Thursday, January 19, 2017

Weird time leading up to the inauguration tomorrow.  The city is bracing for the worst.  Batten down the hatches, and make an emergency evacuation plan.  It's really crazy and scary.

Happy to hear its going to rain.


And got quick valentines in to VP

Back half of January needs to go better then front half.  All VERY typical after the rush of December.  But it never feels good to be this unmotivated.  Things are getting done, but at a less then inspiring pace.

heading home.  then maybe to a little goodbye rally for Obama at 7.  we'll see

Monday, January 16, 2017

Finished printing brookes today - a looooooooooong road, these 3 prints.

MLK day today.

Bracing for Inauguration (Friday) and excited for protest march (Saturday)

Anxious for 2nd half of the month.  Lots to accomplish, and big hurdles to overcome.  Fingers crossed things go well.

Remi still doing well.  10 laps around the studio this morning before settling down.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Better day mentally.

Went to Home depot this morning, and also got new envelopes.  N o t  s u r e about them.  Feel a little unsettled with how they look packaged with the cards.  I chose 3 colors -- and bought enough for the year.  Ugh.  I know they are the right direction.  Just wish I liked them 100%

Loving 21 pilots.  Like Vampire Weekend - suddenly finding this huge trove of music that is so fun to listen too.  Just what I need!

Working tomorrow.  So much for my no work on Saturday policy.  oh well, lasted a one saturday . . .

Thursday, January 12, 2017

feeling kind of grumpy.  End of days blues.

Working on commission prints, and it's a long slog.  Hoping when all are finished and framed and stained I'll feel a little happier with them.  All I see are the little color and placement mistakes that I can't change without doing the whole thing over again (which drives me nuts).  All I want to do is start over again, but that is not practical.

Day off yesterday dealing with the water heater.  Not a fan of plumbers.  Bad memories of 1225 and 1425.  They NEVER have teh right f-ing equipment to f-ing finish the job.  NEVER.  Sure enough, they needed to come back this morning.

Remi still doing ok, as long as we stick to a strict 2 hour schedule of letting her out.  Even then she has lots of "accidents" inside.  Poor baby.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

working on "BROOKES" prints.  Slow going, but going well.

Remi a handful, but I'm staying patient.

Still cold, but warmer days later in the week.

Anxious about T***** bullshit.  It's all so disgusting.  Everyday is a new outrage.

Friday, January 6, 2017


First friday of the new year.  m i l d progress on all things branddave.  printed the cats today, in the forest and back in the car.  But as I was printing I was screwing around, waiting for the screens to dry, and just generally distracted.

Plan to print tomorrow, and back to drawing Monday.

Got some new envelope samples in, hoping to replace the paper bag brown.  Time for something brighter, but strangely, there isn't a lot of "stock" bright envelopes out there.  We'll see.

Remi is circling the studio.  Witching Hour!

r e c e n t s

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year!

Working on drawing and printing backlog.

Worked out ccnow (i think) which is a relief.

my printer - not so much.  Need to bite the bullet and buy a new (old) one.

Remi still coming to the studio regularly.  She gets so worked up around 4.  It's crazy.

Took down my holiday signs on 14th, and need to settle on a new image for new ones.

Got massage last night.

Want to keep busy.

January always is tough.

Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 year in review

In with hope and promise and out with upset and fear (of the future)

2016 was some year!

Started out better then 2015, I was getting commissions in and started selling prints straight off my website.  Finally had the bright idea of setting that up after buying a TIVO online and realizing that things had changed, people are willing to buy bigger ticket items (online) and that I need to make it more convenient.  See it, buy it, get it.  No longer a cumbersome process of back and forth emails and arrangements.  And it paid off!

In the spring I dabbled a little bit in mobiles and posters, but in the end the cards, prints, shirts and commissions kept me busy.  Spring MCA went well, but Fall was kind of a bust.  The group is broken and disjointed, and it doesn't work to just be a passive participant.  Not sure my plans for 2017, but it really seems like the default is to stop with the Open Studios.  We'll see.

Summer I got involved with Cheeky Puppy, which put me on the path of aluminum signs.  Put a lot of energy towards them, going back and forth on size and prices, and did a large(ish) test run.  Like the posters, they felt a little off.  Sold most of them, but I'm not sure I'll do any more.  I love how easy they are to produce, but do they help me?  I can't decide.

July I ran out of transfers, which was always no big deal until this year, when they suddenly became completely unavailable from Dharma.  SUCKS!  Still not in.  Week after month they fore casted future resolution, but it looks like they are not coming back.  Bazaar and horrible.  I don't really know what to do - they are completely unique, and I'm totally dependant on their "ghosting" quality and softness.  A huge question mark going forward.  Impacted the entire fall, especially Dog Days, Art on the Ave (we didn't even go) and holidays.

