Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 - the year through pictures

Freezing INSIDE - super cold winter, heat broken at studio

Cold dogs mini prints - how appropriate for 2015 winter

Shaw starbucks - venturing out into the POLAR VORTEX

Protection from ceiling leaks, just before all hell broke loose -

Tom and Hexy, cleaning up to move

Temp washout station in Toms kitchen while water out in mine

News about loosing the studio breaks!

Wallpaper !

wallpaper install !

the long goodbye - always leaving odds and ends on sidewalk

Moving day (1 of too many!)

Luke working before moving

Remi's (historic) bday!

B E F O R E (so happy to finally unload at moving sale)

AFTER (ugh) 

Looking good!  She got these for a steal! (moving sale)
Laying out new studio!
Move in day! April 15 2015

took awhile, but finally found a great layout
Final setup!  Love it

sign for the door!

New design was a hit!

balcony garden BEFORE

balcony garden AFTER !

JAck and Remi, summer 2015
Dog Days 2015 ! fun on the sidewalk
Virginia yard sale 2015!

Flag t - a big hit this summer

OVERLORD, mobile print (dave's fav print 2015)

Dolcezza installation Fall 2015

MCA Fall open studio 2015, with special guest star Magoo
Fall commission

artomatic 2015

prints for artomatic 2015

inventive display for Pixies Holiday show
Ugh - Holiday show at ACE

Harper commission (RIP)
Remi the Queen xoxoxoxox

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