Thursday, February 8, 2018

good day overall.  back on track with REDBUD print on paper after an f-up yesterday.  Got some new paper at BLICK this morning, and redid it.  The next phase (framing) is what scares me!  I just need to push ahead and figure it out.  Framing is never fun.

good news from HM - another renew.  Free $, I love it.

Need to finish up Chinchillas and print for Amanda, then it is on to 2018.  There is so much to accomplish.

Took emma to Dumbarton at 4:30 sharp.  Everybody was there: shadow, bella, luna, frankie, hopkins, scout, the greyhounds, and the little stumpy barker.  Emma loves them all.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Solid week back after weeks of holidays.  super cold weather, which is a drag.  Only going to get colder this weekend.

Keeping up with Emma's exercise, which feels accomplished. 

Trying to stay up on all my printing and drawing projects too.  I'm going down my list -- onto cats commission and diversity edit next few days.

Have lots of creating to do next few weeks.  New cards postcards valentines and prints.  And new tees.  This year has to be all about N E W !

Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 year in review

Came into work on this holiday weekend (tomorrow is Sunday, New Years Eve) and realized I better hustle and write this out, so it appears where it's supposed to - Dec 2017. 

I seem to have a different relationship to the blog now.  It's more obligatory -- not as exciting to keep up.  I wish I could change that mindset!  I wish I could change a lot of mindsets work wise!  More about that down the line I expect.

Always hard to write about the WHOLE year in late December.  So much happened, but it all gets condensed into my head as good or bad.  I'm inclined to say bad, but that's not really true.  Anyway, lets go through it:

Started on good footing after a great Dec 2016, but I fell into familiar patterns of malaise.  Not so creative, and not pushing hard enough through spring.  SUPER MEGA distracted by all the news of T#### and all the craziness.  We did a lot of protest marches, and that felt great.

Had this weird bright idea to do the mini dollhouse gallery.  Got so excited with all my plans, then Hallmark came calling and I dropped it all!  Got a super project of 12 cards form them.  All came out great, and I spent tons of time drawing and perfecting them.  SOOOOOOOO happy to be working with them again.

Remi started coming to the studio full time.  Super slow and old, and turned 15 In May!  What an amazing dog.  it was really hard seeing her age.  I would carry her in and out and up and down.  Months later it's all a blur, all the stuff we needed to do to keep her up and running.  I just remember slow trips everywhere - getting her to the car, up the Radius ramp, and all the headaches with Street cleaning parking restrictions in the summer. 

That last weekend with her was torture, waiting for Monday late afternoon to arrive when we took her to the vet in Potomac.  Excruciating.  But it was time - she was so weak, and it was the right thing to do.  I feel at peace about it.  I never thought I could do it, but then we just did.

Getting Emma was so easy and perfect, and I still can't believe how it all worked out.  I never knew what hex would feel about it all until it happened, and I just was so happy when we got her.  Such an enormous change for us, but a great change.  I LOVE having her and seeing her grow up.

Fall was typical with all the shows and things speeding up.  Of course I wasn't prepared like I needed to be.  Art on the Ave was good, but could be so much better.  It's sort of the theme for everything.  Last minute prep works, but isn't great.

November flew by, and then December.  Had all these plans, but kept getting behind with no time to recover.  In the end I did well - with a last minute reprint sale that worked out great.  So here I am again, looking forward to a new beginning and a fresh start!


Artomatic Crystal City - liked my location and the building, but it was a great show.  I don't really know why!  My shifts were so painfully long and boring.  I remember sitting on the hard couch hiding with my phone and stealing candy from the other display.  I guess it's just and old show.  There is no longer the same exciting energy.  It's all aged.

MCA - had higher hopes for a revival but it all disappointed.  Website frustration and terrible Open studios attendance.  Giving up on it.  Did a lot of Instagram work over the summer, but to no real avail.

Studio - last year of my lease coming up in MAY!  Hope and pray I can stay.  I cannot believe it's been 3 years already.  Space on 14th is finally getting renovated.  Miss my sign there.  A big loss business wise.

No Dolcezza this year.  Ross out, so I need to figure out.  Same with Buzz.  Practically no sales form Ballston.  Cards selling well still

Sidewalk sales -- Dog Days good, and online print sales, but all need new energy!  Shirts were a mixed bag (again).  Glad to have them again - with new paper, new shirts and the press.  But they still frustrate me!  The sizing of the shirts, the fit. And the limitations of the paper.  Love the better quality, but not how I lost the "ghosting"  Ahhhh - anyway.  More to figure out going forward.

PLUS ccnow.  Ugh.  Had big plans to switch, but all fizzled.  The alternatives just are not easy or great.  Nothing is obvious.  But in 2018 I have to make the change.  CCnow is just too limited anymore.

Ok - I'm rambling.  Best to close there: muddled.  Lots to do and figure out going forward.  Here's to a GREAT 2018.  Goodbye to you 2017.  Happy to have made it through you.

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NEW colorful envelopes!

Women's March on Washington post inaguaration

Remi at the studio full-time

Artomatic Crystal City 2017 site selection

Artomatic wall

Last sign up on 14th, just before they removed it : (

Remi's 15th bday (miracle)

Branddave shirts return ! ! ! !

mini gallery (still an idea I guess)

Late summer show at DC ART

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Bunny commission

Emma selection day!!

Pick up day August 12 2017

Art All Night with MCA in shaw

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Mugs for 2017 Holiday

Dumbarton Days with Hexy

Late year prints
B I G G E R !

