, since Hex would be busy.  Then in the shower, I reversed course.  It would be my first saturday off in weeks, and corcoran is already starting up next week.  Why not enjoy the fing holiday??!.  So I did.  Always nice to walk the paths with Remi.  Relaxing, sunny and calm.  Just where I wanted to be.

Friday, May 24, 2013


no big deal
without consequence
will never happen again
always ends up this way
what the fuck?
it's okay
come on
thought so
like clockwork
so predictable
happens every time
do- over?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

dear dave

good solid productive day after yesterday's malaise.  Back in business, and into the future.

Trip to Buzz, emails, and shirts for Trohv.

It's getting warm (finally).  Soon the air conditioner will have to go back in the window.  The constant hum and door closed.  Blah, not really looking forward to that scenario.

Monday, May 20, 2013

dear dave,

Monday after the big MCAweekend.  Not such a great success, but feeling relieved it's through.  All I can do is stay positive and keep working.

Such a crazy schedule last week, trying to tie up the 1000 loose ends I had left for myself.  Most my energy has gone towards squeezing out prints at the corcoran, which didn't leave much time to do all the other things.  I had so many things to do, and last wed-sat morning I just kept plowing forward though it all.

But it was a rainy weekend, and there were a lot of other events going on, and people just didn't come like they have in the past.  It was more of a trickle instead of a flow, and a real energy sucker.  Sold some things, and got some laughs, but can't help but feel disappointed.  (but not totally surprised).  It's been a tough spring.

I keep comparing it to my stellar year last year.  I was flying HIGH, and felt so confident about the future.  so many irons in the oven, and everything just seemed to be working out so well.  This year has been a complete contrast.

Things are just different.  I don't know why - but they are.

today I took it pretty easy, but tomorrow is the start of a new chapter: summer!  I have work to do, and will just keep plowing ahead.  Corcoran closed for a few weeks, so I can concentrate on other things.  NEW.  I really need NEW.

stay positive!!!

Jimmy's flowers

unsettled (night) in Rockville

waning amerillys

micro print suite

Working on my bunny print

Sheon stealing a cupcake at Tanyas

double recipe, double sentiment
Sue & Bella

packed up inks from the print studio

painting the cage gate

Last minute print

hexy at (pre) open studios

Thursday, May 16, 2013

tired inside and out.  countdown continues

trekked to hope depot

framed bunny prints

started painting gate

re-hung RON WORRIES  (thx hx)

made t -shirts

finished Ronnie's project

repainted vestibule

returned emails

went to ms pixies with hexie


that's enough! (?)  I'm just a bundle of nervous anxiety and self doubt these days.  ready to move beyond this weekend, and into the next chapter.  but first, must continue to give this weekend my all.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

dear dave,

another busy day!  got a lot done, but the list is still long...

tick tick tick~

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SPRING 2013 printing officially over today!

a big load off my shoulders.  now I can turn my attention to all the poor things I have neglected at the studio, and get ready for OPEN STUDIOS this weekend.

Last minute mother bear print today, that came out really well.

bagged all my inks, and was kind of shocked how many those little 3 cube lockers held.  Took three bags away, and put that much if not more back on the shelves.  Crazy.

Reunited with Peter later in the day for a reunion shoot.  Lots of fun to see him again, and to shoot pictures.  Hopefully more soon.  Weather is still crazy.  Chilly day today - still.

okay - day over!!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

wow - really really spent after this week.

This morning I woke up in Rockville, and felt so displaced. Luckily remi was with me!

After breakfast I decided to plant all the flower beds, as long as I was there, it was kind of early, had to be done, and the weather was good.  Once I started I couldn't stop until I was done - and it was a big job. By 10:30 or so I was exhausted and sweaty and dirty and the day hadn't really even started.

Drove home with Remi, showered, and went to work at the studio.  Schedule had to be scaled back.  No other option.

Was productive today, and set myself up for a long day at the corcoran tomorrow.  Last "official" session, but hoping to squeeze some in early next week.  We'll see.

Rough time.  Schedule is jammed - all leading up to end of semester, beginning of summer, MCA weekend, mothers day, and regrettably Jimmy's knee replacement surgery.

I need to put down printing, and pick up all the other things seeping through my hands.  Another week, and some just keep getting pushed off.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Dave

Crazy busy day meeting, selling, dishing, buying, returning, driving, dropping off, picking up, gassing up, avoiding traffic, avoiding rain, watering, walking, and finally resting.

In Rockville for the night, while my dads away (staying with mom). A lot was planned for the day, while I'm here, and I'm happy to have accomplished some. 

Really stocked couple of days coming up. Just want to stay focused and flexible, and try to have some fun!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

inks and squeegees at Corcoran

Remi's (11th) bday morning May 5 '13

picking up Hex's hydrangeas at Farmer's Market

oops these got cut (died next day)

Washing the car with Remi in Rockville

Sunday night brownies

Coffee with  Hexy this morning

finished commission print

Branddave x 2!

Monday, May 6, 2013

dear dave,

gloomy chilly mondays seem to have become the norm.  Such a come-down from Sunday - warmer, more fun, light and airy.  Monday comes and the weight of the week bears down.  Ha - not that this week has too much weight.

After all my angst saturday, I was really productive a the corcoran.  Finished all my (complicated, tedious, time consuming) work, and was happy afterwards.  I great feeling leaving for home, prints wrapped up, satisfied.

Sunday was great too.  Made it out to Rockville, washed the car, took Remi to great falls, had PHO with Rhosa, made brownies, and watched the Amazing Race finale.

AND - another pretty good printing day today.  Spring is wrapping up at the corcoran, and I need to make the most of it.  Wish prints were selling more (a little worrisome), and that Artomatic was a go, but I have to work with what I got.  Keep on going forward.  MCA > DOLCEZZA > SUMMER.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

dear dave,

last few weeks of studio time at the corcoran.  Had a super productive day yesterday, and finished up the three prints I prepared for Tuesday.  Busy studio with careless students.  SOOOOO many distractions (Forest), but I managed to work through it.

Today (saturday) I'm here at the studio, waiting for new boards to dry.  Hex is off to the monthly flea market, and Im kind of jealous I couldn't join him, and enjoy the sunny morning.  I have to stick to the program, and work.

Ha - suddenly I'm grumpy!  And scheming in my head how I could go join Hex.  But it's a bad idea, so I won't try :(

Thursday, May 2, 2013

not the greatest of weeks.  Productive day today, but I don't feel like I'm really pushing forward.

I don't know.  Stupid blahness, or angst, or just low blood sugar.