Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 wrap up

Another solid year.  Building on all the years before.  Making new fans, getting more commissions, expanding the studio, and working more with Hallmark.

it's always fun to look back and see how all my hopes and dreams for the year panned out.

Spring was good - still printing at the Corcoran, and anxious about it closing, and transitioning.  I made a lot of reprints - branches and redbud and otter and squirrels.  Bear and Owl and Monsters.  And a really fun (challenging) cabinet door project with my logo dog in a pattern.

The corcoran slowly drove me mad - all the ups and downs with the schedule, and draging all my materials back and forth.  Never knowing what I'd be walking into.  The thight spaces and shared supplies.  I was sooooooooo ready to move on.

Finally made the mental leap into Joren's old studio late spring when Tom jumped ship to Doris Mae.  Then it was just a matter of working out all the details.  Was a stroke of luck and brilliance when Hex and i both realized I should just take over Dafna's space as well.  Months later everything is in place, and I'm printing here now.

Also in spring I was really busy with Hallmark, and got some awesome consistant work from them.  Highlight was a valentine conceptual project which eventually lead to them accepting practically all of my design ideas.  A major major score.  (ha- thinking back it was a little rocky that project.  Working out the financials, and fearing the worst.  But all worked out beautifully)

Things scaled way back as the year progressed - and it was a lesson in diversification.  Not something to rely on.  All I can say is when I get those request emails, it's like Christmas morning.  So exciting.

Later in the summer we stared seeing them at CVS.  What a major thrill.  That was the best.

Prints - commissions kept me busy, and the corcoran's schedule stopped me from doing a lot extra.  Which is a good thing!  But often I just had time for commissions and reprints, and my inventory suffered.  Had a good and successful show at H ST Coffee in the summer.  Combine that with all 3 buzzes and Trohv, and it's a lot of inventory to (not) manage well.  I struggled to keep up - all year long.  Fall didn't really help - I just added Dolcezza to the mix (another struggle).  Hopefully in '15 I can get ahead.  Sales are a function of creativity.  I need to push my creativity more.

But - I have settled into a good place in terms of success anxiety.  I feel much more established, and that good things will continue to come.  The show at H st is a good example.  As long as I pick the right things to put my energy into, it will pay off down the road.  I'm constantly reaping rewards from things that happened years ago.

HA - need to record the absymal H ST OPENING.  I can't remember if I promoted it at all, or was just expecting them to - but I was there on time, Friday evening, dressed up a bit.  Parked my car and anxiously walked in.  Nobody.  Nobody came.  I stayed for an hour looking at my phone, uneasy and hoping nobody would show up to SEE that nobody showed up.  Nobody did.  I saw it was about to storm, and got to my car just in time.  Drove home in the thunder and rain, not really feeling all that bad.  I have such a complicated relationship with being social.

Buzz was good in a maintenance way.  often neglected by me, but cards picked way up after they repositioned them by the registers, and I made a bunch of new ones that sold well.  Valentines were good, and spring is always the best time for birthdays and special occasions.  Cards are fun and strong.  Big hopes to land in PaperSource next year.  FINALLY sent in samples, and have my fingers crossed.  I know they would be a hit.  Also landed Ms. pixies, which is A W E S O M E! !  After Pulp closed, this became a perfect transition.  Major visibility and solid sales.  I'm really psyched about where that will all lead.  Fun Holiday Bazaar in early Dec for one!

Oh - back to Buzz.  I NEED TO REGROUP!  NEW NEW NEW NEW prints.  An early 2015 must.  Trohv too, but I'm unsure about all that.  Always so unsure about how to leverage Trohv.  Such an awesome store and opportunity.  I wish I could sell more there.

This recap is getting unwieldy.  Time to abbreviate:

NEW Studio!  Painting the floor.  Removing the kitchen crap.  Replacing the windows.  Building the tables (out of mostly FOUND!!!!!!!! wood).  Hooking up the pressure washer.  Hauling up the huge and unwieldy exposure unit.  Demolishing and disposing of the indestructible crate it was delivered in on the sidewalk.  printing for the first time here.  All fun highlights to remember.

From a drawn out summer session at the corcoran with all the emotion and exhilaration of leaving to the daunting task of setting up shop here, it was an enormous transition I was over-ready for.  Still finding my way, but it is such a good strong needed step in my development.  High hopes surrounding it all for 2015 and way beyond!

Shirts - blah.  All went on the back burner of indecision and default.  Not much motivation for new designs, flat sales, and just general blahness.  I did well on sidewalk sales (new and fun development), but the transition to Alternative just kind of doesn't work well.  Maybe I just need to let it be as it is.  A side thing.  OR - put some real effort into it and make new designs.  We'll see how it goes.
sidewalk sales +
website + / -
17th street - rained out
MCA  + / -
Trohv + / -
Del Ray + +

Ok - much more to say, but it's staring to feel ridiculous.  Time to put a cap on the year, and leave it there.  EXCITED for the fresh new start.  Printing a lot.  New fans.  MORE promotions!  better use of my time.  MORE creativity!  and sky rocketing growth!!

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ps - quick notes:

remi getting older / slower :(
high hopes for Radius (outside) in spring summer
high hopes for hallmark 2015
more photography??
Artomatic 2015??
should I keep my blue wood floors???
new computer???
print mates??

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