Thursday, December 28, 2017

FINISHED you don't scare me reprint.  only took 4 days....

another freezing day.  Worked on reprints, and the day flew by.  Going to gym for first time in weeks.  Thought about skipping, but that is opposite of what I should do.  This time of year just always equals laziness.  I got to fight it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

the week between xmas and NY.  ugh - I always hate it.

Working on overdue prints and getting a lot of prep work done.  Always excited to start new things this time of year.  A fresh page.

F R E E Z I N G outside.  Took Em to Dumbarton but there were no dogs to play with.  cold + holiday.  On the way out one of her favorites was just coming in.  I was too cold to stay!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Pulled together my print sale today.  Finally hit it -- a reprint sale.  All the pages were set -- a perfect solution.  Instead of stressing out about making all these prints ahead, I would make them to order.  just hope I don't get too swamped so I can't finish.

Anyway, busy, which is how it should be.  late!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

“All the tension has broken,” she said.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Disgusted by Bruce Weber.  Not hard to believe or see all along, but easy to ignore and write off.  Seeing the model discribe what happened to him is heartbreaking and real.  The pain expressed.  I can never look at his work the same.  Feel sad about that.  It's tainted.  A lifetime of reverance - poof.  What to do with my collection?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Finished bee and cobra prints.

Onto drawing the dogs on the sled.

tick tick tick.

Time goes by

Monday, December 4, 2017

terrible miserable awful few days with back injury.  so happy that is healed, just missed a lot and feel so behind now.

ALL gears back in motion today.  praying the week flows by...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved Hex

Monday, November 27, 2017

Big U TURN today. 

After thanksgiving, and a fun working weekend, the plan for today and this week was to buckle down on work, get lots done and move forward with christmas stuff.  But just before bed last night I sprung up and remembered I had Jury Duty today, so everything was changed.

From 200+ to 24 to 8, and I was one that was selected.  Such an interesting experience and feels so serious.  A little important bubble I'm suddenly engaged in.  So next few days work gets put on hold, and I enter a strange different world at the courthouse.

Thanksgiving was great.  enjoyed the hike,a nd not too disappointed in my semi dry turkey.  Missed Hexy of course, and Emma too.

Lots of Dumbarton with Emma over weekend.  Fun to be with Hex there too.  She had a blast.

rented Big Little Lies, and really enjoyed it.  The whole world it created.  Something to remember about the holiday weekend.

This week I have little sessions of work after court.  a lot to keep up.  Now I just want o go home and chill.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

such a wind-down for the holiday.  The spirit in the air has moved on to relaxing, and setting all things stressful and upsetting aside.

brilliant idea to send out a thank you (mass) email instead.  The right sentiment I wanted, and something not so desperate.  I like it.

late in the afternoon, and I'm thinking it's time for coffee + bagel.  Cut a bunch of small wood today, and need to continue on with my work for the day.  took emma to tennis courts earlier.  A great go-to place for her to run around off leash, and for me to not have to worry about her getting into trouble.  win win.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Monday

2 weeks behind on all things holiday.  Today I got cards pulled together after concluding that I won't have time to make any more new ones, so I souped up some old ones and sent them off to printer. 

Anxious to get my email out before thursday.  Shooting for tomorrow.  but that leads to 1,ooo problems of pulling everything together and making presentable and usable.

T-shirt angst and print angst (and card angst)  Same-old-story of not having enough NEW to show.  And not giving myself enough time to make them and pull it all together.  So I have to go with what I have and make it work.

Staring BEE reprint, and finishing long over-due paper order.  Framing will be interesting!

Friday, November 17, 2017

DETERMINED to return to blogger.

I don't know what the problem is - busy?  Computer a pain in the ass?  Not in the mood to recount my days?  Thinking that nobody cares anyway?  I think all of hte above.  It's such a pain getting photos from phone to computer with old phone and older computer.  Everything is such an ordeal with these things now!

anyway, we are already well into November, and I haven't written a word.

The time goes by super fast.  Weeks melt away.  This year I am 95% less busy then I was last year (no Dolcezza, no Artomatic), yet I'm still feeling overwhelmed by stuff I need to do.  I don't know why really, if you compare.  anyway, a run down:

working on cards for JDI and commissions.  And printing.  Ugh - that's it!  Oh and mugs.

Where does my time go?????
 Emma takes some.  Spending time taking her out and going to Dumbarton often, but still....

Ha, this post is just a big question mark -


Gearing up for holidays, but always feel behind.  But really, I'm not.  Getting email ready, cards, envelopes, and mini prints.  All become big projects with all the details.  And the website.  So over CCNOW, but stuck with it at least through the holidays.  Really can't believe I kept it all year.  But the alternatives are overwhelming.

Ok, what a rambling mess.  Oh well, I guess that sums it up really.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

worked mos the day of E.L. project.  Little things add up in time.  Reminiscent of the catalog days.

Printing humming along.  always slower then expected.  Nice to have more screens to work with.

Emma is a challenge - keeping her away from everything in the studio.  Most of the day she is asleep, but when she is awake, she is very awake.  our big outing last Thursday and then Saturday has worn off.  She is ready to go!  Hoping I have the time tomorrow to repeat last week.  a fun new tradition.

Loving the new Pet Shop boys (old) songs.  Nice to have fresh music to enjoy while working.  So sick of all the blogs, and all the politics.  A year later, and it still has such a stong hold.