Monday, April 8, 2019

STILL working on forsythia reprint, only because I put it off for a few days to finish more pressing things:  mothers Day cards.  VP had good sale, so I spent time thursday and Friday getting new(ish) ones pulled together.  Happy with how they all turned out (I think)

Saturday at the studio I spent the majority of my time deleting emails that had built up over the fall, and had transferred over to my new computer.  10k!  most of it junk, but of course I had to weed out what wasn't.  Found a much easier formula, alphabetical.  Since most junk were duplicates, I could find and delete huge chunks.  Much easier.

Took emma to rock creek and she went nuts.  she loves it so much, but gets herself worked up into a frenzy.  I don't know what the formula is, but she passes some limit and gets even more crazed and hyper.  Made the super smart decision to loop back through the woods instead of the road, so she could stay off leash.  Helped a lot, because when she is leashed and like that, I get so mad at her, and she gets even worse. 

Back to studio today, and tiny hole in screen that I saw Friday had ripped across the entire middle.  Frustrating, but typical.  Contacted company to recycle the 4 broken ones I have, and get a discount, which is good all around.  Bet the shipping cancels it out.  Saved the box, which was smart smart smart.  Fingers crossed its not a fortune through usps.

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