Thursday, December 4, 2014

another good day.  Really happy to finally have the new windows in, after a few days of false starts.  Thought there would be more impact (on the draft), but somehow, somehere it's still there.

Printing, and not much more.  I have many other things on the agenda, but hard to keep 3 pans boiling! The week has gone by really fast, and having the early mornings has screwed up my rhythm.  And it gets dark soooooo early.  It's like the days are 4 hours long tops.  Add in gloomy cold weather, and it all turns into a big bummer.

Event at Pixies tomorrow, and bday dinner with Hex tonight.  Busy weekend working and playing.  December is always hectic.  But I tell myself to enjoy the excitement, because then January always turns into a blak hole!

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