Friday, July 31, 2009

dear dave,

yesterday was kind of like a day off, and I feel off-center being back in the studio today.

Got the Shaw Dog Shirts all finished up, and was really happy with how they turned out. While they were printing, I went down to the TARGET, and managed to accomplish many long-standing errands. Everything I needed was there! Home Depot, Office Depot, Target, Chevy Chase Bank. Even starbucks. One-stop shopping. Sometimes I really love the suburbs.


Feeling edgy after this week. Actually all week. Super afraid I'm hitting a rut. Ive lost my creative way a bit. After "starting" the process of working out the shopping cart last Saturday, I think I became super overwhelmed. And really unsure and insecure. I easily plug into the potential aspect of things, but fizzle on the execution. There are SO many steps. It takes a lot of discipline.

Lost my way on all my photo shoots. I'm happy with some of the shots, but overall, there is a lot of waste. Too much of the same thing. I went for the easy way out, instead of pushing myself further. And MANY of the shirts were not thought out well, and just didnt work. UGH.

I'm too scattered. I need to settle myself down, and really FOCUS. I feel all over the place, always rushing to get things done just in time. Its not working.

Its Friday. I need to wrap up all the loose ends before I start new things. I need to make a plan. A realistic plan, and stick to it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

dear dave,

stalling. Shoot coming up, but have no grand scheme. Artomatic shift after, so Im fretting about not being late. Angst. All around.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

dear dave,

feeling much better today. A new attitude.

Sold some work at Baked & Wired, which makes me really happy.

Postponed shoot with Jeff, which clears up my schedule a bit. Think I might even hit the Corcoran.

Shoot with Allie later. I need to get in gear, and get going.

Monday, July 27, 2009

so so day. started sluggish, and stayed that way. What happened?? I don't know, but I pray it doesnt stick.

Feel sort of in the dumps. BUSY day tomorrow.

dear dave,

in late, starting late.

Monday mornings always drag (?)

Have a busy week, but I think Im feeling not so sure about things. Like the shirts I came up with saturday, but how many can I realistically offer all these on the site? What am I doing with all this (content)? And what to do about the September show coming up?

Im sure I can figure all this stuff out, but its bogging me down.

All these people from the DISTANT past are showing up thru facebook. Its incredible.

Thinking about vacation, and how I completely am discounting it. I was on such a roll there for a few years. Now money is a huge concern, and I dont feel free to just go. Sort of frustrating. I need to get over this mental hurdle, because I know how great vacations are. Only beneficial. I miss being in a pool!! and on the beach. I need to work this out, before summer is over.

The studio is quiet, everybody is away. I feel like not working.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

nothing is easily built. It doesnt just go -poof- and it's there.

I am getting so overwhelmed when I think of all the steps its going to take to get the shirts up and running on the site.

Took baby steps today, but that's all. I need to take a DEEP breath, and settle in for a long haul. There are so many pieces to accumulate and put together. Step by step.

relax. ITs saturday!

Friday, July 24, 2009

dear dave,

waiting for my apple genius appointment. Stupid iphone wont let me type numbers and symbols anymore. ( lets me, but I have to turn it sideways) I never realized how many dashes I use until I couldn't use them anymore.

Corcoran was a success. Got a late start, but I managed to pull off two prints that I'm really happy with. The moose was a PAIN. The simpler the print, the harder it is. It always works out that way.

Im making my week next week busy with more shirts and shoots. I think that's just the way I like it. I have so many plans, but need to follow thru. I really want to soup up the website with new drawings, and reworked pages. I want it to go deeper.

But today I have to concentrate on other things. It always seems to end up that way.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

this is what I will be attempting to print today. Hopefully I will have finished prints to photograph and share, in just a few hours!

ok - how incredibly ridiculous is it that I edited this 8 times to get just the right blue to upload. Blogger kept lightening it, and I just couldnt feel settled until I got just the right color. I guess the whole message is just shot. Boo.
dear dave,

Today - busy catching up with shirts and projects. I am in limbo, not really wanting to start new things, and not wanting to FINISH old things. Hex would solider thru. I need to also.

I am finally free to start a new print at the corcoran, but what? Today is open studio, so I better figure it out soon.

Need to work on PUG!

