Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear Dave,

A crazy (good) day.

Had jury duty, and started off kind of hoping to be seated on a jury, but then quickly changed my mind after they told us the trial has potential to last 10 weeks! I was close to the end of the line-up, so it seemed like a long shot anyway. I was so happy to escape. 10 weeks! That is torture.

AND, sold my second Gaggle print-which is a big shot in the psychological arm. I really really needed a success.

Courtroom was downtown, and we got tons of long breaks, so I got to visit the National Museum of American Art (and urban outfitters) and I got sooooo inspired. Really great paintings and prints. Felt really excited to be an artist, and to work!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Please join me Friday, September 10th, for the opening of my September show at Caramel, a super-cool clothing boutique on U St.

A great time to see new work, catch up after the long hot summer, and freshen up your fall wardrobe. The show will feature new screen prints I've made over the summer, and t-shirts too!

Show runs September 10 to October 10, so if you can't make the opening, be sure to pop-in sometime anyway! You'll have a really great time shopping at Caramel too.


Recent Work by Dave Peterson
September 10 - October 10, 2010
Opening Reception September 10, 6-8pm.

1603 U Street, NW
Washington, DC

Store Hours:
Thur-Fri 12-8pm
Sat 11-7pm
Sunday 12-6pm

dear dave,

Getting close to 2,000 (update: 1,200) posts, which in my book is pretty impressive! This blog has turned into a regular part of my day - and I'm really happy to have it. I love it as a record of what I've been doing, worrying about, and plan for in the future. Fun to see how things turn(ed) out, or didn't, and what I was thinking about in August 07, 08, 09, 10! Really cool!

I have NO idea who reads it, but judging by my page views - somebody is.

Anyway - spent the morning pulling together my Caramel show marketing, and I'm happy with how it turned out. Show is in 2 weeks, so the push has begun. ps - I LOVE mailchimp!

Weekend was pretty good, and productive. Hopefully a(nother) much need turning point towards productivity, positive thinking, healthy eating, and more exercise.

I have been so down on myself lately (very regrettably), and it's not hard to see all these things slipping. Some are contributors, some are consequences, but I'm really thinking if I work on them, things will get better.

Saturday was spent hanging out with Jimmy - and a super fun game-night at Cliffs. Took Rem to Rock Creek Sunday, then back to Rockville for errands.

Time to go back to work. Picture is Lucy, lookin good on the grass!

Friday, August 27, 2010

down day, but ended on a high note--that's all I really want to say about it.

tomorrow is another day.

new grass v

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Dave,

Feeling a little more on-point today. I think getting some of those prints thought out yesterday gave me a little kick start. Planning is always a good thing, and leads to progress and success.

I shipped out some briefs today, which was a nice feeling. Advertising is helping drive traffic to the site, that's for sure. Let's get more sales!

I have been so elusive about the whole thing, because I know the content is a bit strong, and could turn people off. I wanted to keep it separate from my shirts and prints because of this. But in the end I decided to brand it branddave, to keep things simpler. Anyway, for those who are interested, here is a link to my underwear site. If you are so inclined, let me know what you think - and buy a few pairs! I think they are really fun. Meant to be at least...

I had a shoot with a new model planned for today, but it followed the exact same pattern as many others -- last minute cancellation. I guess it's all just a case of sudden cold feet. Sure is a big fat drag! I make plans around it, then it all collapses. Shoot.

Right now I'm finishing up some things to shoot with Peter tomorrow. Should be fun!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fall Print Preview - all in the works for September.

Click here to see the whole collection.
what happened?

blogs lie fallow - a VERY occasional update here and there. I'm sick of being mocked by every visit, discovering the same old entry, never refreshed.

Maybe people are just sick of writing them. Or maybe no news is bad news.

Most likely, everybody is on vacation.

(Ha - I think I write this every august)
Change is so interesting and terrible and exciting and daunting and sad and needed and feared and inevitable and slow and hard and sweet and numbing and troubling and fast.

Late August is such a moment of change. All these big things are just around the corner, rushing us into the holidays, and spitting us out into the mouth of January. It's such a fast track!

It's a moment to prepare, but I inevitably stall. I think I'm scared of what is ahead, or I just plan to wait until the last second to spring into action.

I don't know.

The school year calendar is ingrained in us all. August means the vacation is winding down. Shorter, colder, darker days lie ahead.

I'm keeping my head down.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dear dave,

I'm not going to lie - the struggle continues. I'm not really sure what my problem is - I just don't feel engaged with what I've been doing lately. I'm getting stuff done here and there, but it doesn't feel like enough. I'm so distracted by being distracted.


Signed up for 17th street show / sale

Wrote my artist statement

Edited Bode

Edited website (nude photos nixed / portfolio page changed / info page changed / artist statement added / photo page changed / prints @ home page added / home page text changed)

worked on five birds print


Nothing is enough. I need to do 100 times more.


