Monday, April 20, 2009

dear dave,

blah blah blah. Not much to write about this morning. The usual stuff.

Made a cake last night, a sort of test run. Went ok, but I didn't beat (up) the frosting long enough, so it's not as fluffy as it's supposed to be.

I have such a problem (imposing) my likes on other people. I LOVE THIS CAKE, but I feel so shy about serving it to other people. The possibility they won't like it? Like playing a song you love, and watching the blah reaction of the friend who doesn't quit hear it like you do. I wish likes and dislikes translated better.

But I also have such a problem showing my work, and hearing compliments about it. Instead of engaging, I get all shy. I wish i could change that (now).

Sort of landed an amazing model from my current ad. We'll see how that progresses. Its almost too good to be true.

I should go to the Corcoran today. I think I will. And play.

And I think I will post some weird stuff, because I have been feeling sooooo uptight lately. Let loose!!! Be FREEEEEEEEE

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