Friday, December 31, 2010

dear dave,

Last year I wrote 2009 highlight list, and thought I'd do the same for 2010.

It was a rough year - not really what I expected.  Looking back I can definitely see growth and expansion, but it was hard to feel like I was progressing.  Maybe I'm just going in too many directions.

All the potential is still there.  I just need to focus on harnessing it better.  more effectively.

Anyway, here's to 2010.  Another year....

Studio - In January I moved my studio from Tenley to Logan Circle.  I really miss the amazing old neighborhood, and Fort Reno, but my studio is much better, and everything is so much more convenient.  I remember scrapping and scrapping the walls and window before painting.  Our big debut was the MCA open studios in April.

Valentines - Mid January I got the idea to make valentines, so I rushed them thru so I would have them in time.  I was pretty happy with the result, and reaction.  Plan to do more with cards in 2011.

March was spent mostly temping at Price Medical, but I managed to print two large Gaggle pieces, commissioned by Barb for her sitting room in the DC Design House.  They turned out really really great - and were easier to print then I thought they would be.  Happy to say I sold them both - my most expensive prints.

After a few solid months of snow and winter and cold weather and temping and moving,  I got together with Dave again to shoot new shirts.  Started to use the tri-blends, which I still really really like.  And I always love taking pictures of Dave.

My vision for the new studio always involved having a tall, maxed out work table along the long wall.  It took a few months and some false starts with hired help, but Hex and I managed to make it a reality after a solid weekend of work.  I really love it! And its so sturdy!  Just want I had envisioned.

After a mini-gig at my old studio space, Tom and I hooked up and made plans for working together.  What a great guy, and super talented.  I feel really lucky/happy/honored to be working with him.  Just before he left on his country-wide spring tour I hooked him up with a bunch of t-shirts to wear on-stage. In a few weeks I'll be working on his Spring 2011 collection.

These branches prints were so hard to accomplish.  I had a few false starts, trouble with warped boards, redo's, paint-overs, and messed up flowers.  But in the end I was really happy with them - and think they are super unique.  Happy I stuck with them.

Dave K was busy with school, and Peter just seemed to appear, so we started to get together regularly to shoot new shirts, and eventually underwear.  Peter is a lot of fun, and super easy to work with.  Always on time, and always in a good mood.  And above all - really open.  Shooting the nude pictures with him at Rock Creek, and then eventually all the briefs was sooooo much fun.  a definite highlight of the year!  I don't think I would have ever launched Tightewhities if I hadn't found him.

I am on constant look out for scrap wood, and found this piece just outside Distinctive Lifestyles.  The drawing came much later, but felt like an instant hit.

I was busy late summer getting ready for shows at Caramel and Mid-City Caffe, and launching the underwear site.  This print came somewhere in the middle of all that.

Funny because later in the year it seemed to really apply with an old relationship of mine.  I quickly realized he got the wrong message, and that I felt very differently now.   We really were over.  period.

Most of the fall was spent building up inventory for Red Tree.  The wall of prints looked great.  A culmination of a lot of work.  Years of work.  I have big hopes to continue on with them now that Nov/Dec is over.  Fingers crossed!

December was ok.  I was busy making prints and finishing out the studio year at the Corcoran.  I'm really happy with my last few prints of the year.  Hopefully they will push me forward into 2011!

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