Artist Statement

My prints start out as a small drawing on paper. I like to use just the right pen or pencil that will give my lines a clean, effortless flow. I draw quickly, and try not to fuss too much with details. They can be added later.

I love to notice little tiny moments in life. When I draw, I'm looking for those moments. A quick expression of happiness or sadness or beauty. A laugh out load moment when somebody says or does something so ridiculous. I'm constantly recording these in my mind, and use my artwork to celebrate them.

Screen printing gives me a perfect balance between control and chaos. It requires tons of planning and set-up, but the final product is almost always a surprise in some way. The surface of the wood, the transparency of the ink, the amount of pressure applied to the squeegee -- all unknowns that have a big impact on the final result. Printing on unconventional surfaces like pegboard and styrofoam only ups the ante.

I like for my work to have flaws - and to celebrate them. Nothing in life is perfect. The mistakes we make are important, and give us character. I like how this concept is translated into my printmaking. Each piece becomes totally unique.

Monday, August 23, 2010

weekend odds & ends

Dear Dave,

Overall pretty good (sluggish) weekend. Took remi to great falls on Saturday, and it was really nice to be back on the paths that we walked so regularly a few years ago. I miss being there. It is so incredibly beautiful, especially in the section where I took the top photo. tall trees with a thick carpet of green on the ground. The cicadas were in full august 'bloom' which I LOVE!

Remi had a great time running around, and getting super mucky. A bath at home washed away all the crap she picked up.

Saturday night we had a little quick BBQ at Sheons, and all tasted terrific. I highly recommend cooking corn on the cob like we did: remove all the silk but keep the husk on, and slow cook on the grill (top on) around the sides. Yummy smokey flavor!

Sunday was DEXTER season 3 catch up. A bunch of great episodes in the middle, but the resolution was disappointing. More potential than payoff. Oh well.

Then dinner at Lee's with Brian. Beef roast, potatoes, corn, cookies. A perfect Sunday evening meal. Afterwards we all sat around his table, listening to AIR, and poured through (fashion) magazines. A moment to remember.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hansel August 19 '10

Such a beautiful and inspiring animal, I'm so into him!
dear dave,

the flip side to discovering old music that you once loved and listened to often is the very limited staying power it has. 1 or 2 listens and you're over it (again). After the glow of nostalgia comes boredom. I hate that.

I really hate when I get bored of things that I once really really loved. It makes me so sad to realize how expected it is. Attention spans are getting so limited.

I'm even exhausted and bored writing about it.


Busy Friday preparing for Peter and wrapping up the week. A few things coming up which have potential. Super disappointed about Mid City caffe, and the lack of communication. I hold on to hope that somehow it will work out.

August, I'm so over you! I am so incredibly anxious to have the world moving again. Everything feels slumped. Let's all go back to school, and start life up again.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

dear dave,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE finding an old song that I once cherished, but haven't listened to in a long time. It's such a revelation to push play, and hear those familiar notes and words.

An instant high! I just LOVE it!

Found a pet shop boys single that brings back so many wonderful memories. Buying my first Miata. Obsessing about Sean from Urban Outfitters! Just starting to drink coffee! Driving around town, radio blaring, top down, excited! It's all so wonderful, and fresh in my mind.

I feel different now. Feels like a long time ago. Not bad different, just older. I need to find new things to be excited about. New music and people that stimulate me. We all need that!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dear dave,

life sure is interesting.

I feel so holed up in my studio the past few days. Computer obsession raging. In full bloom! Not so productive. Clearly it's an ebb to some cosmic flow. Where is the flow? I'm anxious for the flow.

I've been doing a lot of surfing, looking for new ways to market myself and art. Of course I want instant payoff, which is stupid and impractical. It all takes time. The world is so huge. Other people seem to prosper, or appear to prosper.

I'm in this CONSTANT cycle of doing something small, and then monitoring the reactions. Comments! Emails! But they don't come on my schedule, and all I feel is frustration. Which sucks. And is useless.

I should just turn the screen off, and work. But it always seems to suck me back in.

I want to change, but refuse to. round and round we go.

Monday, August 16, 2010

dear dave,

We had Hex's yard sale Saturday, and it was a big success. A lot of stuff was hauled off )probably 3/4ths), which always feels really good. Surprising thing was that it was only a few people getting tons of stuff. Makes you think about HOARDERS on tv, and feel a little bit bad contributing to their problems. One person's trash is another persons pathology.

We made some good money, and made a lot of progress towards moving Hex out. Both really great things.

Corcoran closed for the summer, so printing is on hold until mid-september. I'm going to focus on marketing and sales the next few weeks. Hopefully I can make a lot of progress on those two fronts, and launch my fall well.

