Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 year in review

What sticks out most is the transition from 14th to 18th st.  Winter in the old studio was terrible, no heat, then broken pipes, then no water, and the trickle of fear that our time there was rapidly coming to an end.

The scramble to find new space was relatively easy, but the move was painful.  Way too drawn out, and hard to consolidate 4 big rooms of stuff into one.  A lot was tossed and sold, but 8 months later I'm feeling a little too packed in here with supplies, wood, plants, inventory, and mementos.  Time to spend some time on reorganizing things so they work better.

I LOVE the new studio.  I feel independent, and the space works well.  the scale is right for working and printing, and the window and balcony are HUGE pluses.  The neighborhood is great.  Quiet and still super convenient to everything.  Parking in the summer -- not so great.

But it's weird sometimes being alone.  95% of the time I like it, but there are times when I feel isolated, and I miss easy access to Tom and sally.

Not such a great year business wise.  Things started out slow, and didn't pick up until the fall.   Buzz just sort of coasted along, and H St. Never happened.  Navy Yard Buzz closed, the Slaters was redesigned around Halloween.  It was a long run at BUZZ, and I was ready for things to change, but I'm going to miss the exposure.  I still have artwork up in Ballston, but it's just a matter of time.  I'm expecting a change soon.

Artomatic was pushed to the fall, and was just kind of blah.  The location was not so great, and the timing in the year was terrible.  All the excitement from the past wasn't there.  Still good to do (I guess), but I just wasn't feeling it.

Everything picked up in the fall, which was good.  Finished out the year strong with lots of commissions and pretty good sales.  Dolcezza went well (as always) and Art on the Avenue too.  Like I say almost every year, it's time for NEW!  New artwork, cards and shirts.  New shows and new alliances and friends.  I'm anxious for new energy.

So I'm ending 2015 on a good note, but muddled at the same time.  Some great things I've long depended on have ended, and I'll be moving on.  I'm really curious (as always) to see where 2016 will take me.

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