Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 in pictures

found a wonderful new model Alison!

Coffee @ Peregrine every morning with Hexy. 

all packed up for another install (axis early in year)
new cards for spring

boxes for Axis

 Spring planting: Flowers for Jimmy's beds.
Lovely Jocey came for a visit!
One of many commissions (love caption)
I painted the gate (controversial)
chicken party with the bsur girls
RIP hansel.  Such a beauty.

Another yard sale in august!  Hot hot hot
Ruff-est commission of the year (to print)!

best sellers of the year. (xo)

commission concept

laying out prints for Dolcezza show
Best new developement of the year: KEVIN!!

sold out at Dolcezza!!
new product: hats!  sold ok
the studio upstairs - not meant to be :(
Another commission!
Another BUZZ to branddave!  navy Yard

Joren moves out, Tom moves in. ch ch ch changes

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