GREAT day yesterday. The best. The very best. I really loved it - and still feel a little high. Branddave is everything I want it to be. Personal and expressive. Im putting out what I want to get back, and I feel so blessed and encouraged. The people I am finding to work with are top notch, and I'm really really loving it. All this positive energy and potential is just teeming inside of me.

Chicken with Erin was also terrific. A perfect capper to a great day. So nice to catch up with her, and spend one-on-one time with her. I miss our fun work days together, but am so happy we keep the party going.

Its so summer. Walking to the studio, with the steamy humid morning air coming off the grass, the birds and trucks, and the brand-new cicadas singing. Such a specific time of year - and I feel so plugged into it. So many fun memories to conjure up. Makes me feel are warm and fuzzy inside.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another great/fun/productive/blast of a shoot with Dave. He brought some friends and family, and we all went the national cathedral together. What a great time, and I love the results. Tons of great pictures - so many I dont know what to do with them all.

Happy I got 3 squirt guns - they came in handy!

my little world

the video doesnt do it justice, but this is the wonderful hillside I park next to most mornings near the studio. Its really great. Expansive, open, and peaceful. I just love it.

After work, in the lazy sun, it becomes a mini dog park -- with owners huddled in one little area, and dogs running all over. And in the fall after school, soccer and football teams run the hill - prepping for the big game.

Its really wonderful - I just love it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dear dave

GRRRRR - Im trying to f-ing upload a video, but it NEVER works on blogger. So frustrating. It goes into this endless loop of nothingness. I don't have time!

I feel really relieved to have some big projects behind me-

Artomatic prints - out
4903 show - done
Haze shirts - delivered
Baked & Wired show - hung!
Shaw dog park shirts - set

This morning I was scrambling to finished up stuff for Baked & Wired (cards, frames). I p-a-c-k-e-d my little car and rushed down to Georgetown. All worked out perfectly. Hex was there to help, and they were incredible easy to work with. Plus the art just fit - easily. Nothing stood out or felt awkward. IT just fit neatly in. Such a relief! And GREAT feedback to boot!

A good experience and exposure. Im really happy about how it all turned out. probably good it was all a rush, so I didnt have to obsess about it.

So I have a little lull, which is really good. Excited to get up and running with Tom G, and work more on shirts. Another shoot with Dave tomorrow. Need to prepare.

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Gull" and "Ruined" finished and waiting to be picked up

dear Dave,

feel bogged down today. Dragging. Which isnt good!

Installed Barbs print this morning (above). Tricky to get at all together and up, but it worked out. Hilarious because Hex ended up wanting a new one, so Barb got the original afterall. Just as good. Looked terrific in her room - Im really happy to see it there!

Anxious to get stuff done, but feeling super sluggish. Nervous about the next few days - I will feel relieved to have them worked out. Pulling together Baked and Wired is a big job, and then hanging it will be nerve wracking. Seems best if I just had the whole place to myself, and a Pet Shop Boys CD. Instead Im anticipating a busy shop, and self consciousness. Fingers crossed!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

dear dave,

quick update:

took some great shots of Dave yesterday. Shirts not so great, but he managed to photograph really well in them. I have another set of designs Im excited about, but didnt have time to wash them before the shoot. Anyway, things great on that front.

Finished Barbs/Analyas prints today at the corcoran. Small space, but I got into a good groove, and was able to get them done with minimum hiccups.

Must meet Hexy at 5 - gotta get out of the studio! I love work too much lately. Its ALL I want to do - 24-7. That and check my facebook stats. Become a fan bitches!

Friday, July 17, 2009

my new office plant. Lee>Bill>Hex>me.

model in ID magazine. Really exciting pictures. I think she is amazing. Maybe she is already a supermodel, but I think she is the next best thing.

working on Jake waters seeds at the corcoran
dear dave,

I need to draw more. draw draw draw. Today Im going to draw, and make some frames, and shoot some pictures.

Its sort of nice to see an overcast sky. We have had so much sun lately -- I know that sounds crazy.

Remi is in the studio today. She seems very anxious. Hopefully she settles down a bit.

I dont feel like writing! Obviously. So I will stop here...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

news you can use

Show going up!

This Tuesday I will be hanging work for a 4-6 week show at
BAKED & WIRED in Georgetown.

Come by and check it out!

And get a cupcake (I think they are the BEST in DC)!

