Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Tired and drained after a long day in a long week (only wednesday) trying to finish up two projects that are completely divergent.

Print of the two dogs in DC for mothers day deadline 9sunday) and all the products for Shop Made (deadline NOW).  I'm never good a splitting my time / attention.  I remember in college I would study hard for one exam, and hardly lift a finger for the next.  Of course that cant happen here.

Both projects going fine, but just require a lot of work and attention.  Anxious to get the Shop Made stuff out the door!  Will be a big relief. 

And commissions - I just don't know!  Maybe I should just stop them and refuse them for awhile.  I know they are not worth all the angst and stress and effort I put into them.  This drawing was brutal.  I must have drawn the one dog 100 times.  Then finally, finally, finally I got him.  UGH!!!!!

on top of all, car is in the shop.  So walking to studio and home (with emma) can be an extra challenge. 

PATIENCE with her...

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