Friday, July 30, 2010

dear dave,

What a crappy week! Not one for the record books, but will be remembered I'm sure. A minor cold progressed into a major sinus infection in a scary-short amount of time.

Tuesday night was the worst. I couldn't sleep, had pounding pain in my face, felt really nauseous, and had these crazy extreme temperature spikes. In the middle of the night, I had convinced myself I was being visited by demons, and that I needed to rebuke them to become well. Very "supernatural" - the tv show. I think it's that horrible over the counter cough medicine. Makes me crazy!

I made it to the doctor Wednesday morning (already feeling much better), and have spent the rest of the week holed up in my apt with Remi and Hexy, cancelling things as they came up. I kept expecting to recover, only to feel the same.

This morning I didn't want to stay home any longer, so I took myself to work, and feel better for it. But a lot has been missed and cancelled, and I feel set back. Two full printing days, two photo shoots, website work for Beverly, shirts to ship, and a studio visit.

Oh well.

Forward> (healthier)

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