So many plans! It's exciting.

image: post sale dregs

Friday, August 13, 2010

dear dave,

great day today. perfect sort of reset.

Coffee with Glen felt like a shot in the arm. Just as he said, it's really great to talk with somebody who is doing what you are doing. It's SUCH a cliche, but sooo true: just knowing that I am not alone is so helpful. Other people are struggling with the same things I am, and succeeding. I really enjoyed talking with him.

after 3 weeks of cancellations, it was terrific to shoot with Peter again. I LOVE TAKING PICTURES! And he is really fun to see regularly and spend that hour with.

I was really happy with the one shirt we did. The other stuff not so much (my fault). I just need to work harder, and stick with it. I vow to stay positive about it all!!
Michael Jay McClure is scrumptious.

thank you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Dave,

What has happened to my blogging lately? It seems to have shriveled up into a quivering shadow of it's former self. Oh wait, that's me!

Yesterday worked out well. I got some prints installed at Easel Salon, and was happy to have finally made the step. I was having such a hard time trying to figure out what goes where, hoping to have the show at Mid-City Caffe, and wanting to save some things for that.

Once I broke thru that little juggernaut, other good things started to happen. A few longstanding frustrations resolved themselves a bit, I heard from Mid-City after all, and got a few promising emails and contacts.

This morning was spent helping Hexy pick out new glasses, so I got a super late start. It's 3:27, and I'm just now getting into my groove. So I'll get back to it.

So much for blogging.

image: branches (2) at Easel Salon

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Let's see what I can accomplish.

Past few days have been mental torture! What is wrong with me? I'm so muddled and directionless. Getting things done, but dragging.

Have coffee

Have a few hours

let's see.......
not super productive today - again! ARG!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Dave,

Really have lost my mojo the past few weeks. That was some cold!

Managed to pull together for yesterday's sidewalk sale- thanks to Hex. He was the engine and I was the caboose. I've been dragging my heels for days now. Going through the motions, but not feeling any fire under my feet. I'm so anxious to shake this malaise!!

Happy to have a few solid days at the studio. Corcoran closed for the summer, so I won't be dividing my days. Now it's all about catching up on orders, finishing framing, and planning for the fall.


Happy to feel (light) change in the air. I need to get moving on all fronts. GO

Friday, August 6, 2010

crazy week - ends on a crazy note.

A mixed up day full of running around with Remi (who was super sick because she ate corn syrup last night), helping Jimmy take Lucy to the vet (because her infection went form bad to worse).

Not a lot accomplished at the studio. And another cancellation on Peter.

I have to think that things happen for a reason. Sometimes you CANT control anything. Today was like that.

It's now over. And tomorrow is another chance.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

mixed feelings, but its done.
dear dave,

Life is tough. I keep feeling just ok health wise. Sinus infections are hard to shake. I have to realize that. Sink into it and be patient. AND FIGHT!

Found my old Christina Aguilera Back to Basics cd, and I'm loving it. Reminds me of going to Target during press checks with Erin at GG, and driving home thru Dupont Circle, listening to it for the first time. Hoping to find a few songs to hang my hat on. To be inspired by. All those moments of uncertainty and angst. How to come up with new designs. How to continue on at bsur. I look back and feel tenderness for myself.

Uploaded Beverly's site today, which is a big weight off my shoulders. So happy all the tech problems solved themselves! Check it out here: http://www.beverlytadeu.com/site/home.html

Off to the corcoran this afternoon for 2nd to last print session for the summer. Fingers crossed it goes well.

Sidewalk sale this weekend. Feeling unsure about that. How to proceed??

Photos: Positives at the Corcoran. A drawer full!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

dear dave,

cloudy skies / cloudy head. Very Wednesday. Mid point of everything.

I have such mixed feelings about august. Feels so blah. Like the hours before you get on the plane to go home. Summer is not really over, but winding down. Falls not here yet.

Not so blah about work, just an overall feeling. Hard to shake. I'll do my best!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a seriously amazing shot of Christie Turlington from the August 10 Vogue (italy) by Steven Meisel, and a dead pigeon on R st. by me.


Feeling much better (physically). I feel my body getting stronger. All the cells are working hard, pushing out the infection.
I have a lot of things to get done, so my mind shouldn't wander off too much. Coming up on two years way from bsur - on my own. That really shocks me.

Hopefully later I'll have a progress report for the day, with lots of checks!

Monday, August 2, 2010

dear dave,

slow recovery is underway. Spent a big chunk of the weekend resting. Finished up "to go" cat saturday. Only 3 more "sessions" left to print at the corcoran. Summer has flown.

I'm right in the middle blahs of everything. Not looking forward to August, because I'm guessing it will be a really slow month. A good chance to regroup. I seem to always be regrouping!

Maybe I could get paid to regroup.

Anyway, hoping the week is super productive, and pulls me out of this little sicky slump I've found myself in.