Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dear dave,

I have a special studio guest this week - jesse!! She didnt seem to be able to hold her bladder at home, so I decided to take her to work. BUT - on the way in, she vomited in the car. I think it was a combination of car sickness and nervousness. I assured her I wouldn't ask her to do any modeling, but she insisted once we got here.

We decided to postpone our spring studio show, which frees up some time to work on other things. I want to make some more t-shirts, and work on my book project. I need to draw, which I have been putting off lately. AndTAXES. Just writing that makes me sweaty. I hate them.

Ok - Jesse and I are off to draw. Be back later.


Kimberly said...

Welcome, Jesse! You are quite adoarble!

LOU said...

Who is this Jesse? What a face! Just spent a long time on your website. Love the layout! Super!!