I set myself up, for failure

dear dave,

all this crazy running-around-scattered business is really about bad time management. I stall and avoid until deadlines come up, then I rush to complete whatever it is that Ive been putting off. I guess its all a weird mind game. "I didn't have time to do my best!"

I have more time than I admit. I'm just using it poorly.

This morning I have been working on souping up Facebook. But I'm doing it half ass. But I think that's my way. That's sort of my style.

My horoscope today told me to accept my weaknesses. HA-I think I just have, without even realizing it until now!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

dear dave,

yesterday was another whirlwind of photography. Everything went really well, and was so much fun. I feel like I have troves of content now, and its overwhelming to go thru it all, sort it, pick what I like best, and post it.

The whole process has been so fun and creative and interesting. Its not just about making shirts, or taking photos - but also about meeting all these interesting people, spending a fun hour with them, walking around the beautiful neighborhood, and just hanging out. Everybody has been so NICE, and interesting, and open, and different. And my goal is to show THEM.

Yesterday was Fabian (thoughtful and kind) Lindsay (goofy fun!) and Novey (serious, introspective, and cool). I have to say, Im sort of proud of myself for collecting these guys, making shirts that work for them, and taking some good shots. Im learning and growing, and it feels great. And I've been getting great feedback on the shirts too.

Im pulling together the line - but it's been really whacky. Maybe too random. Very off-the-cuff. Im having a BLAST. A total blast. Im loving the collaboration with the models, and I really want to keep that energy going.

I feel ALL this potential, and it feels amazing. Like I bolt of electricity, just flowing straight thru.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

came across this sign while shooting this morning with Fabien. I think it speaks for itself

dear dave,

i was just looking at old stuff - and found this. A photo from OUT magazine with a be as you are shirt I did, on a terrific model. I just love it. Love it!
dear dave.

in early, out late. Days have been crazy lately. Whats going on? Why all of a sudden am I so busy? Or behind. My schedule has changed drastically. I guess Im over scheduling my photo shoots, so Im constantly playing catch-up with the shirts.

Fabian/Lindsay/Novey today. Thats just crazy. Plus Im squeezing in a visit with Jimmy.

Worked on shirts a lot yesterday. Some hits, some misses. I need to take more time with it all.

Great time with Mike. I think he makes a really great addition to Branddave. looks good in almost everything.

I must get to it. I remember the days in November, when I had all day to draw and play. Things have really changed. Now the challange is to channel all this creative force towards earning an income!

On my way in (with Remi!! visiting the studio today) I heard my first cicadas of the season. Right on schedule. Summer slooowly fades, and the wonderful bugs take over in August, singing loudly every night. I love it.

Monday, July 13, 2009


dear dave,

A lot is stirring around in my head today -- July 13th. Two big things:

1. Sues Birthday is today. I wish her a very very happy birthday. I wish her the very best. I want the best for her. The very best.
I am so tied to her - so connected. My fear is her fear. I feel so frightened for her.

2. Today is my coming out anniversary. Years ago, on this day, I went on a little walk around my neighborhood with Joe Ireland, and bravely told him " I am gay". What an enormous turning point for me. The biggest ever. I don't think I will every experience something as monumental as that. In that second, my life was forever changed. It gives me chills. It was a conversion. I could love myself again. My true self. And I could be HONEST about who I really am.

Of course I still struggle with insecurity, but that is always the root. The fear of letting people know who you REALLY are. I conquered that fear in that moment, during that week and month. I can always look back on that, and draw from that amazing POWER and strength.

new shirts!

Friday, July 10, 2009

dear dave

its been a crazy couple of days, preparing all the Artomatic prints that sold. I just couldnt get ahead of the rush. Always two steps behind.

Now that things have slowed down a bit, Im going to work on some more shirts. Anxious to get things moving along on that front.

So this will be a short post. Short and sweet.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

way to go, peanut butter!!

dear dave,

its amazing what a little peanut butter & sugar sandwich (with cherry coke) will do for you. I guess I needed that sugar rush!

Up early this morning, starting "jake waters seeds" prints for Barb and Analya. A big project! I'm trying to take my time, and not rush.

Anyway, feeling slow until now! WOW. A shot of B4 is pulsing in my veins.

