Tuesday, May 23, 2017


crappy weather past few days, including the weekend, so we skipped with sidewalk sale.

Finally planted in Rockville, and had lazy (nice) Sunday.  Made strawberry shortcake and tended to ms remi.

twin peaks sunday.  cant believe it's been 25 years.

This week > lead up to holiday weekend.  Shirts finally up on website, and cards coming in today.  Anxious to get them all out before the weekend.

And draw!  I always need to draw.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fun morning turned to caffeine poisoning!  Went to gallery talk at Hirshorn with Kelly Towles and POWWOW gang, and had strong coffee. 

Rough few hours later trying to get it out of my system, and recovering from a headache on top of it.  yikes.

Anyway - talk was great.  Nice to meet him, and hear their story.  Being on the Mall early morning in the sun with the sprinklers was memorable too.

Working on prints ordered, and thinking about life.  Priorities and fuck ups and work frustrations.  Gallery talk put things into perspective.  I get struck in my emotional bubble.

Anyway, finishing up for the day, then have to drag poor remi to the car in the bright sun and heat.  She absolutely hates it.  But when we get home, she is back to her (slightly) more energetic self.  The many moods of Remi Martin.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

working on getting shirts up and running.  Photographing them in the morning when the light is best.

Down on ccnow, so I'm switching carts, but it's a big undertaking.  I'm stalling.

Hot hot hot out. Kind of nice, but bad for ms remi.  I have the AC cranked, so I'm always cold.  I need to bring a hoodie!

Monday, May 15, 2017

monday is so unappealing after a working weekend.

Back to the studio, and back to setting up MCA in reverse.  Cards go back in their boxes, boxes come out, shirts get folded up, prints taken down.  It's all a bummer.  too much set up for a short day of open studio.

Worked on photographing shirts for website (hard).  never an easy task, but I'm finding my way.

Amazing weather is really great.  Supposed to be nice all week. 

I'll find my groove.  Just not today . . .

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Open studio not as busy as I would have liked. 

Whats the magic formula?  I feel like I've lost my marketing mojo.  Not sure.

Rainy week maybe didnt help.  Competing events.  Not enough effort getting the work out.

Spent the week preparing.  Made lots of shirts, and hung all my prints.  But can't help but feel discouraged.

But all my effort isnt lost.  The shirts had to be made anyway.  I need to build up inventory on hand.  there will be other events.


Monday, May 8, 2017

crazy busy weekend:
buying and ropping bedding plants in Rockville (50% off!!!)
managing Remi (pooping and peeing everywhere)
party at Tanys
Deinstall Artomatic
finding posting and selling glass table and lamp

Everything worked out well, but was a lot.

Busy week preparing for OPEN STUIOS saturday.

Making shirts, which is fun with the new press.

Friday, May 5, 2017

more of the same as week progressed!

fits and starts.  So strange, it's like I'm swimming against a big current.  When I think I have something figured out, I run into more troubles. 

Ordered shirts, returned shirts.   Always the same story.  The perfect shirt just can't be found at a reasonable price in good colors that I can transfer on.  Think I've settled on these CANVAS ones, but they have little things about them that bug me.  Same with the transfer paper.  Ugh

REMI"S BDAY TODAY ! ! ! ! ! !  15 ! ! ! ! ! !
So funny - hex made pancakes after I convinced him that was easier then an actual cake.  We decorated them, took out our phones, and before we could get any good pictures or video she had eaten them.  It was a little ani-climatic, so we did another photo session with milkbones.  That was more successful.

Can't believe she made it to 15.  Very slow, but still very much alive and happy.

XOXOXOXO to miss remi

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

half step forward, 5 steps back.

Not completely satisfied with new transfers.  Frustrated with how they feel and show on dark colors.  Limited to only white shirts , or light heather, and feeling stuck.  That won't look so great on a table, a sea of blah . . .

Trying to get up and running making them, and keep making errors, wrong shirts, wrong size, wrong color.  I want to pull my hair out (what I have).  And finding little glitches with the press.  Think I have it figured out, only to find new problems.  (super frustrated right now).

Can't seem to get in a groove, with anything.  Grrrrrrrr.

Issues with website











and on and on and on

Monday, May 1, 2017

Loving Gorillaz Humanz.  Nice transition from twenty one pilots.  music makes the world go round (and keeps me moving)

Liking the new heat press.  Things progressing.

Artomatic closing saturday.  Another trip out there this past saturday.  Ready to say goodbye to this show...  disappointing.

Finished City dogs prints.  now on to other things.  Things where I actually make $??  We'll see.

4 more days until remi is 15! 

Fun time in Rockville Sunday with Hexy (!).  Nice to have him back at the parchessi board.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Time floating by. 

Marking the days until remi turns 15 - 6 days to go.  Every day she gets a little weaker, but then has moments where she bounces back and seems better.  It's painful seeing her like this though.  I drag her around - trying to get her outside to pee, or back to the car so we can go home, or go to the studio.  Ha - maybe she is just being stubborn.  I really can't tell sometimes.

Got my heat press, and think I'm back on track with shirts again.  Still testing new transfers to see limitations.  Think dark shirts will be out.  The "film" the others made isn't as prominent.  But overall think these will be better and last longer.  Good news.

Mothers day cards came in, and all got distributed.  Still need to add to site.

Business still really slow, which is distressing.  I hate getting no emails.  I tell myself to stay positive.
fun with Cliff

Orchids transport - out for the summer!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rainy monday tuesday on top of rainy saturday and cloudy sunday.  Sick of the gloom.

Remi hanging in, but incrementally weaker.  10 more days to go until her 15th bday.

Went to artomatic sunday with hexy to check on cards, and was nice to be back.  Artists night saturday, then closes after the following weekend.  A good show, but disappointed with sales.  Everything slow overall. 

Finally finished X X X print, after a big mishap.  Oh well, what can I do but move forward.

New cards coming in, and heat press too this week.  High hopes

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

more angst re: ccnow. 

Discovered this morning they had cut accepted credit cards to Visa only (since jan) and paypal.  Which is a problem - and leads to more problems.  but really, solving these problems has been a long time coming.  My grip on iweb, and my 9 year old computer is slipping.

Went to squarespace and shopify and am still trying to sort it out.  A huge project to move everything over, and a big decision to make about what to choose.  Ugh.

Lots of change.  ordered heat press last night as well.  Hopeful that can get me moving on t-shirts again.

Biking home while cars in the shop

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hexy's seedlings

Bought heat press today.  the t-shirt answer I've been looking for?  fingers crossed.

happy to be through the 2016 taxes wicket.  On to brighter things.

Waiting to here about my car in the shop -- a black cloud : (