Thursday, October 11, 2018

iWeb acting really strange.  It won't let me change home page at all without screwing it all up.  Another step towards giving it up.  I am jumping thru ridiculous hoops to keep the old computer.  Iweb was the reason.  Now that isn't even working.

Annoyed with my phones thumbprint lock.  Takes 3-4 tries every time.  That's a lot annoying.

Updated instagram is a mystery.  There are 10,000 features all over the place.  It's a cluttered mess of options and stories.  I like my old version.

The 50 year old me.

Found ames tote blanks cheaper.  Excited about that...  Order 24 before jumping in.  Hoping the company is not a scam.

Don't ever know what happend to ccnow.  What a mess that was!

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