Wednesday, April 8, 2009

jesse update

dear dave,

poor jesse was sick on the way home from work as well. Poor little jesse. I gave her a bath last night, and wanted to hold her little wet body wrapped up in the towel forever. She is just too cute.

I can't get a second dog (norfolk terrier) like I have always dreamed of, because poor remi would be instantly cast as the second fiddle. This is just for a week.

This morning I took a small rest stop on the way in, so she could calm her stomach. Seemed to have worked, no vomiting! I'm really happy about that.

More work on my website. NO drawing yesterday, like I promised myself. I just get sucked into the site. Its so much fun to work on. So today I resolve to draw, and maybe go back to the corcoran. we'll see where the day takes me.

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