Friday, December 2, 2011

dear dave,

it's been an interesting emotional week.  I got  a lot done, so I'm happy about that.  But I realize I'm spinning my wheels on a few fronts.  It's not a new revelation, but it's somehow come into focus more.  A few years back I was so focused on future future future.  All the potential.  At some point I've arrived at that distant point I kept focusing on, and am not impressed.

Dissatisfaction leads to change.  I need to make changes, and stop going into directions that don't pay off.  But how do I know WHY they are not paying off?  What if success is just and hour away?  A minute away?

A-ha!  The biggest change that needs to happen is in my head.  Success is what I make of it.  What I think it to be.  I am going somewhere.  I have done great things.  I've been happy with my work.  I've made other people happy.  I'm FREE.

Happiness is an option.  A choice.

focus on that!


My beloved hexy has a birthday this weekend.  I am SOOOOOOOOOO lucky to have him.  He is my everything.

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