Off to the studio, with my freshly painted boards (I was such a Huck Finn this morning). Then Corcoran. Then Studio, Then Bills? Busy day (which seems to be the new norm)

Had another terrific shoot with Dave yesterday. Really like my new t's, and making them. I am having such a good time, and am so inspired by him. Clearly he has turned into my muse - funny because I never saw it coming that first time we met. I love how its all evolved. I can't say enough about how psyched I am about it all. Even if I never sell a single shirt, I already feel really fulfilled and successful. Things are coming along...and great.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

dear dave,

big plans today. Make shirts, wrap artomatic, photo session with Dave, work on framing, plan printing tomorrow. Lots to do. I feel super busy, and my head is going faster then anything. I feel myself getting too far ahead with ideas, and not wanting to finish with all the pots that are already on the stove.

oh well, everything is great. I'm loving what I'm working on, and who I'm working with. And I love my freedom!

I better get to it. Hopefully I will have tome for a better post later in the day, when a lot has been accomplished.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How now brown cow?

dear dave,

so I made some changes to the blog. It feels a little bit like a work in progress --

Great day with Allie and Beverly today. Progress.

Working on site. I feel like Im building a mansion. Each room is so exciting. But has to be just so. Its hard to let go.

I have to get out of here (studio) and get to gym (VIDA) and get home. So many steps. I can do it!

Monday, July 6, 2009


dear dave,

yesterday I was a bit of a mess. Sleepy and crabby and listless. I don't know what come over me, but it seemed to happen at some point towards the end of Saturday night, sitting in a theater, watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (is that the title??)

Of course I didn't like the movie much, because it dissolved into overload (which almost everybody has said before me). I don't think it was the movie after all, but I just started to feel really blah. BLAH. Like wanting nothing. Nothing to eat, and nothing to do.

Anyway, I spent Sunday vegging out, and that rarely leads to anything good.

This morning I visited Jimmy, brushed Lucy, and slowly made my way in to the studio. Now that I'm here, that horrible blah feeling still lurks inside. Not sure how to shake it, but I KNOW it needs to happen.

Artomatic is CLOSED, and there are plenty of things to complete. Much to do. I will rally myself, find my inner creativity, and push through. BLAHS be gone. now.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

update update update update

I need constant update.

I am a needy guy, needing new news. I check my phone for email. I surf all my sites for new entries, blogs for new posts, facebook for new statuses. I want more news. I just feel hungry for new information. Not really a new thing for me, just exaggerated. I guess it's the phone.

I guess I'm expecting big things to happen, at any minute, all the time. And I want the update.

Friday, July 3, 2009

dear dave,

alone in the studio today. I guess its a holiday, but branddave is up and running.

Good day at the corcoran yesterday. A slow start, but I managed to get everything on my list done.

Stopped by Artomatic last night. I am really happy with my work, and wall. The poor trees are hanging on for dear life. Left some new postcards, tended to the trees, freshened up the book, and straightened up Eat poppa eat.

Odds and ends day today. Have some shirts to make, and frames to finish. I feel kind of blah right now, not sure why! Its only 11:05, so that doesn't seem like such a good sign.

Hexy and I had coffee early this morning. Maybe another round is called for?

I need my creative juices flowing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


got haircut!

picked up some white ink to try on shirts at corcoran today.

finally reprinting GULL!

Mike was a lot of fun - a keeper. Hope to use him a bunch this summer

Dave was cool. New haircut. Session was sort of messy - I need to tighten up my shots. And mix up our location. But I love shooting him, and our collaboration!

New shirts worked well. Gave them all away! But I think Im finding my way with them.

Lots to do.

And be excited about!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

7 short years ago

Happy Anniversary Belquest Buttercup Remington!!

7 years ago, I trekked out to Belquest with Jimmy (and Sue) and picked her up. She was super tubby, and always sleepy. and LOVED water. She is my baby - forever!

dear dave,

waiting for mike this morning, wondering how the shoot will turn out. Actually struggled with shirts last night. My insticts were failing me a bit--I was feeling really unsure of myself. What to put on these shirts. What's going to look good on these guys? It's really hard to tell. I want it to be messy and not too thought out. Not over worked. But they need to look good. I hate it when the shirt goes on, and I don't like it ( for whatever reason). Maybe I react too fast--slow down, give it a try. Maybe I just don't have the right guy.

Mike is younger, so I have high hopes. Well see.