Monday, July 10, 2017

Drawing HM dog and balloons today.  Now how exactly should it be??  On the balloons?  The balloons on the dog??  I'm still trying to work that out (many drawings later)

Hot and sunny.  July feels like it's going to FLY by!  Already the 11th tomorrow.  Crazy.  I want to savor.

remi drove me NUTS this morning.  After we took her out early, she couldn't settle down.  I kept trying to get her to stay, but over time she would get up again.  A classic case for Ceaser.

Home for pesto!

Friday, July 7, 2017

more of the same same same-

week went by quickly after the break (spent doing nothing much) tuesday.  Wednesday then felt like monday again!

Remi the same.  good days and bad days.  Today she peed right outside the studio door downstairs, so it was a big giant cleanup.  Oh well.  At least she is mobile! ! !

Working on HM and anxious for feedback.  Slow going.  I go card by card.
Finished up little prints for TROHV, and started CP order shirts.  Realized my deadline was later then I thought, so that gave me much more room to breathe.

Remi ANXIOUS to leave right now - I better run.  Loving the closer better gym.  Pizza tonight with Bill as usual!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Weird monday starting weird week after weird weekend at the end of a weird month in a weird year!

Everything went south Nov 8 2016.

Anyway, tomorrow (tuesday) is Fourth of July, so today is that strange in between day where you don't feel like its a workday, but it is, and tomorrow will be off, but now I'm in the groove to work, and the weekend and week before was just a buildup to all this, and soon we will be back to a regular schedule!

Hex being away over the weekend just made everything stranger.  I watched lots of Twin peaks and started The Affair.

I am still sequestered working on HM designs.  Going ok, but maybe too similar to each other.

Skipping gym and heading home, after I get Remi from point A (studio) to point B (car) and beyond!  She is doing amazingly well though, considering!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

new postcard

Another good day, making progress (??) on HM, but other things got left behind.  Trying to multitask, but not so much today.

Weather fantastic, and holiday feel is in the air.  Hex away for the weekend.

I'm inside most the day with the air conditioning cranked (which works well for ms remi).  i go outside and am amazed how good the warm air and sun feels.  Then I go back inside (ha).

On such a rhythm with TV.  Twin peaks > Southern Charm > Below Deck > Real Housewives.  And all the various Recaps and Podcasts associated with each.  tonight, RHNYC.

Remi very much in a rhythm as well.  In and out to pee, and poops mostly inside at random times. 

....She is up (!)  That means I need to go.  Catch her while she is active ...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

more of the same!

Wondering if blogging is coming to a close?

Not so much into the daily recording (obviously) but HATE the idea of giving up on it.  I guess it has been and will be whatever I make it.

Gorging on Twin Peaks podcasts and recaps after the crazy episode on sunday.  L O V I N G this show.  So much fun and so fascinating.  I look forward to it every week.

Still working on HM designs, and trying to find my groove.  All going well though, I think I've broken the frustration with drawing bubble.  We'll see.

Funny misunderstanding with one of my drawings, which was impossible to clear up.  Ha - I hate being misinterpreted.  But I bet it happens all the time.  The life of an artist.

Remi still doing same.  Here with me all day, and sleeping.  I rouse her up to go out and pee, and she wobbles back, I carry her up the stairs, and she goes back to sleep.

June went fast.  Hopefully July slows down a bit, and we can enjoy the summer vibes.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

More of the same!

Working on drawings for HM, and very focused. 
Loving the new closer gym.

Remi still active and eating and drinking.  Sleeps most of the day.

Out tonight to Le Dipolomat.  Hope we enjoy it!

Friday, June 16, 2017

working on HM drawings and dog print and shipping shirts.  slow Friday though.

Pizza for lunch!  And peanut butter cookies.

Now off to the gym.

Ha - so eventful!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Strange water drama at studio.  So bizzaaro!

Printed IGNORING and started dog commission.  But still sort of in slow mode after last week.

Off to the closer gym to see if they have MSNBC.  Fingers crossed.

Remi slow today.  Sleeping off the bed at night now.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

wow - it's been a long time since I blogged.  It's been a busy 13 days finishing drawings and making shirts for the Show on the 10th.

Show as just ok - I wouldn't do it again.  We were a little too off the beaten path, and so the crowds were really small.  And the people that did come were much older than I usually "cater" to.  The sun was blistering and all my fears of frying and withering came to fruition 9becasue we decided to forgo the tent).  Half way through the day we moved into a shady and breezy spot across the way, and were 1000 x happier.  But still, the day was a bust.

amazed that everything fit tin the miata with Hex!  2 folding tables, a carton of shirts, bags of shirts, boxes of cards, and the round card rack.  Amazing, just amazing.

Fun to see Bill and Lee.  The umbrella helped for 5 minutes.

