Thursday, December 1, 2011

dear dave,


working late-- second night this week.  Lots of little stuff to take care of, and I need the extra time.

Drawing below is for xmas card commission.  Client wasn't so into the little dog, but I see it and smile.  She thought it could possibly be mistaken for a melting snowman.  It's supposed to be a little white dog with santa hat pulled over his head.  Ha - I really like it - but understand how it may look weird.  I'm just used to seeing this dog that way.  (wow, I'm over explaining all of this!!)

Anyway, rough night last night, frustrated with myself, and how a few things went.  Had a hard time getting to sleep.  I wish I could explain it all out, but that wouldn't be smart.  When all is said and done, they are my mistakes.  Too needy, too anxious to please, and not confident enough.  I need to learn from it all.

Positives:  my work was good.

December is here.  Christmas is fast approaching!

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