Tuesday, July 20, 2010

dear dave,

typical tuesday. rushing to get to corcoran. not much time to work at studio. bits and pieces here and there.

I went to home depot this morning to buy new wood. Lots of material buying lately, which gives me chills. I hate spending money, and sometimes I get stuck on how perfect the BLANK material is. Like I can't possible improve this perfect piece of wood by painting over it and printing on it. Then I go into this instant spiral > what should I print?? Ha -Its a never ending drama!

So Ive settled on 5 birds (not friends). Putting snakeman pattern print down for the time being. Almost bought this big slab of concrete drywall to print it on. Glad I didn't.

Lunch, then corcoran. fingers crossed.

images: I Love these guy's moustaches. Made me think to suggest to Peter. HE has the square face for it. Other shot is found wood, already used!

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