Friday, December 16, 2016

Everything going good!

Last friday before Christmas and I'm in a surprisingly good and zen mood.  Everything will work out and get finished and I'll be happy.

Went into the week feeling similar, but the stress built up steadily, culminating in a print freak out Wednesday night when I f'd up YOLO and rushed remi out-of-my-way.  She has this need to be at my feet towards the end of the day, and I was having none of it. And all these pin-holes showed up in my screen, when I was printing the final black screen on yolo.

But -- things took a turn.  I was freed thursday of my artomatic shift drudgery, sent out some emails freeing up my drawing schedule, and things started to work out.  I settled into the mess and found my way through.

Early this morning I drove back out to Artomatic (rockville) only to drive back after seeing that nothing was going to be happening.  So much angst and mess surrounding these stupid 3 shifts.  Guilt and frustration and excuses and regret and resolve and freedom.  its in the past - I'm moving on.

party at Sally's tonight, busy work day tomorrow, social sunday, then back to the grind Monday.  Need to keep up my pace.  I feel the holiday lag in the distance.--especially this afternoon.  All I wanted to do was call it a day and go home.  But I can't.

ps - freeeeeeeeezing past few days.

pps - remi doing well.  I am shocked and thankful!

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