Friday, October 19, 2018

Dear Dave,

A week later from imac meltdown, and I'm back up and running.  New 27" computer and new printer scanner, and "trial" run on ai.  Ugh, I'm going to have to rent it now.  What a racket.

Working on my scanning, tracing method.  Think I might have gotten 80% there today, but sad to see the old way go.  After 10 years I've gotten used to my lines looking a certain way.  No longer can enlarge and scan at the same time, so things are looking different.

Love the updated computer, and glad I went for the bigger screen.  Cancelled my order for small at the last minute after a trip to Best Buy to check them out.  Happy with the printer for now.

the biggest revelation: iweb works.  I cannot believe it.

Lots to do as always.  Get rid of old computer(s), printer, and resolve all sues stuff.  And keep preparing for holidays.  Behind as usual.

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