Monday, October 22, 2018

Getting used to computer.  Sure is nice to have software work without lagging.  Need to sign up for Adobe soon, time is ticking.  I hate their new system.  It's robbery.

Tried to print smaller tote, but didn't work out like I feared.  The bunchy sides get in the way of the press pressing.  Went on another hunt for 055, but its O - U - T.  Really sucks, but I need to move on.

Plants are starting to come into studio, so the space will feel more crowded.  Getting significantly colder out.

Took Emma to Great Falls saturday, and she did great with sticking by me.  I'm happy to build up confidence with her.  I feel like these things were more of a given with Remi.  Emma takes a little bit more effort.

Saw Isle of Dogs last night.  So creative.

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