Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year in Pics 2014

1st Hallmark/Shoebox card spotted in the wild!  Thrilling

Cabinet door project - worked out great!
Just moving into new print studio!  note blue floor

Year of the Tomato cage (total encapsulation!) damn squirrels

Stacked the car with salvaged wood -- a good run!

Lots of wedding related commissions! This was fun to do

some mass production, maybe more in future

A ridiculous design, but I loved it (sold @ trohv!!)

Bonsai rising!

Pool time this summer was reinvigorating

engagement print!  She said YES! (not my engagement)

A fun commission for Mer. 

My beloved Monti
Poisen Ivy SUMMER.  UGH - horrible, very horrible

I love Monti (the day we finally met)

A fun commission - I loved how it turned out.  This one is B I G

These Boxers were soooooo hard for me to figure out.  

Lots of versions fo this.  Bill bought the biggest one (love it)

Tough to get this one completed, but it all worked out!

3rd show at Dolcezza.  Later in the year, but still worked out great.

SPEAKEASY art was so fun this year.  Always is

Branddave + M S. P I X I E S.  A great development this year !!

Cleared out the kitchen crap, and set up shop!

Table # 2 in studio B.  Easy does it!

New digs for Hex and Dave and Remi.  THE RADIUS!

Another fun commission

Ghetto light table.  It works!  It's Free!!

Mugs.  so so sales, but fun to have.

New windows = less cold.  A GOOD THING. (studio B)


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