Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Wrap up

 2018 was a messy bad year.  No way to look back at it and be happy.  Business didn't go that great, and I lost my way.  Not feeling creative, and lost in direction.  Lost interest in the blog, and am so unsure how to revive it. 

Fun trip in June to celebrate Cord's bday was overshadowed by Sue's death just afterward, and from there things just got stuck in grief and sadness.  The long wait for her service, and then going through her life and stuff, sorting it all out.  i still have a pile in the basement that is started but not finished.  It's comforting to leave it in a state of middle, but eventually I will have to finalize what to do with all that remains.

Sadness and upset with story district, but it got resolved, and I've moved on.  Selling stuff at the last few shows was fun, but December was off.  Then I just left.

My computer finally broke down, after 10 good years.  More like 8 good years, and 2 suffering with old software and a dread of change that I just wanted to avoid.  A "middle" imac we found in the trash room bridged the gap from old to new, let me see that a new computer doesn't mean the end of iweb, which I was fearing all along.  But losing illustrator REALLY SUCKS, and I'm going to have to switch out my website again, once and for all, and leave iweb behind.

CCNOW exploded in January, and somehow I was able to claw back most of my $$ by issuing refunds, and begging people for repayment.  Happy with big Cartel, but think I may need to make another change.

Added Totes in August, which is a great new front, and buttons (mixed)

I changed up a lot of the shirts too, which is for the better.  Printing more now, because darker shirts are just more cool. 

Nothing much new to say about prints.  They just are not in demand like they were.  I have to turn the tide somehow.  Success towards the end of the year, but I realize I will never sell them online like I need to.  They need to be seen more in person.

Cards have been fine, but need to keep up with new.  Had some fun valentines, and really happy with my holiday assortment.  A new wave to keep riding.

Hopefully 2019 will be a good year of new opportunity and most important, creativity.  Everything rides on my desire to be creative.

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