Fun to have Soupon around.  a new friend

Rest of weekend busy too.  Had a great time with Hex at the pride parade, which went well into the early evening.  Such a cool scene down 14th street with 1000's of gay people laughing and celebrating.  A big giant party, which was so refreshing (and exhausting after the long day in the sun).

Sunday spent in Rockville celebrating jacks graduation and playing parcheesi.  great BBQ, slide show, and parcheesi.

Yesterday we took the day off and had a nice time relaxing.  Also went to Wonder Woman, which was great and frustrating at the same time.

Back to work this morning.  Remi home, and I have lots to catch up on.  HALLMARK!!!!  StoryDistrict!  Commissions!  Card refills, T shirt orders.

I better get busy.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

JUNE !  amazing, doesn't feel right.  Weather has been all out of whack, so this past month didn't lead up to summer at all.

Sunny day today, and all the plants at the studio seem to be in great shape.  Rockville not so much.  A disappointing start after such a great sale, and so much effort getting them all to Rockville and then planted.  Surveying them last Sunday I was not too happy.  Skimpy plants, few flowers, and droopy leaves.  ugh, hope they do better.

Remi hanging in there.  amazing!

Worked on my prints and getting shirts out.  Ran into Soupon at post office, shipping twice as much as me.  Ha.  oh well, nice to be shipping again.  Still happy with press, but need to make more.  Get more shirts and transfers.  yikes.

ok, leaving here.  Off to pizza with Hexy : )

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More more rain!  crazy.  Day after day of gloom and dreary weather.  First day back after a long Memorial day weekend and really only one day was sunny.

More of the same.  Getting back into the groove with work.  made it through most my list today, mailing out fathers day cards and ordering shirts.  Anxious to keep moving forward and sticking to a list.  I am crazy distracted always.

Remi pretty much the same.  Weaker every day but walking and functional.

loving Twin peaks, and all the blogs associated with it.

Getting a much needed massage tomorrow.  Weary back and arms form carrying Remi around, and the mental weight of this spring.  It's been heavy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


crappy weather past few days, including the weekend, so we skipped with sidewalk sale.

Finally planted in Rockville, and had lazy (nice) Sunday.  Made strawberry shortcake and tended to ms remi.

twin peaks sunday.  cant believe it's been 25 years.

This week > lead up to holiday weekend.  Shirts finally up on website, and cards coming in today.  Anxious to get them all out before the weekend.

And draw!  I always need to draw.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fun morning turned to caffeine poisoning!  Went to gallery talk at Hirshorn with Kelly Towles and POWWOW gang, and had strong coffee. 

Rough few hours later trying to get it out of my system, and recovering from a headache on top of it.  yikes.

Anyway - talk was great.  Nice to meet him, and hear their story.  Being on the Mall early morning in the sun with the sprinklers was memorable too.

Working on prints ordered, and thinking about life.  Priorities and fuck ups and work frustrations.  Gallery talk put things into perspective.  I get struck in my emotional bubble.

Anyway, finishing up for the day, then have to drag poor remi to the car in the bright sun and heat.  She absolutely hates it.  But when we get home, she is back to her (slightly) more energetic self.  The many moods of Remi Martin.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

working on getting shirts up and running.  Photographing them in the morning when the light is best.

Down on ccnow, so I'm switching carts, but it's a big undertaking.  I'm stalling.

Hot hot hot out. Kind of nice, but bad for ms remi.  I have the AC cranked, so I'm always cold.  I need to bring a hoodie!

Monday, May 15, 2017

monday is so unappealing after a working weekend.

Back to the studio, and back to setting up MCA in reverse.  Cards go back in their boxes, boxes come out, shirts get folded up, prints taken down.  It's all a bummer.  too much set up for a short day of open studio.

Worked on photographing shirts for website (hard).  never an easy task, but I'm finding my way.

Amazing weather is really great.  Supposed to be nice all week. 

I'll find my groove.  Just not today . . .

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Open studio not as busy as I would have liked. 

Whats the magic formula?  I feel like I've lost my marketing mojo.  Not sure.

Rainy week maybe didnt help.  Competing events.  Not enough effort getting the work out.

Spent the week preparing.  Made lots of shirts, and hung all my prints.  But can't help but feel discouraged.

But all my effort isnt lost.  The shirts had to be made anyway.  I need to build up inventory on hand.  there will be other events.


Monday, May 8, 2017

crazy busy weekend:
buying and ropping bedding plants in Rockville (50% off!!!)
managing Remi (pooping and peeing everywhere)
party at Tanys
Deinstall Artomatic
finding posting and selling glass table and lamp

Everything worked out well, but was a lot.

Busy week preparing for OPEN STUIOS saturday.

Making shirts, which is fun with the new press.

Friday, May 5, 2017