Also summer I contacted Cork & Fork on 14th and offered to make artwork for their awesome window.  Promising at first, but after I sold my first piece and replaced it with another (less fun and positive design), they seemed no longer on board.  They took it down for Gay Pride (understandable ((pulse nightclub shooting))), and that became the end of that.  A funny experience, dealing A on phone and B in store.  A was all about me, B was super circumspect.

I hate it when I'm in someplace, and super communicative and flexible, and owners take it upon themselves to move or remove or somehow alter my work without even consulting with me. Makes me feel really shitty and defensive.  Happens more than I would like.

After July I went into sonic speed into August and the Fall.  Suddenly I had a million projects taking me in opposite directions with similar deadlines.  Commissions, illustrations for Story District, Print show for Willow St, print show at Dolcezza, Artomatic, Holiday cards, holiday commissions.  it's been crazy.  Good (great!), but I have felt really heavy trying to get everything done.  Lots of spill over into Jan with the holiday work, and one looooooooong running commission, and poor Noah.  Wish i could be fast with drawing.  But I'm just not.

Willow St - fun interesting work.  Pushed myself, and like what I came up with.  Opening was a BUST, nobody showed.  Really inexcusable on my part.  But I was pulled in 10000 directions.

Artomatic - bad site selection day, but got a good spot.  Liked my work, and sold most.  Show itself was hard -- time of year to blame.  Location was much better, and I really loved the building.  But I made a mess of my volunteer shifts.  such a mess.

Dolcezza -- much shorter show this year, took all down just before Thanksgiving.  Sold a bunch, but the impact is waining.  Still a good effort.

OVER ARCHING the entire year was the election, and it's culmination Nov 8th with a horrible result.  We watched endless tv commentary,all the debates with javi, and listened to TONS of podcasts about all the minutia.  A really shocking outcome.  Still can't believe it, and have incredible fear of where it's taking us.  Broken and sad.

A big year!  Better than 2015.  More solid and busy.  Still LOVE my studio.  Amazing and incredibly grateful that Remi is still thriving, and love having her at the studio.  All my potential is still there.  just need to stay focused and positive and flexible.  And hopeful.

goodbye 2016.

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2016 - The year through pictures

Blizzard, winter 2016
Wedding "guestbook" print
business card give-aways
Jack commission

Bandana commission

H I T ! ! !

m i s s .

Last night at Cafe Asia boo!

Before (windstorm)

Cheeky Puppy display

Elephant ear + hail

Bugsy comission in progress

Peregrine sign

DC tees for Dog Days sale

Aluminum sign collection

Dog Days 2016 on 14th

Redbud on Acoustic panel

Willow Street Opening for Say What?

Willow St Opening

Dolcezza 2016

New landscaping in Rockville

Shaw Dog Park Howl-o-ween

Artomatic 2016

Remi at the studio "working"

14th St Sign for Holidays

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas nice in Rockville.  Missed Hex. 

Fatty meat, moist cakes, shark tank, $ exchange and parcheesi.

Slow day at the studio doing odds and ends.  Would like to be in front of a fireplace watching a good movie.

2016 coming to a close.  planning my year end review.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Finished for the day and the season.  Lots to do after Christams, all that i couldnt finish before, but I'm leaving today feeling like I got a lot done!

Merry Christmas to all.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Success!!  Last bit of drawing before Christmas went smoothly -- printing silly oslo tomorrow.

Nice day with Remi.  Must always remember these days with her.  I cherish them - in between being frustrated with her following me everywhere.  I quickly turn that around to feeling happy that she is so energetic that she can.

I kiss her all day long and snuggle with her and smell her fur deep.  I never want to be without her.  She is so precious to me.  I take deep long sniffs between her shoulders and near her belly.  Remi has such a specific smell.  I want to remember that smell forever.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I feel so drained!  relaxed enthusiasm friday became stressed out exhaustion tuesday night.  Feeling a little better after today, but still things to get done before I can breath a sigh of relief.

Its a long and short week at the same time.  5 solid days, but not enough to get everything done, and as the week progresses, it's more and more lazy hazy and people start leaving.  Anyway, I'm working, which is a good thing.

I will forever be ingrained with Catalog-season-itis from the 15+ years at bsur finishing up the catalog this time of year.  Long days and nights working with everybody, and no social life. 

Lucky to have Hexy and Remi to smooth out the rough edges.  tree up last night, pizza tonight.  Lucky Dave, no doubt about it.