Wednesday, December 10, 2014

started the day happier then now when I'm ending it!  Just made a few (fatal) mistakes with shirts - which sucks!!!!!!  Upside down captions!  And iron mishaps.  And using the wrong shirt for the wrong design.  Pisses me off. :(

Oh well - all is fine.  One print is taking longer then expected, but I think I have the path to finishing it. New inks are frustrating me -- I can't get as bright of colors as I want.  Maybe I will just splurge on the others.  We'll see…

Also frustrating is the emulsion.  Too sensitive for one paper, not sensitive enough for another.  Trying to find the sweet spot, but wasting screens in the process.

Wow - lots of frustrations to get out.  RHOBH too!! haha

Oh well - tomorrow is another day.  (to succeed / fail)  wow - really in a sour mood.

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